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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A jump of a lifetime

Local Milford on Sea girl, Emma Golledge, completed a sky dive for the ‘Dreams Come True Charity’ on Sunday. If that was not enough of a challenge, for some obscure reason she also chose to jump from 13,000 feet, rather than the normal 10,000 feet! There is even a film of her 45 second freefall, including backward and forward somersaults, on the weblink below. Dreams Come True is a national charity which fulfills the dreams of terminally and seriously ill children aged 2-21 years of age. Emma is a keen supporter & fundraiser, having overcome a serious illness herself in her earlier life.

It appears Emma thoroughly enjoyed her experience, and raised some money for a great cause, which is more than I achieved when I did my sky dive. There were four people in our airplane: the president, the smartest man in the world, a young girl & me. Unfortunately the plane caught on fire and there were only three parachutes. The president grabbed one and jumped, shouting; “My country needs me!” The smartest man in the world then grabs one and says; “Well, the world needs me, since I’m so smart”, and jumps. One parachute left, so I said to the young girl; “You take it, I’ve have had a good life.’ The little girl said; “It’s OK we can both jump. The smartest man in the world took my backpack.””

If anyone would like to give a donation to Emma’s charity you can do so at:, entering Emma Golledge in the ‘Find A Friend’ box. Alternatively you can contact Emma on her e-mail at:

Fancy having a Hedgehog?

Lesley, at Sullivan Mitchell in Milford on Sea, is not content with just providing houses for newcomers to the village, she is now on mission to re-house injured hedgehogs! She is looking to help out the ‘CRASH Hedgehog Hospital’ in Poole by re-homing some hedgehogs by the sea. When injuries leave a hedgehog disabled to the extent it could not easily survive in the wild, the Hedgehog Hospital releases them to ‘foster homes’ with secure gardens, where they can enjoy the rest of their lives in peace being pampered a little. Apparently, they are not suitable as pets, as for obvious reasons they are not easy to stroke & training one to sit, or fetch, is almost impossible. However, by releasing one in your garden you will be rewarded by having all those nasty garden pests like slugs and snails, eaten by your little guest. I am reliably informed that all they need is a nightly feed of dog food and provision of suitable hibernation facilities through the winter. There is also no need to buy a collar or lead for walks, as they much prefer to just wander around on their own.

If you would like to re-house an injured hedgehog in your garden, or have any old towels or even old pet carriers you no longer require they would be gratefully received. If you would like to find out more please contact Lesley on: Tel: 01590 644747

CRASH Hedgehog Hospital website:

Tuck In with the Where to Stay & Eat Guide

As you have travelled around the village I guess that you have spotted the ‘Milford on Sea Where to Stay & Eat Guide’ in various shops & dining places. The guide was produced to promote our local businesses, & contains a plethora of vouchers & discounts from all of our local cafe’s & restaurants. We are very pleased to hear that many local people & holiday makers have been taking advantage of the special deals, which is of course good news for everyone. If you haven’t used your vouchers yet, or would like some more, please pick up another copy when you are next in the village. Our local restaurateurs & cafe owners would be more than pleased to see you, & to provide you with a treat.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Sea and Outward Bound Skills for Young People

A local mum is looking to find like minded mum’s who have young people (probably over 10 years and can swim) who may be interested in attending Keyhaven based courses run by Brokenhurst College instructors during the summer holidays, if there is sufficient interest. The courses would run along similar lines to those currently being offered by Brokenhurst College at the Hengisbury Head Outdoor Education Centre, Christchurch (
Tel: 01202 425173).

Laura has two lads of 10 & 13 years, who both attended courses at Christchurch during the last half term (June 2010) and says both had a great time & found the instructors provided high quality tuition.

Please contact Laura Law: Tel.07956 652977 ( if your young people are interested in attending Keyhaven courses. This will just be taken as an expression of interest and will not be taken as a commitment at this stage. Laura will pass on the possible level of interest to the Hengistbury Head Outdoor Education Centre and hopefully something can be arranged if there are sufficient young people interested in this initiative.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Village that Rocks

