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Thursday, 29 January 2015


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On dear… made the mistake of taking my wife for a lunchtime drink in The Cave. 

Once she is on the Gin Menu she becomes nailed to the bar stool, ...and when I did get her home… she was a nightmare to get out of the car!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Headteacher appointed at School

Following a thorough formal application process, the Governors of Milford on Sea Primary School are pleased to announce that Matthew Hill has been appointed to the role of Headteacher at Milford on Sea Primary School.

Mr Hill has been teaching at the School for eight years and took over as interim head last April. He has already made a number of positive changes, one of which is the introduction of Forest schools to the youngest children. 

If you would like to see how this is working please look at the podcast on the School website. is the link. Then look for YR Pebbles and Shells – Forest School. 

Congratulations Matthew.

Milford on Sea Primary School 

Monday, 26 January 2015

Join the Village Cricket Team

Milford on Sea's local village cricket club dates back to at least 1772. With such a significant history, it is sad to have heard that it is currently in danger of not being able to field a side for the coming season which starts in May.

The club which plays in the beautiful surroundings of the Barnes Lane Recreation ground has lost many of its key players over the past few years and sadly there has been a lack of interested young talent coming through to replace them. Hopefully this announcement will change that.

Given the history of the club, it would be very sad indeed if the familiar sound of leather on willow were no longer to be heard on a summer’s afternoon.

The club plays in a regional division of a Hampshire league and has held its own over the past few years. The standard of cricket is such that players of all capabilities could be accommodated in the team.

Any cricketers old or young who know which end of the bat to hold and have time to spare on a Saturday afternoon would be most welcome as new members of the club.

The club has an extensive supply of good quality equipment so all that is required is a few enthusiasts who would like have a bash. Furthermore, the club has a good social atmosphere so there is always the opportunity to talk your fellow team mates through your innings over a pint or two in the bar after the game.


Milford-on-Sea Cricket Club dates back to at least 1772 when The Hampshire Chronicle reported on the 7th of September a match being played at Beestem near Ringwood “for a considerable sum of money by the noted players of Milford against Ringwood, Fordingbridge and Downton”

The club has enjoyed many successes over the years including:-
  • 1995 and 2010 Winner of the Stone Cup
  • 1996 New Forest Division 1 Champions
  • 1998 New Forest Division 3 Champions

Who to Contact at Milford on Sea Cricket Club

Chairman: Chris Walford - 01590 674753 -
Secretary: Barry Torah  - 01590 670317 -
Treasurer: Colin Brown - 07731 752694 -
Club Captain: Dave Brown - 07427 684534 -

Calling All Pre-School Mums

Here We Go Looby-Lou have started a fun filled music class on Thursdays for babies and pre-school kids.

Lots of nursery rhymes, counting songs, knee bouncers, musical instruments and finger puppets.

The classes are 1.15pm to 1.55pm at Milford on Sea Community Centre. (and Pennington on Thursday mornings.)

Just go along and pay on the day. (Child over 6 months: £4 | Sibling £2 | Babies 0 to 3 months: Free Entry | 3 to 6 months £2)

To see 'Here We Go Looby-Lou' on Facebook please click here.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

An Inspirational Man

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Admiration, laughter, tears, inspiration, gratitude and respect - Just a few of the emotions 150+ people shared today when they met and heard the remarkable man Johnson Beharry VC. 

His Victoria Cross tattoo on his back shows his pride, - and his grandmother's face on his left shoulder shows he will never forget who taught him right from wrong.

Proud to have met you Johnson. Your humility, honesty and selflessness shone through, ...and your determination to live with pain, to inspire others and to keep youngsters on the right path is a lesson to us all.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

More Old Camden Hurst Pictures

Having seen the recent pictures we published of Camden Hurst Hotel, Bob Braid of the Milford on Sea Historical Record Society has generously shared with us some pictures from their archive.

Hopefully you will enjoy seeing them as much as we did.

