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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Village Clubs Galore

Have you ever wondered how many clubs and classes there are in Milford on Sea?

No, me neither.  However there are a lot, covering just about anything you may want to do. 

There is even a Mens Pilates Class on Wednesday evenings.  I hear that it improves flexibility and strengthens muscles to combat back issues.  I of course have the physic of a superhero, so the ‘belly dancing classes’ are more up my street.

To see all of the clubs and classes in Milford on Sea please click here.

Jubilee Beacon at Hurst Castle

To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee the Friends of Hurst Castle are lighting a beacon on the spit near the lighthouse at 10.26pm on Monday 4th June.  Anyone who can make their way to Hurst Castle and along The Spit are welcome to go along.  People will be gathering around the beacon from 10pm.

We have spotted that the Hurst Castle website has recently added a video tour of the castle.  There is also an audio download by Dennis Skillicorn (former BBC Radio Solent presenter) which takes you around Hurst Castle with a fascinating insight into its rich and varied history.  

From its origins under Henry VIII to the imprisonment of Charles I, through Napoleonic times and two world wars, you'll discover how guns and searchlights were developed and learn about the important role of lighthouses.

You can download this one and a half hour tour in 20 separate tracks for only £2, or an individual track for just 10p.  Proceeds go towards the restoration and maintenance of the building.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mel up for Police Commissioner

Mel Kendall, a Milford on Sea resident, executive member of Hampshire County Council and private investment consultant, is on a Hampshire Tories shortlist of six for their candidate for the £80,000-a-year post of police commissioner.

The shortlist also includes: Roger Ainsley, a rear admiral from Southsea; Christopher Brannigan, a lieutenant colonel in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards from Winchester; Donna Jones, a magistrate and Portsmouth City councillor; Michael Mates, the 77-year-old former MP for East Hampshire; and Sean Woodward, the leader of Fareham Borough Council.

The public will have a chance to choose the top two candidates during a public meeting at Ferneham Hall in Fareham on 16th June from 10am to 4pm.

Two candidates from the caucus will go on to three Conservative members' meetings where party activists can vote for their choice.  The winner of the process will be unveiled at the final members' meeting on 5th July at Lord Wandsworth College, Long Sutton, Hook, Hampshire.

Following this, the final two will then go forward for party members to decide who will be the Tory candidate for the brand new role in the election to be held on 15th November this year.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Picnic Party

It is all happening next Monday (4th June) between 12 noon and 4pm, as Milford on Sea joins in the country’s celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, with our very own Picnic Party on the village green.

Just bring a picnic, family or friends and join in a day of fun, entertainment and celebration, Milford style!

The village is now decked in Union Jack flags and bunting and everyone is hoping that the weather remains dry for what looks like to be a special village day.

The Village Green and High Street will be alive with entertainment including a live band, Swinging Classics sung by Josey Kane, free balloons, and the Science Boffins will be doing interactive experiments with children where they can make slime and take a pot home, Elephants Toothpaste, bubbles everywhere, making Lemon Sherbet with a lollypop, flash paper, tornado in a bottle, and lots more fun for the kids - and it’s all free!

There is also an Assault Course, Bouncy Castle and Free Diamond Jubilee Cake.  BBQ and drinks will also be available to buy on the day.

Everyone welcome, just come along and join in!

The event is organised by Ray Sales and his team from the Milford on Sea Village Community Committee, (MoSVCC) and they are looking forward to everyone having a great time.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Milford Man Saves Friend

We spotted a story in The Daily Echo in which Milford on Sea man & Hampshire coastguard, Steve Calfe, saved a close friend with CPR.

Having been on diving trip, Steve’s friend, Jeff began to suffer from the bends and blacked out.  It was Steve’s quick thinking that saved him.

Steve has been awarded a top life-saving award from the National Sub-Aqua Association.  Great to hear such a story and well done Steve.

To read the full story please visit the link below:

Care Group Drivers

Valerie Newell, chairman, of the Milford Community Care Group’s recently address a packed hall at the 31st Annual Open Day, in Milford’s Community Centre.

It was impressive to hear that The Care Group, (which transports local residents to their medical appointments at hospitals, surgeries, dentists, opticians etc,) carried out 1,712 journeys last year, totalling 28,669 miles -  or more than once round the globe!  The Group’s voluntary office coordinators made 5,375 telephone calls to arrange these journeys with the voluntary drivers who give up their time to help those who would be unable to make the journey on their own.

