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Monday, 29 February 2016

Want to Buy a Beach Hut?

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We normally stick to news on these pages, but when we were approached by a family with a beach hut for sale we thought there may be local people interested. Novelly, this one is still standing. So here goes:

Beach Hut No. 372 Hordle Cliff, Milford on Sea.
Front row, with deck, direct beach access and uninterrupted views to The Needles and the Isle of Wight. Adjacent to small steps, 100m from car park and café.

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Owned and loved by the family for over 25 years, now in need of a makeover, and it's time for someone else to create new memories. 

Rent paid for 2016. £21,000 o.n.o. 

Please call: Nigel on 07428 900293

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Barnes Lane Tree Disappears

You may have noticed that a landmark tree has disappeared from the garden of Halnaker House in Barnes Lane.

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Sadly, it was discovered on a routine tree survey last year that the giant Monterey pine was dangerously diseased and a hazard to the public.

Homeowner, David Warrilow said: "We appreciate that the tree was quite a landmark, and will be missed by many members of the community, not least my tree-hugging wife."

David explained: "It was therefore necessary to fell the tree as soon as possible, which took a feat of organization in having both the road closed and the electricity turned off in the power cable adjacent the tree. Thanks to Agars Nursery in Hordle for managing to organize that so efficiently."

The work took around six hours, during which time approximately 30 tonnes of wood were removed from the site. From a count of the tree's rings we estimate that the tree was around 150 years old.

To record the event, David made a time lapse video recording of the tree being taken down, and this may be viewed by clicking here (short version), or clicking here (long version).

David said that he was initially stumped in choosing the music for the soundtrack, but he eventually settled on Bach. (Stumped..., Bark.., do you get it?!)

Food Week Shows Selling Out

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Food Week is proving more popular than ever this year, and the shows 'An Afternoon with Rosemary Shrager', and 'Only Fools and 3 Courses', are already sold out.

The other Celebrity Shows are also selling fast, so please get your tickets now by clicking here and avoiding disappointment. Tickets are also available from the Community Centre Box Office.  

If you are not planning to go to a show, there is still so much more you can enjoy - and many of the events are free!

During Food Week our village will be alive with Dining Offers and Themed Dining Evenings. The Professional Cookery Theatre at South Lawn Hotel will have Free Cooking Demonstrations, Educational Talks and Wine Tastings. There is also lots happening for the kids, and the large & very popular Sunday Food Market gives you a chance to savour the best of local produce and street food.

This year the Food Market has expanded, thanks to The Smugglers generously allowing Food Week to use their car park.

Everyone at every age is included in Food Week, and there are over 150 village events & shows, many of which are free, and all organised by local organisations, businesses, clubs and individuals.

Free Programmes are now around the village pubs and shops, so pick up a copy and come and enjoy!

Bank Holiday Monday 28th March to Sunday 3rd April 2016
If you love food, you will love Food Week!

Want to know more about Food Week? - please click here.

Join the Food Week Raffle Team

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As Food Week approaches, (not long now, all starts Easter Bank Holiday Monday 28th March 2016), the Food Week Raffle Team are looking for a few more volunteers to lend a hand.

The Raffle Team appear around Food Week, not only offering people raffle tickets, but also giving information and generally having a good time. You can do just a few hours, every little helps!

If you fancy joining the team, and meeting some new people in the village, please contact: Tricia Preston at:

Bank Holiday Monday 28th March to Sunday 3rd April 2016
If you love food, you will love Food Week!

Want to know more about Food Week? - please click here.

The History of Our Hospital

As you visit Milford Medical Centre or Milford Pharmacy you are entering an important part of Milford on Sea history.

Milford on Sea War Memorial
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The Milford on Sea War Memorial Hospital was built by public subscription in memory of those from the village who died in the First World War. As you go in the main doors, if you turn left, you can can still see the village's official War Memorial on the wall.

The current hospital opened in 1929 and the inpatient facility closed in December 2006.

Today the Hospital League of Friends provides support to the health related services provided in the hospital, the Medical Centre and the community. This support can be financial, moral or physical such as the provision of volunteer helpers, provision of refreshments or fund raising events in order to provide resources not available from the Primary Care Trust.