The 2010 Milford on Sea Arts & Music Festival was blessed with glorious weather & provided a fantastic weekend of entertainment. The festival achieved a unique balance between professional presentation & the quaint charm of a village event. Thursday evening saw a lively start to the festival with the Folk Night & children’s ceilidh. This was followed on Friday by Young People’s Band Night where local youth talent performed to an audience of all ages. Cool Saturday was a full day event with plenty to keep the children entertained & included a special performance from the local primary school. The village green was alive with food stalls, beer tent, children’s entertainment & craft stalls. First on the main stage were the village’s own ‘The Four Winds’, a saxophone quartet who soon got feet tapping. Our very own ‘Total Voice’ village choir gave a powerful performance in the afternoon, followed by ‘Keya Bobo’ playing tribal African music. To maintain the international theme, we were then treated to traditional Thai dancers. The village ‘Windmill Band’ strutted their stuff before were entertainment by other local bands ‘The Travelling Johnnies’ & ‘Dog Ruff’. The glorious summer’s evening saw the village rocking on the packed green & it was certainly a case of standing room only, as hoards of local people & holidaymakers enjoyed the live music. As the night commenced our winning youth band gave a further performance followed by ‘The Alex Hall Band’ taking us back in time with some timeless pop classics. ‘Drew Flanigan & the Black Bombers’ were then on stage with a high octane rock & roll show. To close the evening the headline act, ‘Freddie & the Freeloaders’ rocked the enthusiastic crowd with soul, motown, jazz & modern classics.

Smooth Sunday morning maintained the glorious sunny sky, & spirits were again high. The day opened with a charming combined service by the four local churches on the village green. Soon after the music was underway with a classical extravaganza. A stirring performance of a Rossini opera was presented by professional local opera singers & Lymington Choral Society. The Hyde Band then blew any remaining cobwebs away with some rousing tunes. The afternoon then turned to dance as Georgian & Regency dances were performed by The Hampshire Regency Dancers, followed by Zapp School of Dance giving us a contemporary dance show. Milford Musicale then treated us to a set including arias & musical theatre numbers as the afternoon gently passed by. Next we had the New Forest Community Orchestra, some live poetry & a surprising Nautical Percussion performance.

The grand finale was certainly worth waiting for, as The Three Tenors took to the stage. Colin Judson, a professional opera singer from the village, was joined by Wynne Evans ( the tenor from the ‘Go Compare’ TV advertisement) & Nick Ransley to provide us with some classic opera performances. In minutes the guys had everyone eating out of their hands, and the mix of incredible music & sharp humour was intoxicating. There was not an inch to spare on the green, with children & adults, young & old, recognising many of the numbers & being enthralled by renditions they may not have heard before. The concert played for well over an hour & the entire audience was spellbound. Unsurprisingly, the closing drama of ‘Nessun Dorma’ thrilled the enthusiastic audience and this was rewarded with rapturous applause and a well deserved standing ovation. It was clear to see why each singer has such a strong reputation on the international opera scene & we were very lucky to have experienced their individual talents at this festival.

Once again the village had enjoyed a great weekend & spectacular festival. The annual event is run by the Milford on Sea Arts & Music Festival Committee, & this small group of dedicated village volunteers once again created a major event in the village calendar. Their efforts are greatly appreciated & certainly enhance the character of this special seaside village. Well done to all.

Milford on Sea Arts & Music Festival website:

The Three Tenors:

Naughty night at Bon Appetit

Christina is again running a ‘Sweet & Savoury Crepe Evening’ at Bon Appetit Creperie, our very own taste of France, in the High Street, Milford on Sea. 22nd July 6-9pm which proved so popular during Food Week Why not treat yourself to a continental crepe with a wide selection of sweet or savoury fillings. Great as a different kind of evening meal, or a 'naughty but nice' treat after dinner! Please feel free to bring your own drinks & make a complete night of it!

Local Produce on Show

Our local village gardeners & growers are enthusiastically preparing for the Milford on Sea Flower and Produce Show on July 17th. The show will take place in the Church Hall with classes for both adults & children. Free schedules are available from Gwen’s. If you would like to make any entries, be quick, as registration closes in a couple of days. Entry forms are also available from Gwen’s.

The show will include competition classes for flowers, home grown or homemade produce, handicrafts & photography. There will also be tea and a raffle. The event will be open from 2.30 to 4.30pm & admission is 50p at the door. Come & join in the fun.

New Children´s Choir

The Total Voice Children's Contemporary Choir will launch on Wednesday 8th September 2010 in the brand new Milford on Sea Community Centre. The choir will meet weekly during term time between 5.30pm and 6.30pm and is open to children between the ages of eight and eleven. Featuring fun vocal warm-ups, musical games and a range of fantastic contemporary songs, the choir is a great way for children to boost their confidence, enjoy themselves and make lots of new friends. The cost is £2.50 per session. Please call Christine on 07826 748625 if you are keen for your child to get involved. Total Voice website:

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Notes from Milford on Sea Community Event Organisers Meeting

Meeting: Thursday 24th June 2010

The ‘Community Event Organisers Meeting’ was an informal gathering of people involved in running community events across the village. The purpose was to have a discussion on ways we may be able to share resources & help each other to make life a bit easier! Over 30 ‘organisers’ attended & although the meeting had no formal agenda, the floor were soon discussing a number of ideas that could benefit all of the individual organisers & the village community as a whole.