The Chairman paid tribute to drivers Nancy Reigen and Colin Bunce who died last year, and gave thanks to the drivers who had to leave the Group due to the age cut-off at eighty years. These were presented with gift vouchers for their support and dedication to the Group.

Also thanked for their tireless work and support were the office coordinators and committee members,  without which the Group would cease to function. The three members standing down from the committee - Julia Thomas, Joy Hockey and Barry Eldridge who between them had clocked up almost thirty years with the Group, were also presented with gift vouchers.

Finally, the Chairman thanked the Associate members for their very generous donations which form the main source of income for this registered charity.

Importantly a plea was made for: More Voluntary Drivers please. If you would like to join this group of worthy volunteers, please call: 0845 644 3628

Kids at Music Festival

If you have any enthusiastic children who would like to perform at this years Milford on Sea Arts & Music Festival then please read on.

Christine, from Total Voice Choir, is running four children's festival workshops, two in June and two in July.

Children taking part will then have the opportunity perform with the adult choir at this years music festival at 3pm on Sunday 5th July. The musical set will be called Chariots of Choir!

The cost is £20 for all four sessions and they will be held at The Community Centre on: Tuesdays 4.15 to 5.15pm.

19th & 26th June and 3rd & 10th July 2012.

To book or for any further information, please contact Christine:

Local Photography Tips

If you are one of the many keen photographers in Milford on Sea you may find this interesting. Matthew Pritchard, is a professional photographer living in the village and he has shared some tips on taking great photographs below.  He also run a Photography Workshop should you find that of interest.


Have you recently purchased a DSLR camera or one of the new hybrid models and  despaired at the inadequate manual or are you just looking to get a little more control of your photography? Firstly you need to tackle the tricky hurdle of getting a correct exposure. Hover between automatic and the picture modes and you will never get to see the full potential of your new shiny machine. The first step to improving your photography is taking back that control.
You needn’t jump straight to the manual setting there are middle paths that can also help you to understand what is happening under the bonnet. If you’ll excuse me I will switch metaphors to one that is more location appropriate. Your new camera is a sailing boat and the two principal controls are the tiller (iris) and mainsheet (shutter). On board at all times is know-it-all Captain Automatic who will happily sail you round all day. You’ll never win races that way, but he’ll get you home safely. You do have the option however of throwing him overboard and taking control, but that’s a bit rash (especially in bad weather - excuse the extended metaphor). There’s a safer alternative. Take part control - first let the captain take the mainsheet and learn how to control the tiller - switch from manual to Aperture Priority (often abbreviated to Av or A). The iris, just like a tiller is counter-intuitive; to widen the aperture of the iris you must turn the number dial down. On a common lens that is sold with a DLSR the widest aperture is f/4 the smallest aperture is f/22. Play with the different numbers - called f stops, remembering that the wider the aperture the more light is let through the lens. There are other quirks that arise from the various aperture settings that you will discover as you play. After you feel comfortable controlling the iris switch to Shutter Priority (often abbreviated to Tv or S); this like the mainsail controls the speed. The higher the shutter speed the greater is your chance of capturing fast moving objects, pin-sharp without a blur trail behind them. It is a good setting for shooting sportsday or your children playing on the beach and where you’ll truly be glad you left your old laggy compact at home.
So remember in priority modes you can learn to experiment safely. Captain Automatic will always take part control and compensate to give you a correct exposure. When you’re comfortable with the new modes, practise with the following photography tips:
Tip 1:
When you are handholding a camera a general rule of thumb to avoid blur is to set your shutter speed higher than the focal length you are using. Look at the top of your zoom lens to find the focal length (eg: 70mm). Now in shutter priority mode (often abbreviated to Tv or S) turn the dial until it reads the same (eg: 70 or 70/100th sec). This is a good starting point for handheld photography. Then the faster the action, the higher the shutter speed required.
Tip 2: If you like a bit of blur in your portrait photography try moving your subject away from the background; the further away they are, the blurrier it’ll be. Move yourself away from your subject and zoom in. Set you camera to Aperture Priority (often abbreviated to Av or A) and turn the dial until you reach the widest aperture (confusingly the lowest number - often f/4 or f/2.8 depending on the lens you are using). Indoors on a long zoom it is best to use a tripod in this set-up but failing that increase the ISO setting.
I’m Matthew Pritchard, a professional photographer who lives in Milford. My commercial clients include Greenpeace, Channel 4 and Waitrose. For a number of years I have been a principal tutor at Shadows & Light workshops. In June, photographer Julian Hawkins and I are bringing our beginners DSLR workshop to Milford-on-sea. We use sill-life and portrait studio set-ups to teach ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and use of lenses. By the end of the session you will have great shots taken on your own camera and more importantly you’ll know how you achieved them.
‘DSLR - Out of the dark’ a Shadows & Light photography workshop
Sat June 30, 2012   9:15am - 1:15pm  Milford-on-sea Village Community Centre.
Price: £65  (deposit £35)  To book call Julian on 07973 862006
For more info go to