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The Hospital League of Friends has organised the Milford Active Persons Light Exercise Group (MAPLE) which encourages people to undertake light exercise under the instruction of a qualified instructor. Two Groups are now in operation and the participants, with ages varying between the 60's and 90's enjoy and benefit from the exercises offered. Another initiative is the introduction of a bathing service at the hospital. Using parker baths, this service offers an opportunity to those who find it difficult to use the bath at home to enjoy a good soak in a safe environment,

If you wanted to find out more about the hospital's history, there is an excellent book available from The League of Friends entitled: 'Our Hospital'.

The League of Friends are always looking for volunteers, whilst not one of the most glamorous of volunteering opportunities in the village, it can be very rewarding, as they provide services that are so valuable to the more vulnerable in our community.

To find out more about volunteering, or to buy a copy of 'Our Hospital' please contact Julia below.

Milford Hospital League of Friends 
Julia Badham (Chairman) - 01590 645291

New Marie Curie Fundraising Group

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Last Saturday a new Marie Curie Fundraising Group was launched for New Milton and Lymington (including Milford on Sea) to raise funds for Marie Curie.

The new volunteer fundraising group  met at the Marie Curie Charity Shop in New Milton on Saturday 20th February to celebrate the formal launch of the group with tea and cake. (Editors note: Any launch with cake sounds good to me!)

They then held their first business meeting to start planning forthcoming activities.

Their first event was at the Mini Exhibition held before the village Newcomers Supper, this will be followed by the Great Daffodil Appeal street collection in New Milton on Saturday 5th March. The Great Daffodil Appeal is the charity’s flagship campaign and encourages everyone to give a donation and wear a Marie Curie daffodil pin each spring.

The New Milton and Lymington Fundraising Group will raise vital funds so Marie Curie Nurses can continue to provide free care to people with terminal illnesses. They will do this through supporting Marie Curie’s major fundraising campaigns such as Dinner Down Memory Lane and The Blooming Great Tea Party, as well as promoting fundraising within the local community and encouraging new supporters to help the charity.

Sally Sansom, Community Fundraiser at Marie Curie, said: “The new Fundraising Group will make a huge difference by helping to raise the funds needed to support the local Marie Curie Nursing service. It is wonderful that local supporters have come together to help; several of whom already assist in our fantastic charity shops."

To join the local Fundraising Group, find out more about volunteering in the Marie Curie Shops or assist with the Great Daffodil Appeal, please call Community Fundraiser, Sally Sansom on 02380 263123 - or visit the charity’s website:

A Special Evening for Newcomers

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The village ‘Newcomers Supper’ took place last Saturday (20th Feb 2016) in All Saints Church and Church Hall in Milford on Sea. 

All Newcomers to the village in 2015 were invited to this 'two part' welcome event. Around eighty people attended and received a warm welcome to their new home. The village is full of friendly people and the ‘Newcomers Supper’ is a fast-track way of getting to know a lot about our village life.

From around 6pm there was a ‘Mini Exhibition’ held inside All Saints' Church itself, where our new neighbours wandered around and informally meet representatives from the many clubs, associations & organisations in the village. 

The ‘Mini Exhibition’was then followed by a free sit down supper with the chance to meet other new people to the village and a variety of village people. (That's residents, not the old pop group!)

click image to enlarge
This special annual evening was yet another success, with lots of fun and laughter, all of which ended in a communal rendition of the 'Milford Village song'. (Yes, there really is one!)

Ruth said: "I would like to thank everyone involved with the Newcomers Supper. The Exhibitors, the cooks, the kitchen workers, the Entertainers and best of all ‘the Newcomers’. You came - so we enjoyed showing you what a great village you have moved into. No excuse now to ever be bored, lonely or fed up. Join in with village activities, walk the Coast or the Dane stream, get involved with conserving this lovely village, use our shops and help to keep Milford on Sea a great place to live!  - Thank you so much everyone for helping to make this years Newcomers Supper such a success."

The ‘Newcomers Supper’ is funded & hosted by all of the churches in the village & tirelessly organised by Ruth Bufton and her team of enthusiastic volunteers.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Smiley Food Week Aprons

I managed to get my wife to model the Food Week Aprons that just arrived, but she insisted I didn't show her face in the photo. (Not sure if this is want she meant?!)

Anyway, the aprons are £5 each and in The Village News newsagent at the bottom of Milford on Sea village green now.

Elves deliver Food Week Programmes

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How do you get 20,000 Food Week Programmes, and 30,000 Food Week Flyers into the hands of foodies in the village and across the region from Christchurch to Lyndhurst and everywhere in between?

Well, the flyers are easy, we simply deliver them to a few warehouses and they get inserted in a variety of newspapers and magazines alongside Food Week advertisements and editorial articles.

Delivering to every house in the village, and providing all the restaurants, pubs, cafes and shops with programmes is a somewhat more challenging task.

Ultimately this is achieved by an amazing group of Food Week Volunteers, and additional help from Sue Whitlock and the Community Centre What's On Delivery Team.

Around 60 people are involved in total and the way people pull together is amazing.

The Food Week Volunteers collected their (heavy) boxes from our temporary warehouse (Tim's garage) in Barton and then set about getting the free Food Week Programmes to the villages commercial premises.

On Wednesday I arrived at the Community Centre at the agreed time of 11am. I was there to help prepare the bundles for people in the Whats On Delivery Team to collect to deliver to their allocated roads.

As I walked through the door the action was already underway, boxes of programmes were quickly being devoured and made into piles, which were then efficiently labelled. Within 15 minutes the entire task of preparing bundles to deliver to 3000 village houses was done. - and them another swarm of people arrived to start their deliveries! 

By the end of this week there will be very few local people who do not know what is happening in Food Week and all thanks to a grand group of volunteer elves.

A big thank you goes to everyone who has lent a hand - it is small efforts by many that makes events like these possible.

I understand that the elves have now returned to Santa's Workshop!

Good Samaritan for Mother in Law

Whilst no one was seen pushing my mother in law over (I was at home with my wife, honest), at around 10am on Tuesday a Good Samaritan walking his dog came to her aid as she laid spreadeagled and bleeding on the ground on Church Hill.

The story goes that she was heading back to her car after beauty treatment at Tu Sei Bella (my wife told me to say they she doesn't really need it - and I have been instructed not to comment), as she meandered along, she tripped over on the pavement outside the old HSBC bank building. 

She said she was heading to her car, but we all know that The Cave is in that direction.

After spectacularly breaking her fall with her chin and generally making a bloody mess of the pavement, with the help of a passer by she made it to her feet again. (Good job it rained later otherwise Dave Gates Butchers Shop may have been questioned.) 

The kind man on a dog walk even offered to walk her (and his dog) to the Medical Centre. Sadly, he did not give his name, but you know who you are and are very kind. She sends her belated thanks, as her mouth wasn't working too well at the time.

Naturally I am full of sympathy for my mother in law's plight and her swollen face, and like any dutiful son in law I was trying to find ways to help. The toffees I bought were apparently 'thoughtless' and the mask suggestion described as 'stupid'.

So, I found the ideal get well gift. I managed to get hold of some of the 'Tripping Hazard Signs' pictured above, Then, when she was out, I put up a number of the yellow signs at the top of her house stairs, above her bed, in the front garden and one on the side of her car for luck.

She hasn't thanked me yet, but I suspect it is because she can't say much as talking still hurts at the moment. (Every cloud has a silver lining!)

click image to enlarge
My Mother in Law claims that she is normally steady on her feet, but I think that this old holiday snap from the 1970's tells different.

In fact, I would make a case that it runs in the family, and her daughter is no better as a picture below of her returning home from The Cave shows.
click image to enlarge

Note to self  - buy mother in law some beauty vouchers for her birthday, she might need them more than ever now.

The Community Centre is Buzzing

If you have never ventured into Milford on sea Community Centre, you are missing out on a welcoming hive of activity.

There are a wide variety of classes and clubs to join, you can volunteer and meet lots of friendly new people, and of course there is entertainment of all types and styles.

click image to enlarge
One good example is the ever popular Peter Snipp who is coming to the Community Centre on Saturday 28th February. 

When Peter last visited he did a quite amazing tribute to Matt Monro, this time he will be singing all of your favourite songs from West End Shows.

Similarly, Graffiti Classics have thrilled local audiences a number of times before, and are now back on Saturday 12th March. In fact, it is quite unusual for an act to be invited back so many times, must be because they provide such a great night out!

We could go on as there is so much happening, including showings of the latest films and live screenings of opera and ballet.

To see all that is happening and to book a fun night out, please visit: or

Culinary Masterclass at Food Week

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Food Week are delighted to bring together the most highly renowned chefs from across the New Forest.

Five Chefs will be on stage from the Michelin star Montagu Arms, the classic Chewton Glen, the impressive Hartnett Holder & Co Restaurant at Lime Wood Hotel, the highly acclaimed kitchen garden restaurant at The Pig, and the award winning restaurant & grill at The Jetty.