It is not planned to make this ‘another organisation’, it is purely an occasional forum to share ideas & resources to support each other. Indeed the ongoing independence of each individual event is paramount. As we all know there are a lot of excellent community events run across the village & we all applaud the expert way in which they are each organised. They are a major reason our village is so special. It was stressed by the chair that any plans made must not damage the unique ‘village character & atmosphere’ we all enjoy so much. The ideas discussed are noted below, as are the initial plans to move the ideas forward.

Thank you to David & Christine at Westover Hall Hotel for kindly hosting the meeting.

1. Community Directory. Featuring: Community Event Organisers, Village Club Leaders & Community Support Service Contacts. It was felt that it would be very useful to have a central directory of ‘who’s who’ in community activities. Often it would be handy to chat with someone to utilise their experience & expertise. A ‘Milford on Sea Directory’ is already available from the Parish Council Office & this contains lots of this information.

Community Directory Plan: The plan is to enhance the information available in the Parish Council ‘Milford on Sea Directory’ & to make it available to everybody online. This will be done by adding further organisations, club, village classes etc. together with e-mail contact information. To do so we will identify the key contacts in all event organisations, clubs, classes & village support services. The list will then be provide online for everyone to view, & also offered to the Parish Council to add any additional information to their directory. Gathering the information may take some time, but with support from everybody this could become another valuable source of information.

2. Village Equipment Directory: Many event organisers & clubs have equipment they use for their own events which may also be useful for other to loan. It was agreed that we would see how this could best be achieved.

Village Equipment Directory Plan: Events & clubs will be invited to add a list of the equipment they are prepared to loan to other groups. This list will then be available online with a ‘suitable & fair loan system’. Milford on Sea Food Week are planning to purchase an ‘A Board’ to use on the green & ‘Raffle Ticket/Programme Seller Stand’ which will be available to all. It is planned to gather all of the relevant information over the coming months.

Thought would also be given to ideas to improve signage in the village for promoting events that are happening. We were all in agreement that any signage must be totally sympathetic to the village character & atmosphere.

Village Equipment Store: The Community Centre kindly offered to try & find some space to store ‘community available equipment’, or alternatively people can advise where the equipment can be collected from. Storage space is at a premium in the Community Centre, but the team was confident they would find a suitable solution.

3. Village Volunteer Register: It was evident that every event could do with an extra hand or two. The support required is often only for a couple of hours or so, but people are unsure how to get involved. New members would also be welcome on most organising committees. It was also felt worthwhile to identify people who have particular expertise, knowledge or skills that can be utilised for practical support or advice. (Such as: Food Hygiene Certificate Holders, First Aiders, Risk Assessment Experts, Raffle Ticket Sellers, etc.)

Village Volunteer Register Plan: The plan is to build a ‘Volunteers Register’ where local people can put their names, together with the volunteering time & skills they are happy to make available. This will eventually be available online.

4. Online Village Calendar: From a technical & practical point of view this is a big task. The village is already very well served with valuable information from Gwen’s,,, the Community Centre’s website, the ‘Village Voice’, Ruth Bufton’s Village Diary, the Church Office & the Parish Council Office. It is important that each keep their own activities going for their own audiences. The idea is to also have a central ‘Online Village Calendar’ where each organisation & club can display all of their own activities. If this could be achieved then it would keep more people in the village aware of what is happening & boost participation.

Online Village Calendar Plan: The plan is to identify a suitable online calendar tool & then to discuss with potential contributors (village events, clubs, classes & organisations) as to whether they would be willing to enter their own information on a regular basis. We are conscious that not everyone in the village use online services, but we would hope that we could design a printable version which could be easily downloaded & used or displayed by anyone. Ideally the current village business & community websites could also link to this community ‘Village Calendar’, giving everyone full information on everything that is happening.

5. New Village Events: The following potential future events were also discussed:
Milford on Sea Garden Festival: June 2011 (This will be a larger Bi-Annual Event based on the recent ‘Milford on Sea Garden Open Day’)

Anyone willing to help in the organisation of this new event please contact Jenny Spenser at
Tel: 01590 644489

Village Community Committee Golden Jubilee Celebration: Plans are being made by the Village Community Committee for a Golden Jubilee Celebration in 2012. Once again anyone who would like to help or contribute to the events are invited to get in touch. Please contact: & I will pass your offer of help on.