Saturday, 12 May 2012

HSBC Gives Away Cash

We have heard from a reliable, yet nameless source, that there was excitement in Milford on Sea yesterday evening needing police control!

Apparently, the new HSBC ATM was giving out the wrong amounts of money, and a large queue formed in which people were using their cards (and I suspect and relatives or friends cards) to draw cash.

Police attended and advised that the bank would be expecting to recover over-payments.

The machine is now out of service and I am sure several Milford residents are shopping with their fingers firmly crossed.

Websites Drive Me Mad!

Sometimes I just hate websites, or more specifically get infuriated by the faceless organisations that run them.  They simply would not know great customer service even if it hit them in the face with a wet fish from Verveine.

If you feel up to sharing my pain in trying to spend some money online, simply brace yourself and read on…..


To PC World


Just wanted to let you know an element of your website is worse than rubbish, it is actually massively frustrating and customer friendly in no way whatsoever.

Today I have been trying to order a 60 inch Plasma TV - LG 60PV250K.  The good news is you are offering at a price that I am happy with.  Sadly, the good news stops there.

Going online to order, I then find it is not available for Home Delivery.  Not very convenient, but I could find a way to collect from store if I have too.

The site was then happy to tell me it was not available in the store nearest my requested post code.  Whilst I had resisted throwing my PC out of the window, it then asked if I wanted it to tell me if it was in the next nearest store.  Good idea, I did, - and of course it wasn't.

The website then lost interest in helping any more, and did not bother to tell me where is might have been in stock.  It just had a major sulk, and refused to respond to any button clicking or shouting.

For a nano second I considered spending the rest of my life inputting random postcodes to see if the fictitious TV existed, but then I just lost the will to live.

As you can see this was not a great experience.  Any chance a human could tell me how and where I could buy this TV from please? 



From: PC World Customer Services
Sent: 02 May 2012 10:20

Dear David,

Thank you for your email.  I was concerned to learn that our website has been confusing, please accept my apologies with regards to this.

The LG 60PV250K Full HD 60" Plasma TV is currently not available for home delivery, this product is limited stock at some of our stores as the product has now been discontinued and we will not be receiving anymore stock.

The store your requested does not have any stock and local stores to this area are also out of stock.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards,
The KNOWHOW™(tm) Team

From: David Long
Sent: 02 May 2012 10:41

Hi Knowhow Team,

A bit of a pointless and standard corporate reply.

It was already pretty obvious you don't have stock locally.  All I really wanted to know was where and how I could buy one.

It seems any store that has one is a closely guarded secret, so my car will have to stay in the garage.

If I could be bothered I would ask for more information, but I can't.


From: David Long
Sent: 09 May 2012 10:41

Having almost recovered from the debacle of trying to unsuccessfully buy a 60 inch plasma TV from you last week, I have made the mistake of trying again.

This time I went to your Curry's version of the website to buy a microwave.  It is quite simple, I have the money, you have the goods - should be easy eh?

Oh no, I enter the discount code from the website screenshot below, and guess what?.... Yep, you have got it, your code did not work.

Your website/s is driving me insane!  Has it got something against me personally, or is no-one able to order anything?

Your gremlins then decided to have one last laugh with me, by providing a pop up asking if I would like to provide some feedback on the website.  'Oh yes, at last, someone's interested', I thought.

How daft of me, .....the link didn't work.  So it seems you are paying for a company to do survey's, with a system that doesn't work and customers who can't but anything.  Nice plan.

Someone, somewhere needs to sort your website/s out, before I am driven to throwing my PC out of the window!!  At least it won't hit a passing PC World or Curry's delivery van, as I don't think they ever get any stock delivered.

From: PC World Customer Services
Sent: 11 May 2012 17:30

Dear David,
Thank you for your email.

I was concerned to learn of the difficulties that you have experienced when trying to order from Currys online recently.  As the discount code that you were trying to use was through a 3rd party site, I would recommend that you contact them in the first instance regarding this issue.

Please be assured that providing high quality customer service is of paramount importance to us.  I apologise that this was not your experience on this occasion.

Kind regards,

From: David Long
Sent: 11 May 2012 18:11

Hi Knowhow Team,

Hmmm, I am not sure your company is really concerned about the difficulties I have experienced.  I am certainly not assured that providing high quality customer service is of paramount importance to your company.  Plus, you haven’t actually solved any of several the problems raised at all, which unless I have missed something, may be the purpose of your department.

As usual, your standard corporate reply was of no help whatsoever, but I am pleased that your departments e-mail box is now nice and clear for the weekend.

Asking me to phone a company to sort out a problem on a discount they are offering on your behalf nearly had me fall off the chair in hysterics.  While it is nice of you to ask me to help you out, I am actually a bit busy with my own business at the moment.  Sorry about that.

Luckily, when I heard your suggestion I did not hurt myself, all I did was wet myself a little.  Had things been worse I am sure you would have referred me to a never-ending deep black hole for any resulting claim, and of course continue assure me that PC World are really concerned and committed to high quality customer service whilst not sorting anything out.  So thankfully, a lucky escape for us both there.

Actually, as an aside, it might be really funny to hear PC World’s definition of ‘high quality customer service’.  Does it include a paragraph; ‘Resolve all customer issues with a twee statement or two, but don’t sort anything else out, as we are busy people and have plenty more complaints to get rid of by telling them how committed and caring we are'?

I, on the other hand, am a helpful person, so can I suggest you change your department name for: ‘The KNOWHOW™ Team’ to ‘The FOB OFF™ Team’.  Sounds about right for everything I have experienced.

PS: Your company owes me a couple of hours of my life.



Not really expecting a reply now!

Playground Looks Fantastic

click image to enlarge
Less than two months ago the condition of the play surface in the Children’s Play Area on Milford on Sea seafront (next to the Needles Eye Café) was a bit of a mess to say the least.

The issue was initially raised by a concerned local resident, and holiday business owner. Her concerns mainly focused on the large holes, which were water filled and very muddy.  She also made an extremely relevant point that; ‘the play area is of great benefit & a pleasure not just local families, but also visitors to the area, who generate much needed revenue for village businesses and the council."

This situation was met by an amazing reaction by a very generous Milford on Sea resident, who offered to pay for the resurfacing costs of around £22,000.  The Parish Council then played their part, by swiftly organising the contractor to survey and complete the work.

The result is that the village now has a great new playground surface, and the whole area around The Needles Eye Café has been lifted by the fresh and bright new green surface.

More, importantly, many, many children and their parents will have a great time in a traditional play park this summer, without a computer game or playstation in sight!

Our donor wishes to remain anonymous, but I am sure you will join me in sending them our heartfelt thanks.  The world is a wonderful place when people do something for others.

PS: If you see a big bloke stuck in the slide, please give me a push or I might be late for a meal somewhere!

40 B4 40-Bel & the Dragon

click image to enlarge
No. 13: Last Thursday we enjoyed sharing lunch with our friends Andrew and Grace.  Andrew is a successful entrepreneur in the promotional merchandise industry, a keen sailor and obsessed with the weather.  Grace is a very pretty cake maker and young mother. Not sure how, but Andrew has certainly punched above his weight in nabbing this one.

We went to Bel & the Dragon, which is a restaurant in the heart of the Surrey market town of Godalming and a short stroll from the River Wey.  Formerly a congressional church this historic building was originally converted in the late 1990’s. The menu has been created by Mo Benassar and Ronnie Kimbugwe, formerly Sous Chef of Gordon Ramsay at Claridges.