Camden Hurst -1901
click image to enlarge

Camden Hurst -1925
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Camden Hurst Hotel Brochure
Cover 1964-5
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Camden Hurst Hotel Brochure
Cocktail Lounge 1964-5
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Camden Hurst Hotel Brochure
The Ballroom 1964-5
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Camden Hurst Hotel Brochure
Lounge & Tennis 1964-5
click image to enlarge

Camden Hurst Hotel Brochure
Swimming Pool 1964-5
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Camden Hurst Hotel Brochure
Tariff 1964-5
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Camden Hurst Hotel
Press Advert
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To see previous pictures published please click here.

Barbara at Major National Art Exhibition

Local Milford On Sea Artist Barbara Rousseau’s has achieved success in Major National Art Exhibition.

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Barbara’s painting entitled 'Dead Structure' has been selected from over 600 entries to appear alongside some of Britain’s leading Pastel Artists. 

The Pastel Society’s annual exhibition takes place at the Mall Galleries near Trafalgar Square from 24 February to the 7 March. 

The inspiration for her painting was taken from a visit to Patrick’s Patch in Beaulieu village last autumn.

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Barbara’s work will also be on display locally at Exbury Gardens alongside other studies by members of the 4 Seasons Art Group during their 10th annual exhibition from 12 April until 7 June 2015

Barbara is a member of the Society of Floral Painters (SFP) and numerous local art groups. She has had her paintings hung in many local exhibitions including the Salisbury Playhouse and St Barbe's Museum, Lymington. Her pastels have also been selected for exhibitions in London at both the Westminster and Mall Galleries for the Royal Society of Marine Artists and the Society of Women Artists. 

Dead Structures by Barbara Rousseau
click image to enlarge
In February 2012 she was acknowledged by her peers, when she had her painting "Storm over Dubrovnik" selected for exhibition by the Pastel Society at the Mall Galleries. 

She was the SAA Artist of the Year in 2006 having won first place from over 4000 entries, with her painting of a Sally Lightfoot Crab from the Galapagos Islands. A Photo of the painting may be seen in her "Sold Gallery" on her website below.

Barbara has a passion for the tactility and vibrancy of pastels. Her subjects are gathered from extensive travels around the world. She will paint anything that touches her heart. She teaches private lessons on a one to one basis to suit you. 

Barbara has recently become an author. She has written a series of small books for children based around a theme of recycling plastic.

Barbara Rousseau SFP | Pastel Artist 01590 644811|07710 485341 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Last Few Tickets

The last few tickets are available to hear and meet the remarkable Johnson Beharry VC this Saturday (24th January) at the Community Centre. There are two shows, one at 3pm, the other at 7pm.

Tickets are available on the door, or in advance from: the Community Centre Box Office, or online from:

Come along to meet the man, and to hear the remarkable life story of Lance Sergeant Johnson Beharry VC, the first living recipient of the Victoria Cross in more than 30 years.

Johnson is inspiring, charismatic and humorous. His talk will tell you about his inspirational life experiences; including his tough childhood, his determination to make something of his life, and ultimately how he faced unimaginable challenges in battle and life.

This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet an extraordinary man who has been awarded a VC, and to see the medal he won so valiantly.

*All profits to 'Every Man Remembered' campaign run by the Royal British Legion. | Ticket prices include a charitable donation.

Why the Shopping Challenge?

Some people have asked; Why the Shopping Challenge?, and others have asked 'Why February?'.

Well, the concept was pretty straightforward really; February is a tough trading time for our village shops, so the Shopping Challenge was created to encourage all of us to shop in the village for a week.

Love Milford Week has been timed to coincide with School Half Term & close to Valentine’s Day to fit in with the ‘Love Milford’ theme. It will also now run in alternate years to Food Week.

Things then started to grow a bit (a lot!), with additional ideas to include everyone in the village in one way or another - so we soon added shows and entertainment, and also ways for people to meet others in the village who are local producers, craft makers, home businesses, tradesman, professional services, artists, authors, musicians, - plus the chance to discover village clubs, classes, support groups and charities, and much more...

The end result is: Love Milford Week.

Anyone who lives in, or visits, Milford on Sea will know what a fabulous place it is to be. So, what better than to spend a week celebrating what makes the village so special, and at the same time to boost trade and community interaction. 

As previously mentioned, the core to the week is the 'Shopping Challenge'. So, we are challenging everyone to only shop in the village during Love Milford Week. - No visits to large supermarkets, no cheating, just spending time showing the shops you love them. As a village of just 5000 people, we are fortunate to have such a wonderful array of shops and we need to do all we can to ensure people use and appreciate all that they have to offer.