Alex Aitken, a former Michelin star holder himself, will be our compere for this fun filled afternoon of gourmet dishes and culinary tricks from the masters!


Tickets: £9 - Child: £4 (Must be accompanied by an adult) | Click here to buy - *Tickets also available from Community Centre Box Office.

Friends of Food Week receive 10% Discount on all tickets purchased for this event - click here to find out more.

Bank Holiday Monday 28th March to Sunday 3rd April 2016
If you love food, you will love Food Week!

Want to know more about Food Week? - please click here.

Objection to Sea Road Garage Development

Planning Objection Letter
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It is easy to miss, but between the Community Centre and Sea Road Car Park, is an old wooden garage on a narrow strip of land.

It hardly looks big enough for a garage, but a planning application has been lodged with the New Forest District Council to build a house with parking on the site. 

The trustees of the Community Centre have lodged an objection to this application which you can read on the image to the right. (If your eyesight is good enough!)

If you want to make your own individual comment, you can do so by emailing: (or write to: Development Control Appletree Court, Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst, SO43 7PF)

Community Centre Planning Objection letter in full:

Reference: 16/10068
Land adjacent Community Centre 9 Sea Road Milford on Sea
House, parking; demolition of existing garage

The Trustees of Milford on Sea Community Centre object to the above planning application.

They agree with the planning officer’s observation that the proposed dwelling is cramped, awkward and dominant and consider the proposal an inappropriate development of the site.

The close proximity of the proposed dwelling to the Community Centre would have an adverse effect on the amenity of the Community Centre and be visually detrimental to the street scene in which the Community Centre is a significant focal point.

The design and access statement supplied by the applicants states that the new dwelling would be adjacent to other and similar two storey residential dwellings and therefore would be ‘appropriate’ in its setting. This is factually incorrect. There are no such residential dwellings adjacent to this site. It is bounded by a car park, public lavatories and the Community Centre. The nearest dwelling is a bungalow set well back in its garden on the opposite side of the road. There is a house at the far side of the guide hut situated at the end of a long drive. The Trustees therefore consider that a residential dwelling in this location would in fact be inappropriate.

In addition the Trustees consider that the quality of life for future residents of the proposed new dwelling would be compromised not only, as the planning officer comments, by the presence of the adjacent public lavatories and the car park but also by a very active and busy Community Centre.

The footfall to the Community Centre exceeds 40,000 a year and continues to grow; the Centre is in use continuously from 9am and often up to 11pm. The Trustees are therefore most concerned that cars reversing either onto or off the proposed parking area would create an additional hazard for the many pedestrians who must walk in front of the site to the entrance to the Community Centre from the car park or from the village.

The design and access statement suggests that the site will remain vacant if this application fails. The Trustees consider that future community use of the site would be both viable and appropriate to meet the need for expanding community activities.

Bob Bishop
Chair of Trustees Milford on Sea Community Centre

Christine wins Lottery

Milford-on-Sea resident, Christine Boyce had a massive surprise when she discovered that she had won £25,000 in the People’s Postcode Lottery.
Picture from Daily Echo

The unexpected windfall will enable Christine, who lives in Knowland Drive, to take a trip of a lifetime to visit her son in Australia.

Christine had only been playing the lottery for two months before she scooped the Saturday Street Prize where each winning ticket is worth £25,000, - great to see someone given such a great opportunity.

To read the full story in the Daily Echo click here.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Tram Re-Discovered in Milford

Photo by Mark Clayson
click image to enlarge
Photo by Mark Clayson
click image to enlarge
Since publishing an article last week; Anyone seen a Tram? (click here to read) - We have had some interesting replies.

It appears that the tram carriage sits in undergrowth on the left hand side of a private drive down to The Old Mill off Barnes Lane.

We have also been told that last year there was a suspected arson attack on the mill building and it now been enveloped in a scaffold and a large polythene covering.

click image to enlarge
Another reader, Ethan told us of the location, and about how he and his friend recently used the driveway containing the tram to film their media GCSE trailer, which is horror themed. You can view the trailer by clicking here.

Photo by Mark Clayson
click image to enlarge

Amazing what you discover when you look for something!

Baptist Church 200th Anniversary

Milford on Sea Baptist Church is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year.

The church building is one of the oldest Baptist churches in the New Forest region. It was founded in 1816 by Mr Evans, who in a period of five years saw over one hundred people join the congregation. He also oversaw the building of the church in Barnes Lane. Under the subsequent leadership of Rev Turquand, the original manse was added, and the Jireh chapel in Tiptoe (now Wellspring Church) was founded.

In 1964, by developing land surrounding the Church, the present manse and church hall were built, along with additional car parking. Later in the 1990's the organ was up-dated, and a new floor and baptistry installed.

As we moved into a new millennium, multi-media and a new PA system were installed. In September 2010 a tea point area was added to the rear of the Church, enabling a time for refreshments and fellowship to take place at the end of the services. The current minister, Rev David Hellsten was inducted at Easter 2011.

David is originally from Sweden and today he leads a church that is known for being a friendly and welcoming for all ages. He can also be found sharing his thoughts on Twitter!

Sunday services have an average attendance of 45-50 people, with most ages represented, they are quite informal, and David energetically mixes different traditions, old, new and in-between. Occasionally a 'Café Church' is held instead of the regular evening service.

This month 80 people attended a loud and lively youth service, of whom 50-60 were teens. I hear that they like their music and singing down at the Baptist Church!

The Baptist Church is a child-friendly church, and children can either stay for the whole service, or leave before the sermon for Sunday school. There are toys at the back for those that are too little to enjoy Sunday school.

Tea and coffee is served after the morning service and everybody is made to feel welcome, both residents of the area and holiday-makers, whether believers, seekers or sceptics.

To celebrate their 200th anniversary the church are putting on a number of special events this year, in addition to the regular quizzes and worship services. The first such event is a concert with Colin and Pippa Judson at the end of February. After that there is a Café Church in February, a Missions Day (5th March) and a concert with a young singer-songwriter whose grandparents are members of the church (26th March), a Flower festival in May and an Anniversary Concert with Boscombe Salvation Army on the 2nd July.

If you are interested in the history of the church, a closer look will take place at the Anniversary Café Church on 26th June. The official 200th Anniversary celebration will take place on Sunday 3rd July. 

Everyone is invited to attend these any of these events, and will receive a warm welcome.

All of these events, together with everything else happening across the village, can be found at

To find out more about Milford Baptist Church please visit: - or contact Rev David Hellsten on 01590 645469 -

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Milford's Oldest Charity

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Did you know that Milford on Sea's oldest surviving charity dates back to before 1926, and is still running today?

The Milford United Charities (MUC) have been registered with the Charity Commission since 1926, although some of the MUC charitable work had been active from very much earlier. 

In its early days, MUC had considerable funds and did an excellent job benefiting many of the less well of residents of Milford on Sea Parish. Alastair Dunn, (Vicar at All Saints' Church Milford on Sea from 1990 to 2004) was the main trustee until he asked Christopher Beeton to take over a few months before he left the church. At that time, there were funds of only a few thousand pounds to help out deserving people in the village.

In spite of the Welfare State now providing much of what MUC used to, there are still gaps that they can sometimes at least partially fill. 

In recent years Milford United Charities have contributed towards educational and vocational course fees, travel costs to college and exceptional costs to visit sick relatives. They currently also encourage pupils at Milford Primary School Academy to provide a significant contribution to the life of the School during their time at Milford. Each year, Milford United Charities present a £50 book token to up to four school leavers who have made a significant contribution to the life of Milford-on-Sea Church of England Primary School Academy.

Milford United Charities are also able to offer limited financial support on a one-off basis to those people who live within Milford-on-Sea parish and who need financial help to further their education or training, or who face a financial demand to respond to a personal emergency.

Currently Milford United Charities has four trustees but still very low funds. So, in order to raise at least something towards increasing the invested base, the trustees of Milford United Charities (MUC) will be having a table top stall during Food Week at the CakeFest! (in the Community Centre from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 2nd April 2016.) They aim to sell unwanted cookery and recipe books to raise funds, so if you have any cookery books you could donate, please contact Christopher below. 

If you would like to find out more about MUC, or to contribute some funds, please contact:

Milford United Charities (MUC)
Christopher Beeton

(Charity Commission Registered Number 234709)

Anyone seen a Tram?

click image to enlarge
A gentleman from Lymington has contact us to say that a friend of his has informed him that somewhere in Milford on Sea is an old Bournemouth Tram body, perhaps in a garden or woods?

This is not something we are aware of, but after a bit of research we discovered an article online about the mystery tram carriage in 2013 (Click here to read the article)

The article did not identify where the tram body actually is, so if you can throw any light on this mystery, please let us know at

The BBC think Milford in Barton

On Monday BBC reporter, Duncan Kennedy stoically tried to say standing up in force of Storm Imogen. As he interviewed some hardy walkers on Milford on Sea seafront, gusts of 96mph were recorded at the Needles, Isle of Wight.

Only thing was, he thought he was in Barton.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

White Goose in Milford

Milford on Sea local residents, and mother and daughter team Jan and Poddy combine 50 years of experience in the property industry to provide local people with a broad range of services and a large spectrum of design styles and expertise. Classic country homes to contemporary new builds, White Goose offers services to help you from starting with a plot of land to freshening up your home.

Jan set up White Goose in 1995 after 9 years in Interior Design and has since project managed and designed a variety of homes and commercial spaces. Poddy has now joined, bringing a passion for green living and sustainability and extensive experience in property search and new builds. Together they form an all-encompassing team with endless energy and commitment to turning your visions into a reality.

Poddy said; "Our efforts are focussed on resourcing good quality, well-designed and reasonably priced furnishings for renovation or home improvement projects. We provide stylish, well-executed and cost-effective interiors for properties that may need everything from "freshening up" to an entire renovation."

White Goose also offer a depth of knowledge and experience of the property purchase procedure. They will tailor a service to cater to all levels of involvement throughout the search and purchase process, ensuring the service is adapted to suit your needs.

Poddy commented; "We understand that buying a property can be both stressful and time consuming. We remove the hassle from your property search, free up your time and deliver value for money on your purchase."

White Goose Limited
Jan and Poddy
Property Development & Interior Design
07769 582202

Another interior design service in Milford on Sea:

At No 19 Interior Design
Val Plummer
 01590 641804 - 07767 342542

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Music success in Milford

Dr Jenny Davies, who teaches many different musical instruments in Milford, and runs the 'Music Lessons in Milford-On-Sea' business, was thrilled to receive an email from the New Forest Business Partnership announcing that her business had won the 'the best music teacher' category in the Excellence in Business Award 2016. 

Jenny has been running the business since 2003 and has taught many children and adults of mixed age and ability to play many different musical instruments including piano, keyboard, organ, guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass, recorder, fife, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, accordion, harmonica ... and theory of music. She offers private lessons for individuals, pairs, small groups and larger groups. She also takes her musical and teaching talents into local libraries for 5 week courses.

The ukulele group meeting on Friday mornings began with a group from the library who just didn't want to stop playing when the course finished. Since then many ukulele players have joined. The group do charity gigs in the area.

Please feel free to contact her if you are interested in learning to play a musical instrument.

Musical Muses 
Dr Jenny Davies
07731 852158

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Warning to Dog Owners

A report has been received that a large Airedale dog recently attacked another dog with serious consequences.

We understand his took place around the Hurst Spit / Keyhaven area. If you are walking your dog and see an Airedale off the lead, please think carefully before coming in closer contact with it.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Food Week's New Media Partner

Hampshire Life magazine has become Food Week's Media Partner, the publication celebrates that Hampshire has everything – unspoilt beaches, rolling countryside, ancient forests and picture postcard villages. Life in the county is rich and diverse, from farming and fisheries to sailing and shopping. Hampshire Life magazine reflects living in this vibrant part of England and offers readers a mix of features to inspire, educate and entertain.

click image to enlarge
Since its conception in 1999, Hampshire Life has undergone a complete transformation both in its editorial content and design to meet the changing face of the county and our readership. Working alongside influential groups such as Hampshire Fare, the magazine now actively promotes local producers of food, drink and crafts across the county and the success of the Hampshire Life Food Awards has meant they are now about to be held for a fifth year.

Keeping content local is at the forefront of what Hampshire Life strives to achieve each month. Focussing on local people, local businesses and local life is what makes Hampshire Life a must-read magazine for those living throughout the county.

To pick up a copy is easy, simply ask at our village newsagents.

Hampshire Life Magazine

A small change at Inger-Lise's Coffee Shop

A temporary small change is taking place at Inger-Lise's Coffee Shop.

Christine Quinn, owner and the friendly face behind the counter has had a routine operation and will be off from the café for about 6 weeks. 

Fortunately, her husband Kev is taking the helm and will be doing a sterling job along with her wonderful staff.

However, this mean they will temporarily close on Monday's until the beginning of March when she will be fit and well to get back to the Café. 

Open as normal Tuesday to Saturday: 9.30am to 5pm. 

Get well soon Christine.

Inger-Lise's Coffee Shop
106 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QE