For starters we went for Pink peppercorn squid with homemade chilli jam, and Poached duck egg and avocado with Serrano ham & hollandaise.  When I say ‘we went for’, that did not mean we all had both.  Three of us had one and the other one had the other, although I am sure you are not really bothered who had what.

As we discussed our forthcoming weekends, ours in rainy Norfolk, and theirs at a family christening in rainy Devon, Andrew found that the old bottle on the table reminded him of a childhood memory.  The aunt they were going to stay with lived near an old tip where he used to dig up old bottles as a child.  With much enthusiasm he told Grace that they could go digging over the weekend to see what they could find.  My joy was immense to see someone else’s wife show the disdain that I thought only my wife can show to me.

We got a good selection from the menu when we all had a different main courses. Linguini of Devon crab fresh chilli & garlic oil, Rabbit, chorizo & white bean stew with warm chunky bread, Marinated & chargrilled sirloin steak, vine roasted cherry tomatoes, peppercorn sauce and thrice cooked chips, and Whole roasted coquelet, duck fat roast potatoes, garnished with a handful of thyme, garlic & shallots.  The kitchen team were doing a good job, as all of the meals were enjoyed and the thrice cooked chips delicious, although I understand they were not on the healthy option menu.

Andrew, then started a tell a story about how he was hit by lightning (this explained quite a lot).  To the amazement of us all, it was the first time he had ever told a story about his favourite subject that was even mildly interesting.  Fortunately, before he could move on to the rest of his usually boring repertoire of weather stories, our sweets arrived as if a knight on a white charger.  I was soon tucking into a rather scrumptious Traditional Eton Mess with homemade meringue, fresh strawberries & jersey cream.  Our friends had Apple Tarte Tatin for two. (Apart for the bits I kept nicking), and my wife once again abstained as she has to get into some dress for our Nieces wedding in a few weeks’ time. (Note to self: I might have to get my trousers let out before then.)

As we finished our drinks and awaited the coffee, I overheard Grace telling my wife how baking cakes and pastry treats relaxes her.  Before I could even finish the sentence; “You could do with a bit of relaxation dear”, I was told; “Don’t even think about it”, together with a sharp kick on the shins.

I took my time drinking my after lunch coffee, in fact just enough time to let the throbbing on my leg to subside.  Fortunately, my leg’s recovery coincided with Andrew trying to start another weather story, and in unplanned unison the rest of us all remembered we had to leave as we had something really important to do in the afternoon.


If you are wondering what the 40 B4 40 Dining Challenge is all about, please click here and all will be explained.

Milford has a new website

Jamie Saddler, an enthusiastic Milford on Sea resident, has built a new website promoting our special village.

Jamie and his wife are both keen photographers and are looking for the site to showcase some really nice photos of the village and coastline.  Jamie is doing this purely as a hobby, and his work in digital marketing provides the knowledge to add social and interactive elements for people to share photos and comments.

Milford on Sea’s very first website ( was set up by Sarah Bell over 12 years ago.  

Tim Berners-Lee only came up the entire web concept in March 1989, whilst working for CERN, (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research).  At that time he wrote a proposal on how CERN physicists could share all the computer-stored information at the laboratory by transferring information over the Internet by using hypertext.  In May 1990, the name World Wide Web was settled upon, and the rest is as they say history, with over 100 million website estimated to be in existence today. 

So, when Sarah built and launched her site in October 1999, it was at a time when the world wide web was still extremely new and many people still did not know what it was.  Sarah’s site must have been one of the first ever ‘community websites’, and over the years the past news stories has built up to become a fascinating history of life, events and people in Milford on Sea.

This website ( was launched on a whim in May 2009.  What started as a bit of a hobby, and for no particular purpose other than to give the village tourism a bit of a boost, has grown in to a bit of a monster.  

Over the years the ‘news’ and ‘calendar’ sites have been added, with all of the sites totalling 660,560 visits since launch.  The Village News Bulletin is received by 1624 people, and as you know it contains some local news and quite a bit of nonsense.  Today the sites continue as a hobby, but a bit of a bigger one than was expected!

You can check Jamie’s and Sarah’s websites out on the links below:

and of course us at:

Friday, 11 May 2012

Methodist Plans & Coffee Morning

Members of the Methodist Church in Milford on Sea High Street are very excited at proposed plans to update their existing building and facilities.

The whole project is being named ‘Building for the Future’ and plans are currently with the NFDC.

Church members are keen to share their plans with the local community, and are holding a coffee morning on Friday 8th June between 9.30am and 12.30pm, so that everyone in the village can come and see what they are so enthusiastic about.

The improved facilities should be of benefit not only to the members of the church, but also the local community; particularly those who might wish to use it for group meetings.

Currently the church holds a lunch once a month for local people who are on their own, and plans to renovate the kitchen should improve and extend that service.  So do join them for a friendly chat and a cup of coffee in the launch of their vision to make the premises ‘fit for purpose’ in serving the community on Friday 8th June.

New Milton gets Crafty

New Milton are busy creating events to entertain locals and to attract people to the town.  The events are organised by Alan Watson, Vice Chairman of The New Milton Town Partnership.

The New Milton Town Partnership, in existence for over 8 years, is an independent charity formed to deliver the Town's Action Plan in conjunction with other local bodies including New Milton Town Council.  It has been working hard since its formation to improve life for the residents, businesses and visitors.  It has a committee of volunteers who care deeply about their Community and the local environment, but who wish to remain flexible and outside the Town's political arena.

In Milford on Sea we have many varied events to enjoy during the year, and now we have couple more to visit just down the road.  Last ‘New Milton Crafts’ attracted over 1400 visitors, with 70 stalls offering a wide range of hand crafted items, including gifts made from driftwood, pottery, fused glass items, fabrics and textile gifts and much more.  The 2012 ‘New Milton Crafts’ takes place on Saturday week at the New Milton Memorial Centre.

As part of the same programme The New Milton Christmas Festival is also held at the beginning of December.

To find out more about events in New Milton please visit below:

New Kid's Choir

A new Children and Youth Community Choir called 'Young Voices of Milford' is now up and running in the village.  On the 1st May, Paul Cousins (singing teacher and choir leader) launched the new venture with some enthusiastic voices at Milford on Sea Baptist Church.

The new community choir is for Junior and Senior school children (Year 3 and up) and any children in the village are welcome.

There is no fee, and no audition to join the choir, so just go along if you enjoy singing!  The choir meet every Tuesday at 6.30pm in Milford on Sea Baptist church for about an hour.

At the first session eight enthusiastic children were there, and they hope to see many more join in as the word gets around.

If you want more information please contact: 01590 645469 or

Friday, 4 May 2012

Westover Hall to become The Beach House

It has been confirmed that Dorset brewer, Hall & Woodhouse is taking over Westover Hall Hotel in Milford on Sea.
Westover Hall will close for a week from Tuesday 8th May, before reopening as The Beach House restaurant with rooms. Hall & Woodhouse says the new name has been chosen to give the business a fresh start and to reflect fully the location and history of the property.
It appears to me that the big issue with Westover Hall has been getting people through the door. Added to this Trip Advisor has some really mixed reviews, so their plan of a new start could be right.
Perception was far from reality with Westover Hall. Many felt it was a formal venue and not somewhere you could just pop in. Personally, I never felt out of place wandering in casually dressed. Having said that, I am of course, (as my wife often tells me), oblivious to everything around me. I always loved dining there, popping in for a drink or enjoying their fabulous afternoon tea, so it will be intriguing to see how things change.
The Westover Hall staff were also friendly, and the kitchen created lovely food, so I hope they retain their jobs in these changes.
With a bit of luck the new guys will be sympathetic with the refurbishment of the 1897 built grade two listed Victorian mansion. I am not quite sure how the magnificent internal oak panelling, intricate plaster ceilings and stained glass windows fit in with a ‘Beach House’, and I hope lime-washing the walls isn’t seen as the answer!

One good sign is that Hall & Woodhouse were awarded the Publican Awards 'Best Tenanted/Leased Pub Company' at an awards dinner and event held at Grosvenor House, Park Lane in March.

Comedian Jimmy Carr presented Matt Kearsey, Business Partnerships Director and Anthony Woodhouse, Hall & Woodhouse Managing Director, with this prestigious award in front of over 1,000 guests.

Hall & Woodhouse are better known for running some quality pubs, and brewing Badger Beer, rather than restaurants specifically, so how Westover Hall fits into their portfollio will be interesting to see.
However, it sounds like these guys are at the top of their game, and I for one am pretty excited to see what they do with the interior and menu options, - roll on the re-opening.