Many of our village shops will be running exclusive special offers throughout the week, and there will be a Free £50 Prize Draw, giving two great reasons to stay out of the car and to enjoy shopping around the village.

Food Week is generously supported by the shops and restaurants as sponsors. However, we are running Love Milford Week differently, as this time we want to keep the cash in their tills.

Indeed the entire event has only one sponsor; Hall & Woodhouse, the generous owners of The Beach House, and we also very well supported by Brand New Forest.

All of the events are run by volunteers, but there are of course expenses for the programmes, posters and other marketing, so the net result is that the Love Milford Week will run at a loss, but life is not all about money, - and all that really matters is that everyone has a great time!

Friend of Love Milford Week

For those who would like to show their support as individuals, families or as a local businesses it is just £25 to become a Friend, and we are delighted with the generosity shown across our village community so far. Why not join us?

To become a Friend please click here.

To see our Friends to date please click here.

Love Milford Week

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tom, Dick & Harriet on DVD!

If you missed the excellent Village Pantomime this weekend, you can now watch it on DVD - Oh, no you can't, oh yes you can!

Of course if you were there you can also get a copy, and re-live many familiar faces from the village creating laughs a plenty.

It is now sadly too late to see the production in the flesh as the live performances have now ended - Indeed; 'it's behind you!'

The Tom, Dick & Harriet DVD's are £10 each and have been produced by Paul French.

You can obtain a copy from Marguerite Willcox at the Community Centre, or contact Paul directly as below.

Paul French -
07525 405999|01590 645578

Beach Hut Update

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Decisions and actions following the destruction of the Milford on Sea Beach Huts has been painful slow, and the seafront continues to look unloved and forlorn.

It is now almost a year since the Valentine's storm, and we have heard that NFDC are now submitting an application for Outline Planning Permission to replace all of the huts between the 'Needles Eye' and the White House. 

If the permission is granted demolition of the remaining huts will be undertaken, leaving the lower promenade clear for the summer of 2015.

We understand that the ugly metal mesh fencing will go, to be replaced by a lower barrier to protect the drop between upper and lower promenades. There might also have to be some type of barrier at the seaward edge of the lower promenade where there's also a drop. The lower promenade will remain in place until 2016 after the huts have been cleared. Then, next year it will be removed and a new slab put down and new huts built. The new slab and the new huts will give increased protection to the aged sea wall.

There will then be a design study and application for detailed Planning Permission to be sought later in 2015 followed by the construction of 119 new replacement huts in 2016. They will be of a similar size to the original 50 year old huts, but the design may alter within the same height and footprint. (It will take a genius to come up with a new radical design with the constraints in place!)

Owners of the huts will pay a considerable amount towards building the new replacement huts, and the NFDC will also be carrying out sea defence work to the slab on which the huts stand.

Things become a little more complicated should the Outline Planning Application be rejected, as the owners of the 80 or so huts still standing will be able to make repairs. In most cases the hut roofs would have to be replaced as they are of doubtful strength.

Should this be the outcome, those who had huts which were demolished will be free to pursue rebuilding after obtaining their permissions individually.

It is clear that many opinions exist as to what the future of the seafront should be, but everyone surely agrees that the storm has caused distress to many people, plus the way it currently looks is pretty depressing for locals and visitors alike. Whatever the outcome, it would be nicer if it come sooner!

Meet the Village Tradesmen & Professionals

Finding tradesmen and professional services can be a lottery, and little is better than meeting the people in the businesses before inviting them into your home.

The Local Tradesmen & Professional Services Exhibition will provide the opportunity to do just that.

From 3pm to 6pm on Thursday 19th February, there will be numerous village small and home based businesses waiting to meet you, and to explain what services they can offer.

This will include; Interior Designers, Handymen, Builders, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, Decorators, Beauty Care, Home Services, Home Cleaning, Transport, Child Care, Healthcare, Counselling, Pet Care, Architects, Marketing Services, Web Builders, Solicitors, Accountants, Consultants and more.

It is great to support and use local village businesses, so please make a diary note to come along to Milford on Sea Community Centre, Sea Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0PG, entry is free and the café will be open.