Newcomers Supper: Ruth Bufton asked for all club & event organisers to provide her with what you do, together with an A4 Advert for forthcoming Newcomers Supper.

Ruth can be contacted at:
Tel: 01590 641875

6. Help & Volunteers: If anyone would like to offer help in any of the activities above, or would like to add their names to the ‘Volunteer Register’ please let me know at

So there you have it, lots to do! The process will take quite some time to gather all of the data & too then make it available online for everyone. The information gathering process will commence shortly & we hope to have support from everyone that is able to provide information or help. We will then identify the best way to make the information readily available to all. As previously mentioned, none of this will happen overnight, but we hope that in the coming months we can have everything in place.

If you have a list of people involved in: organising events, club leaders, organisers of village classes, or community support services, please send us your list of contacts now. Ideally we would like: Name - Organisation - Tel No. & E-Mail Addresses. (Please check people are happy to have their e-mails made available to other people before sending.) Please send your list to:

It is planned to hold further occasional Milford on Sea Community Event Organisers Meetings as & when people feel they may be of benefit.
Thanks again to all that contributed to the meeting & as we move forward with the plans we will be in touch again soon.

Friday, 2 July 2010

The Marine reveal opening plans

The Marine, located in a spectacular position on Milford on Sea seafront, is planning to open in the first couple of weeks of August. Having visited at various stages of the build it is evident that no compromises have been made to ensure that we will have a very special addition to our village. The new venue will contain a contemporary café-bar and fine dining restaurant. The Marine has three floors available for public use, all offering full table-service. On the ground floor will be a high quality, family friendly café during the day, which becomes an informal restaurant in the evening. There is also a small function room at the rear of the building which is ideal for private dining or corporate meeting use. There will also be three external patio areas which will provide additional seating. On the first floor there is a fine dining restaurant & dining balcony, both offering unrivalled views across the Solent & Christchurch Bay. Finally there is a roof terrace with unique panoramic views offering a weather-dependent al fresco dining experience. It is also planned for this space to be used for occasional BBQs & themed food offerings.

This landmark art deco styled building will be managed by a highly professional and experienced management team, headed by local man and catering professional, Marcus de Kaldam as General Manager, and Frank Eckermann, a Michelin Trained Chef who has worked in Michelin Star restaurants in both France and Germany. The proprietor and developer is Richard Thompson, who has been a resident of Milford on Sea for the past 10 years.

The Marine is hoping to attract local people & holidaying families who love to dine out. In order to retain a high quality image for this beach-side business they will have a dress code that will be applied throughout the premises. Background music will be provided to complement the dining experience, together with occasional live entertainment events. Richard stressed that The Marine will be a dining venue and that the management are sensitive in ensuring that no part of the business becomes a nuisance to its neighbours or the general environment. To ensure this, The Marine will have a strict ‘Challenge 21’ policy in place when serving alcohol, & the management will reserve the right to refuse entry after 10pm.

Richard said; “I feel quite confident in stating that The Marine represents the biggest financial commitment to tourism and local employment that the village has seen for many years. At a time when unfortunately many shops and business premises in the village remain boarded up, due to lack of interest in risking financial investment, I am wholly committed to creating what could possibly be a flagship business that helps to keep Milford on Sea on the tourism map. He continues; “The new business will help to bring continued prosperity to the village, and be a real asset to the local community. It will help to encourage more visitors to Milford, and create more trade for the existing businesses. We greatly appreciate the positive feedback that we have received from the majority of the villagers and look forward to welcoming them to The Marine in the very near future.

So, after what seems like an eternity, The Marine is soon to be on the Milford on Sea dining map. At last we will be able to sit on the balcony enjoying a fine meal & taking in the glorious panoramic views. Surely this will be one of the most spectacular locations to eat in the UK. Get working on that menu Frank!

For more information contact: Richard Thompson | Tel: 01590 644369

Local lad teams up with Elton John

Milford on Sea born Murray James has appeared as a support act at Elton John’s only UK concert this year. The concert performed to a sellout crowd at Watford FC’s Vicarage Road Stadium on Saturday 29 May 2010.

Murray James is actually a ‘stage name’ & he may be known better locally by his real name of James Billet. Now pursuing a career as a singer songwriter, Murray has now signed a recording contract & he is in the process of writing his debut album between the UK and the USA. Murray’s musical style is a mix of soul, blues and reggae inspired songs, with a distinct vocal style that defies his appearance. Having already supported names such as Amy Macdonald, Candi Staton, Natalie Imbruglia and Joe Purdy, we hope that this is the start of a great musical career for one of our very own.

You can hear some of Murray James’s music here: