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Friday, 3 April 2020

Milford on Sea Mutual Aid launch website

Milford on Sea Mutual Aid have launched a new website for our whole community in Milford on Sea, Keyhaven, Lymore, Everton and Downton. It is for volunteers, people who are isolating and their families and friends.

The website explains: We know that by social distancing and isolating we can help to slow the spread of the corona virus and reduce the number of people who are admitted to hospital. That is why all our wonderful volunteers are offering support to the groups who are most at risk, that is: any households where someone is over 70, has underlying health conditions of any age, is pregnant, or has symptoms or has been in contact with someone with symptoms. This is a lot of people!

We are a very sociable community, with our thriving Community Centre, and wonderful restaurants and pubs. This makes isolating and social distancing a real challenge for us. We are already rising to the challenge, because we know that it is essential to keep us all safe and, very importantly, make sure the NHS can cope.
The Mutual Aid Group has been set up to make life easier for everyone at this very difficult time. We have teams of volunteers working in their own streets, so they are supporting their neighbours. It might be with shopping, collecting prescriptions or other errands. It might be by phoning for a chat. We are all making new friends, despite not being able to actually meet up!

To keep us cheerful and to entertain us, we have the Good Newsletter, and to make sure we are all well fed, we have information on all the local shops and restaurants and caterers who are making deliveries.

We hope that this website will make it easier for everyone to find out what support there is, whether they live in our villages or want to know how their relatives living here can get support.

We are working closely with the Parish Council, and in collaboration with the Community Library, Village Voice, David Long, and are also being informed by Wistaria & Milford Surgeries, and the local pharmacies, shops, restaurants and caterers. Thanks to them all for their contributions.

Please click here to visit the website and discover more.

Milford on Sea Mutual Aid



If you are in a position to volunteer to support local vulnerable people, 
or someone who needs some help, please click below

Thursday, 2 April 2020

South Lawn can deliver celebration cakes

We are pleased to hear from Tim Wedgwood, owner at South Lawn Hotel:

Tim says; "We are working very hard and we did a huge number of Sunday Lunches last week and still have capacity for even more. We are also seeing increasing numbers each day for both Lunches and Dinners. We have capped bakery deliveries to 100 per morning but can still take bakery and dairy items out with lunches and dinners if we exceed our 100 capacity. 

We have a team of up to 7 volunteer drivers now and up to 3 people taking orders at busy times. Our head chef Gavin and sous chef James have never been so busy! We have launched a revised delivery menu with a few tweaks to include Sunday Lunch and some additions such as Cheese and Butter on the morning deliveries. Tim also said: "Request for help are welcome, so please ask if there is anything we can help with."

The new delivery/takeaway menu can be viewed by clicking here

Tim also mentioned that he has had several requests to deliver to people as a gift, and he was very touched by the gesture of a group of people from the Everton Community who ordered Sunday Lunch for the Everton Post Office Team as a thank you for what they are doing. 

click image to enlarge
South Lawn have also been asked to deliver birthday cakes. Shaylin, our Head chefs wife, who is a pastry chef herself, has been baking and decorating to order and they can arrange this.

For a 6 inch round sponge cake iced with a personal message Shaylin is charging £27.50. South Lawn can take the order and payment and arrange delivery so if anybody wants to send a friend or relative a gesture that is guaranteed to make their day please let us know. We will also advise if a cake has already been arranged through us to a person to avoid duplication.

Tim also sent this video of a birthday cake delivery being made, but he can't promise a saxophonist every time!

The South Lawn Hotel
Lymington Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0RF
01590 643911

Another helpline for most vulnerable residents

In addition to the wonderful work so many volunteers are doing across Milford on Sea village, Community First New Forest also have a helpline for most vulnerable residents.

The Coronavirus Hampshire Helpline (Hantshelp4vulnerable) can be contacted on: 0333 370 4000. 

The helpline is available seven days a week, from 9am-5pm, for vulnerable people who do not have support from families, friends or their local community and who need urgent assistance with practical issues.

The Hampshire helpline is for frail or vulnerable people who need urgent assistance with essential food or household supplies, collection of medication, or who are at risk of loneliness. Please discuss your requirements with their friendly advisers who will ensure you get the help you need. 

If you need urgent food supplies, you can expect to receive a food box, typically containing:
UHT milk
Long life orange juice
Plus urgent household necessities if needed eg shower gel

Wherever possible, special dietary requirements will be met.

Community First New Forest 
First Floor Offices, 71 Christchurch Road, Ringwood, Hants BH24 1DH
Call: 0333 370 4000

Home Workouts with Lindsay

Lindsay Coyle is a yoga and fitness instructor who normally does regular classes at the Milford on Sea Community Centre. Her four classes a week consist of: Weights, 30-Minute Abs, Yoga & Meditation and FlexiStrength. 

To help out her clients, and anyone else in Milford on Sea who would like to join in, she has put some classes on line.

To view and join in, simply click any of the titles below:

click image to enlarge

Can of Beans Mat Workout

Can of Beans Standing Workout

A catch up with Clare at No.64

A catch up with Clare at No.64 Biscuit House in Milford on Sea high street:

We sincerely hope everyone’s staying safe during these increasingly worrying times. We, like Mark at Village News, have customers who come in purely for a regular chat and we know they’re doing it as they live alone. 

We’ve had one elderly lady knock on our shop door this week to ask if we’re open and we too, as Mark puts it so beautifully, find it distressing to have to tell them we simply can’t do anything for them other than chat through the glass! So sad. 

We do have our ‘volunteer round’ now though, of our elderly neighbours and ‘at risk’ village friends, for whom we collect and deliver essential shopping and our numbers again, should anyone need any help, are as follows:
  • Landline - 01590 643765 
  • Clare - 07515 711617 
  • Glenn - 07950 933466 
Don’t hesitate to call, even if it’s just for a chat. 

A happy customer
click image to enlarge
Now, I hope you don’t mind me mentioning our Gift Set & Gift Voucher service again, but it’s been so popular locally (mainly due to Milford on Sea News!) that we’ve now launched it officially on our website - click here.

It was originally the idea of one of our lovely customers who wanted me to make up a gift hamper for one of her friends to cheer her up (for obvious reasons). She gave me a budget and I sent her a selection of images showing different selections of No64 products, she then decided which one she liked and I then gift wrapped it, packaged it all up beautifully, and we sent it to her friend. 

As you’ll see we’ve put together 11 suggested selections, to give you some ideas, but it’s entirely up to you what you choose and how much you spend. It’s been really good fun working with customers choosing their gift sets as, after all, what else have we all got to do at home!? 

click image to enlarge
One of the 12 boxes, box 2, is the Gift Voucher option. Here you can choose a Gift Voucher rather than a Gift Set, if you prefer, and then your special person can spend it with us as they please, whenever they like. 

It’s also Easter soon and so if you would like to send a gift to a friend, neighbour or family member please give us a chance to put something together for you – we have the all-important chocolate, amongst other beautiful gifts that I’m certain will hit the spot! 

Please accept my apologies for promoting our business, I do realise this is a News platform, but when all this is over I’d rather like No64 Biscuit House to still be here! 

All my love and best wishes to everyone, 

Clare XX

No.64 Biscuit House
Milford on Sea

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

News from across the New Forest

Go New Forest are publishing a newsletter to keep people up to date with what is happening across the forest, and information on businesses providing services.

To read the latest edition, please click here.

Go New Forest

If you read anything today, read this...

I received this note yesterday from Mark at The Village News on Milford on Sea Green and it bought everything into perspective for me... Please read.

A message from Mark at the Village News.

Just to update that I am still open but adhering to strict social distancing measures with only 3 customers in the shop at one time. 

People are starting to get the hang of it, its been strange for all of us, so please don't be offended if I ask you to stop wait (or stand in a box!) 

I have questioned myself whether I should be open for the sake of my family and customers health. However, with all the cleaning, hand washing etc it is still a scary time for me, seeing so many people and handling money with the risks this carries. That said, I have decided it is important for our community, especially for those who I am the only one they see or talk to in 24 hours - it provides a bit of normality during this horrific time. 

An example of this was last Saturday which upset me immensely. A very elderly lady came into the shop, which she does daily. I asked her why she was out and she broke down in tears, telling me she didn't want to be here anymore and hated life...the highlight of her day was was to pop in and get a paper. 

All she wanted was a hug, which is what I would normally do. I found this very distressing as I needed to comfort her but couldn't. 

Bev and I managed to calm her down and had a quick chat which was emotionally draining for us. 

After she went, all we could think about was her well-being and how many others like her there are. 

So can everyone please check on your neighbours, ask if they are ok, they might just need a quick chat through the window (at a distance) just to know that people care. 

I personally feel that mental health could possibly have a greater long term impact, so if you are passing the shop on your daily exercise just shout 'Hello' through the door, say hello to people you pass, ask how they are, just a bit of normality might make their day. 

Stay Safe Be Kind 


My Reply

Ah mate, I am not ashamed to say that your email just made the tears flow.

That elderly lady could have been my mum, or anyone else's, and people like you & Bev taking the time to look after anyone that crosses your threshold simply fills me with emotion and gratitude. 

Both of you are awesome, to provide some form of normality for so many and to keep the community together is a tough task, both emotionally and at a risk to yourselves, but you are doing it with a real care for the village. 

May I just say, you have my utmost respect. 

I try to help out from the relative safety of being behind a keyboard, but you guys on the front-line are doing much more and are beyond fantastic. 

Over many years you have been a fabulous supporter of my hair-brained schemes, and been behind every other village event wholeheartedly, and you deserve a lot more thanks than I suspect you ever get. 

For me, and I am sure many others, you go on the ‘Heroes List’; alongside the many individual volunteers in the village helping out however they can, restaurants working to keep us fed, the village supermarkets, shops & pharmacies still providing services and vital deliveries, the carers still looking after the elderly & vulnerable in the village ...and nationally the nurses, doctors, porters, home carers, takeaways, supermarket workers, factory workers, delivery drivers, police, binmen, council workers, chemists, taxi drivers, transport workers, my son (keeping peoples gas heating going) and so many more key workers putting others before themselves and keeping the country functioning. 

I hope everyone in the village reads the article I will publish and appreciates how difficult it is for everyone who is working or volunteering to keep the village functioning. 

Stay safe my friend – and make a note that you are on my list of people to give the biggest hug as I soon as I can! 

PS: I will definitely be publishing your thoughts, and probably with my reply, but right now I need to pour myself a drink and pull myself together. 



Watch The National Theatre at Home

National Theatre at Home gives you access to theatre online. 

One Man, Two Guvnors will be streaming for Free from 7pm on Thursday 2nd April. (Available on YouTube until 9 April.)

The first show will be the online premiere of James Corden in the hit comedy show 'One Man, Two Guvnors'. To watch the trailer: please click here.

This will be followed in coming weeks by; April are Jane Eyre; Treasure Island and Twelfth Night.

To watch live on YouTube, tune in at 7pm tomorrow and click here.

or, go to YouTube and search for 'National Theatre at Home'.

Keeping the spirits up

Here is something that should make you smile.

The Marsh family put together their own family version of a Les Misérables classic, definitely worth a watch:
click here to watch the video

PS: Very pleased to see the family are Watford FC supporters! The young lad is wearing a mighty Hornets team shirt.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Ray's Italian Kitchen updates Takeaway Service

Stacey at Ray's Italian Kitchen sends the message below:


I just wanted to say how overwhelming the last two weeks have been. The support and gratitude from the village and all of my wonderful customers has been incredible, so thank you! 

From this week, I will be continuing to serve you on a Wednesday and a Friday Only. 

Wednesday: 12noon to 2.30pm for the vulnerable & over 70s only (click here for menu)

Wednesday: 5pm - 8.30pm all customers

Friday: 5pm to 9pm all customers.

To give you a head’s up, if last week was anything to go by, it is best that you call early. Even if you leave a message on the answer machine the day before, I can call you back when I am at work. 

Please remember I am working on my own, with my partner Paul delivering so I am asking that people call no later than 2pm on the day as I need to start preparing the fresh food for the evening from then on. 

Also sorry it’s also not feasible to answer the phone while in service and take payment, so I would kindly ask that you to stick to the times of 10am -2pm for ordering. 

You can also e-mail me up to 2pm on the day to: and I will call you back. 

I have added a few new pasta dishes for you to enjoy this week plus I have fresh olives & feta peppers while stocks last.

Thanks and stay safe, 

click to view menu

Ray’s Italian Kitchen
11 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QF
01590 645300

Keep moving - more Pilates with Denise

Local Pilates teacher, Denise Couston has created another online 30 minutes class of gentle Pilates moves for core stability, mobility and strength.

Denise mentioned that she had been asked to include some music, but unfortunately she would need a streaming license to play music on YouTube and hasn’t got one, so please just put your favourite music to enjoy as you do the routine.

To try out the class please click here.

Editors note: I'm still try to get my leg down from behind my ear after the last session!

Friday deliveries of fishcakes & pie from Catch

Catch are now doing a new weekly Friday delivery service to help our local community and their customers at this difficult lockdown time. Delivery is available to all SO postcodes plus BH9/24/25

How to order 
Have a read of the fishcake product menu below and email the Catch Team at: to place your order. 

Please email your order over no later than 4pm on Tuesday for a Friday delivery. Once they get into a rhythm, they may be able to have some flexibility, but right now a deadline is needed. 

Below is the order grid. Please complete it and copy and paste it into your email. Catch have said that they have not done home deliveries before, so please bear with them through any teething problems!

click image to enlarge & print
Please do not call as they are in the kitchen during the day, busily making more lovely fishcakes. 

The Catch Team will telephone you on Wednesday afternoon to take payment, and confirm your delivery information. The order will be delivered Friday morning. 

Delivery is free for orders of £14 or more. For orders of less than £14.00 a small delivery charge of £2.00 is applied

Emails will be responded to in the order they are received.

click image to enlarge
Catch also explain more about the menu:

This week’s salmon special is ‘Cheesy Salmon with Dill and Capers’, sort of gravadlax in a fishcake!!

Friday Fishy Supper main course this week is our Classic Fishy Pie; cod, smoked haddock, salmon & prawn in our own special sauce with creamy mash. Not dairy free I’m afraid, but certainly yummy! For these local deliveries, we are switching away from our plastic packaging (it is fully recyclable I hasten to add) to our Kraft compostable packaging, which we use for our events. It goes in the freezer perfectly and will be fully labelled for you. 

Please feel free to email any questions by clicking here, or if you think we have missed anything. We are hoping you will enjoy our fishy delights over these coming weeks, and stay safe.

Catch Fabulous Fishcakes
023 8214 9900

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Who reads the MoS News?

We were asked by a reader; 'How many people read the Milford on Sea News pages?'

We did not know, so we just checked:
  • The first publication was launched on 20th May 2008
  • We are now on issue 522. (Originally it was only going to be monthly!)
  • Over 1,200 people open each News Bulletin sent by email. (Which is around 70% of all people it is sent too.)
  • The all time page views are 1,540,577
  • So far this month there have been 49,956 page views.

Creating the local news has recently become a full-time job for the moment, but if it helps anyone at all, it is more than worth doing it!

Stay safe and positive all!

Ideas to keep the kids entertained

Keeping the kids entertained is a tough job, so these ideas might help:

click image to enlarge

click image to view video

Plus, a couple of educational things to do with the little (or big) ones:

click image to view video
I learnt from this one too!

Finally, a good way for the kids to understand how to best wash their hands:

Mutual Aid Volunteers head for 100

We are delighted to hear that the Milford on Sea Covid19 Mutual Aid volunteer numbers have grown to nearly 100. 

Organiser, Jenny Whitley said: "Good evening to all our volunteers and supporters. It’s the end of a week when we have seen our volunteer numbers grow to nearly 100. We have not counted the numbers of people we are supporting as everyone has been far too busy getting on with the job! 

We have had so many expressions of thanks to our volunteers. In particular we have had thanks from people who have contacted us because their elderly parents live in our villages and they haven’t been able to get to them. We are happy as a community to offer that support for them. 

In collaboration with Milford Library, Village Voice and David Long, the first edition of the Milford Good Newsletter has been published. Find it on the Library website. (Copies will also be posted on this website) It’s wonderful! Such talented people have worked so hard to produced it. So I hope this evening you will raise a glass with me to toast all our wonderful volunteers!

Thanks to all at MoS Primary School

Delyth, a reader of these pages wants to thank all of the staff and helpers at Milford on Sea Primary School, and we wholeheartedly agree with her.

Delyth said; "The staff at Milford Primary School are doing a fantastic job looking after around 16 children of various ages including my 3 grandchildren. (As sadly, I am in the category unable to look after them). All of these wonderful people are obviously putting themselves at risk and doing a heroic job, and at the same time they are enabling parents who are front-line workers to keep working and supporting us all. They all deserve our warmest respect and thanks."

Well said Delyth.

Community 'Home' Birding & Wildlife Challenge

The Milford Conservation Volunteers (MCV) have launched a ‘Stop-at-home’ Community Birding & Wildlife Challenge.

So, what are we all going to do now for the next few weeks?

Well, here’s a suggested challenge. Let’s see what birds and wildlife species you can see from your home and garden in our ‘Birding & Wildlife Challenge. Perhaps we can see how many different species we can spot and record between now and the end of the Coronavirus C-19 outbreak.

Let’s get our children and grandchildren involved

We can do this together as a community and as a family project. All you simply have to do is record every different species you see either from your windows or whilst in your garden. Keith at MCV will maintain and update the list and circulate it via this MoS News website. 

The sky is a big birding habitat which most of us seem to overlook. It is a wonderful place to do your birding and to enjoy whatever is flying about. Unfortunately, so many of us go around with our heads down which is what us ‘old-uns’ tend do when we are walking so as not to trip over. 

Let Keith have your records at the end of each week by clicking here, but if you do spot something spectacular, let him know straight away by email:

Remember, this is a challenge in which all the family can participate. All I need is just four things: 

1. What species you have seen
2. What road you live in
3. What day you saw it and
4. Your name

As the Coronavirus is a world-wide phenomenon, Keith has asked friends from different parts of the world to tell him what they are seeing in their own gardens whilst they are self-isolating. He has already had a commitment from his friend Peter in Tunisia, and who knows from where else around the world he might find what they are seeing in their own backyards? 

Keith starts start off this list with the following species seen by MCV members in their gardens or flying over: 

click image to enlarge

To Date: Birds = 27  Butterflies = 3  Bumblebees = 2  Mammals = 2  Amphibians = 2  Bee-flies = 1

So, let's get bird spotting!

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Shaun starts a '#GiveBack' Campaign

Local artist, Shaun Steven's has started a campaign to encourage and inspire others to #giveback to those in need in our community and beyond. To show kindness, compassion and give help where it’s needed in these difficult times. 

Shaun posted a video yesterday on her Instagram page (@shaunstevensart) offering to make and give away ten #giveback badges with gold leaf hearts of gold. The badges can be personalised with names and either red or blue for the NHS.

Please watch below. 

click image to watch video
Can you help spread the word?  You can share this video by copy and pasting this link into an email:


Friday, 27 March 2020

The Good News Newsletter - No.1

An enterprising group of local people have put together a 'Good News Newsletter' with the aim of keeping everyone informed and amused during this difficult time.

The Good Newsletter has been created by Milford Library, Milford Mutual Aid Group, The Village Voice and MoS News Bulletin.

We will be publishing a copy of each edition here online and for those in the village who do not use digital communication, the Parish Council are printing some paper copies which will be available in some village shops and some distributed by volunteers.

To subscribe to get a regular copy please email:

To  read the first edition, please click here or click the image below:

New Takeaway Menu from Ray's Italian Kitchen

click image to enlarge

Ray’s Italian Kitchen
11 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QF
01590 645300