Would you like your village business to be in the exhibition? 

It is free and simple to join in, just drop an e-mail to:

Monday, 19 January 2015

Lisa & Simeon on James Martin

Lisa & Simeon Morgan from Aubrey Farm were on James Martin Home Comforts TV show this afternoon with their great lamb.

Local award winning chef, David Wykes at Verveine were also featured, where Dave cooked an amazing dish from the delicious meat.

The feature showed the farm and explained about the pedigree Zwartbles sheep and the unique benefits of seaside grazing.

Lisa & Simeon than visited James Martin's home to enjoy him cooking a slow cooked Indian Spiced Lamb with Bombay Potatoes.

You can watch the programme on BBC iPlayer; just click here

If you fancy trying Lisa's lamb for yourself, you can but it a Lisa's Larder pop up shop. Click the links below to see the opening hours.

Lisa's Larder
Aubrey Farm, Keyhaven Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0TH

Sunset Over Milford

Sunset over Milford on Sea
Photo by Steve Hood
We have been sent a couple of rather spectacular photographs of Milford on Sea at Sunset.

The pictures were taken by Steve Hood, who is a hobby photographer, - with an obvious natural talent!

Sunset & Rocks
Milford on Sea

Photo by Steve Hood 
Steve tells me that the photo with the rocks was taken using a 30 second exposure with a dark filter, which allows the use of slower shutter speeds without over exposing the image. As the water is constantly moving, the photo results in being blurred and misty looking.

The other photo was a handheld shot zoomed in at 300mm.

I did actually take some pictures myself which may be a lot better than these... But, I put my roll of 24 Exposure 135mm film in the freepost envelope (along with my Benidorm holiday snaps), - and they haven't come back from TruPrint yet!

If you understand that last paragraph - you are getting on a bit!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Old Camden Hurst Hotel

Camden Hurst Hotel
Italian Garden
click image to enlarge
Before Camden Hurst became a complex of flat and apartments on Cliff Road in Milford on Sea, it was preceded with the Camden Hurst Hotel.

Being a pretty rubbish amateur journalist, I have no idea when the hotel was built, but there are pictures showing a 1950/60s extension to the original grand building, - which only planning departments of that time would allow!

The site is now home to many Milford on Sea residents, who still have access to a private Swimming Pool & Tennis Courts.

To see a small collection of pictures of the old Camden Hurst Hotel on Facebook please click here.

If you are not on Facebook here are some images:

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Do You have a Great Neighbour?

There are plenty of special people around who do good for other people without wanting any reward or recognition. Indeed their pleasure is no doubt in simply being able to help someone else.

We have be told that Hampshire County Council are inviting nominations for their Good Neighbour Awards.

Sadly, businesses cannot be included, as I would like to vote for Paul Holland, of Holland's of Milford who enjoys delivering shopping and providing a brief bit of company to so many of the older members of our community.

No doubt there are many worthy people across the village, and now is your chance to let them know how much they are appreciated. 

To make your nomination of a Good Neighbour you know of, please visit:

Comedy with Dominic Holland

Love Milford Week is delighted to be bring multi-award winning comedian Dominic Holland to Milford on Sea.

Dominic is instantly recognised from his countless television and radio appearances including; 'Have I Got News For You', The Royal Variety Show, and The News Quiz, as well as his two BBC Radio 4 series.

Dominic’s quick wit and topical material ensures a great show every time.

The show will take place at Milford on Sea Community Centre with Tickets at £12, and the bar will be open on night from 7pm.

This is going to be fun, so Book your Tickets at:

Milford on Sea Community Centre Box Office: Open from 10am to 4pm on weekdays, and from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays. (Tel: 01590 644861)

or Buy Tickets Online by clicking here

Not long to get your tickets to Hear & Meet Johnson Beharry VC.

Shows are next Saturday 24th January.

Don't miss the chance to hear this inspirational man, Tickets on sale at Community Centre Box Office or click here.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Get Your Johnson Beharry VC Tickets

The Community Centre Box Office is now open to get your tickets to hear and meet the remarkable Johnson Beharry VC in Milford on Sea on Saturday 24th January. There are two shows, one at 3pm, the other at 7pm.

Come along to meet the man, and to hear the remarkable life story of Lance Sergeant Johnson Beharry VC, the first living recipient of the Victoria Cross in more than 30 years.

Johnson is inspiring, charismatic and humorous. His talk will tell you about his inspirational life experiences; including his tough childhood, his determination to make something of his life, and ultimately how he faced unimaginable challenges in battle and life.

This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet an extraordinary man who has been awarded a VC, and to see the medal he won so valiantly.

*All profits to 'Every Man Remembered' campaign run by the Royal British Legion. | Ticket prices include a charitable donation.

Buy tickets online here: or from Community Centre Box Office.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Missing Black Cat

Can you help find a missing loved cat?

Paul and Catherine are on holiday here in Milford for Christmas and New Years in 20 Windmill Close. Their cat, "Scrap", went missing on the evening of the 29th December. 

She was last seen heading into the garden of Windmill House, which is adjacent to the Close, but they don't think that she is in that garden any more. After 6 days she may have covered some distance. 

Paul and Catherine  have canvassed the neighbourhood with posters and fliers, but there have been no sightings. Think think that she is probably hiding in a small space somewhere, she is a small cat and can hide in a space as little as 3 inches high. 

Scrap is all black apart from a very small white patch on her tummy. She is missing the tip of her left ear and she was wearing a blue collar and a back harness. She has a chip so if she is found and scanned by a vet they will know who she belongs to. She is 4 years old and is a rescue cat from Oman, and she is very timid and easily spooked, and is afraid of strangers.

If you spot her please contact: Catherine Olesen - 07950 035 542 or Paul Simpson - 07590 553 560

Or ring either: Janette Frankland of the Lymington Cat Rescue on 01590 678 663 Or Sheila Perham on 01590 643 516.

Would be great if someone finds her.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Become a Friend of Love Milford Week

As a community event run by volunteers it is always great to have some extra support to make the event the best it can be.

Becoming a Friend of Love Milford Week as an individual, family or business is easy, - simply send an e-mail to, saying you have sent your £25, and tell us what name/s you would like to appear on our 'Friends of Love Milford' page. 

To see Our Friends, so far, please click this link:

Send your £25 payment (or more if you like!) by either:

1. BANK TRANSFER - Please use reference 'LM Friend'
Bank: HSBC Lymington
Beneficiary: MoS Food Week
Sort Code: 40-33-43
Account Number: 00006017
Reference: LM Friend

2. CHEQUE: Make payable to: Food Week - and

Send to: Colin Holdsworth, Beach Cottage, 3 Hurst Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0PY

It's your support that makes everything happen, and thanks to everyone who becomes a friend.

*Receipts available on request.

*Please Note: We use the Food Week Bank Account as Love Milford Week is a sister community event run by the same volunteer organisers.

Austin 7's in Milford

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A brave bunch of Austin 7 owners from Dorset made their way to Milford on Sea on New Year's Day morning.

Around 20 classic cars lined up along the seafront in Hurst Road, and on a freezing cold day, they all enjoyed a breakfast in The Needles Eye Café, whilst some hardy walkers admired the nostalgic parade.

Whilst my extremities froze, I got some quick pictures, then back home for a hot toddy and mince pie!

click image to enlarge
Dorset Austin 7 Club

click image to enlarge

New Finger Post Signs in Village

Hampshire County Councillor's Mel Kendall (who lives in Milford on Sea) and Alan Rice (who lives in New Milton) have each provided an individual grant to install new Finger Post Signs in Milford on Sea.

click image to enlarge
The first is a wooden sign is now outside the Needles eye Café, pointing people to the Bird Hide, Hurst Castle, Nature reserve, Hurst Spit Walk and Village Shops.

click image to enlarge
The second is a metal sign now outside The Smugglers Inn in the village centre, which points out Keyhaven, Hurst Castle & Ferry, Norman Church, Community Centre, Seafront and the village shops.

Both signs are thoughtfully in keeping with the local environment.

Thanks guy's, a nice addition to the village.

PS: A suggestion has been made to add an additional finger to the sign (as below) to commemorate the Naked Rugby that took place on New Year's Eve 2013. (click here to read story) - Not sure the Parish council will approve this! 
click image to enlarge