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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Giant Bunting Project

How about this as a brilliant idea from our local kids?
MiCO are putting together a Giant Community Bunting Project over the next few months. The idea came from one of the young MiCO members.
The concept is that as many organisations, businesses, groups, clubs or even streets get the chance to represent themselves on a giant flag that will be displayed on the village green for a couple of weeks in June 2014. The focus is to get everyone represented right in the centre of our community, and working together under the same 'banner' (excuse the pun!)
There will also be a giant community picnic on the green to open the display. Is it quite a mammoth task, and we are at the early planning stages, and need as many hands to help as possibe. MiCO would like to invite you to a meeting about the project on the Friday the 13th of December (only unlucky for some) at 5pm in the Methodist Church Hall - it shouldn't take too long, just to let everyone know what is happening and to see who is interested in creating a flag and how we are going forward with making it a reality!
Please let Joey know if you can come and please spread the word.....anyone who wants to join in is welcome! It will be giant!
Contact: Joey Owen,  Community Development Officer
MiCO (Milford Community Organisation)
01590 644961 | 07557 658495
About MiCO
MiCO (Milford Community Organisation) is a youth led community group set up to promote community cohesion and development, and to bring together diverse sections and ages of the community.
MiCO provides a forum for people of all ages to come together and discuss issues relevant to village life, and explore ways of promoting positive action to enhance the village community.
As a development of ‘Milford Youth Group’, over the last 3 years MiCO have carried out a number of projects enabling young people to explore what it means to be a young person growing up in Milford, and how young people ‘fit in’ and are seen by other members of the community. More recently we have also worked with people of all ages to explore and record the rich cultural heritage of Milford and Keyhaven.
Our vision is of a village where every member of the community feels valued, and has the confidence and means to have a positive input into village life.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Waitress Required at La Perle

Our excellent French Bistro, La Perle in Milford on Sea, High Street is looking for Saturday Waitresses to cover lunchtimes from 11am to 3.30pm. Ideal for a student.
If you, or anyone you know are interested, please contact Emily on: 01590 643557 -, or pop in for an application form.

La Perle
60 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QD
01590 643557

Xmas Village Shopping

Do you buy all of your Christmas presents in Milford on Sea?
No?, - me neither.
I feel a little bit guilty about that. Like most of us, I love the vibrancy of our village, and the shops are central to what makes everything tick. But, sadly the draw of the internet, large shopping centres and convience, means most of what I spend goes outside of the village.
This year I am consciously trying to spend some of my Christmas cash with our local shops. We have around 5000 residents in Milford on Sea, and if we all spend just £25 in the village, the shopkeepers would share an extra £125,000. Wouldn't that be nice for them. 
So, why not join me and buy as much Christmas meat, veg, food, wine, beer, and other goodies from our shops. For your Christmas presents the restaurants and beauty salons have gift vouchers, we have a great model & toy shop, and of course we have all the charming antique and gift shops brimming with something a bit different for the people you care about.

There are also some local online traders you might not even know, so go on, why not give them a bit of your Christmas spending this year!

Here's a reminder of where you can shop:

Village Gift Shops

Jabulani Gallery, Landfall Gallery, The Old Smithy and Milford Model & Hobbies Shop

Brocante Antiques, The Gallery at Milford (Pop Up Shop), The Village Antiques and Carringtons Antiques

Village Online Gifts & Crafts

Seaside Miniatures:
Coloured with Love:
Little Green Acorn:
Milford Makers:
Phoenix Trading:
Wind Over Tide
Tessa van Hasselt Greeting Cards:
Life Poster:
Vinegar Hill Pottery:

Oh, and if you like music, Nikki Williams, a great friend of ours has just lauched an album. You can hear her sing the tracks she and her writing partner have created on the website, and if you like it, - it will make a great stocking filler! -

Finally, if you know of any village traders we have missed, drop me a line at and we will give them a plug.


Thursday, 28 November 2013

Get Involved at Food Week

Everyone in the community is invited to get involved with Food Week.

We are now looking for people to create events, or to join in activities that will be held in numerous locations across the village and in the professional Cookery Theatre in the Community Centre.

Alongside the celebrity shows, we are looking for local people to take a slot to demonstrate their favourite recipes or food passions, people can also hold talks, kids events, educational activities, fact, if it is related to food, - we can find a slot for it!

We would also like local clubs to hold open days with a food related events, charities to think of fundraisers for their own cause, and for local organisations and businesses to come up with ideas on how they can be part of Food Week. Indeed, if you have an idea on how you can be involved, we want to hear it!

Should you not be able to get involved, you can help us just as much by coming along to as many events as possible!

If you would like to get involved in Food Week at any level, or would like to be a volunteer and haven't yet been in touch, please drop me a line at:

Milford on Sea Food Week
Monday 7th to 14th April 2014

About Milford on Sea Food Week

During Food Week our village will be alive with Themed Dining Evenings, Professional Cookery Theatre, Celebrity Shows, Cooking Demonstrations, Educational Talks, Dining Offers, Wine Tastings and the unique Great Dining Bus. We also have lots of Kid's Events including Cookery Classes and a Food Treasure Hunt.

To end Food Week there is the chance to savour local produce our very own large & popular Sunday Food Market.

Everyone at every age is included, and there are over 100 village events & shows all organised by local organisations, businesses, clubs and individuals.

Our New Forest seaside village is fortunate to be blessed with great places to eat and surrounded by quality local producers, so what better way for Milford on Sea to celebrate this than to have an entire week dedicated to the joys of food!

Milford on Sea Food Week is co-ordinated by a small dedicated group of volunteers who provide their expertise and time for free. We are also fortunate to have a generous group of sponsors, friends & supporters. As a 'not for profit' event, any income generated is only used to cover promotional costs and no fees or expenses are taken by any of the Food Week organisers. We are delighted to support local good causes from any profits that are made.

Food Week is truly ‘By the community, for the community’ and your support is critical to us, we thank you for getting involved whether by participating or simply enjoying the many events throughout the village.

Milford on Sea Food Week
Monday 7th to 14th April 2014

Become a Friend of Food Week

Do you fancy becoming a Friend of Food Week?

As Food Week is a 'By the community, for the community’ event, we of course need to raise funds to cover the direct expenses of the numerous great events we are hoping to hold.

Thankfully, we are fortunate to have a generous group of sponsors, and it would also be very helpful to have some kind friends to support us. As a 'not for profit' event, any income generated is only used to cover promotional costs and no fees or expenses are taken by any of the Food Week organisers.

It would be great if you can help by becoming a Friend of Food Week, you will even get:
  • 10% Off All Show Tickets ordered from Online Food Week Ticket Office. (Please request Discount Code.) | (Not Restaurant own events)
  • 3 Free Food Week Friends Gifts
  • A mention on the Food Week Website and in the Free Programme (click here to view)
  • Late Availability Show Tickets. Any unsold show tickets remaining the day before an event, will be offered to Food Week Friends at a substantial discount.
To become a ‘Friend of Food Week’, please send £25 (or more of you wish?!) by one of two ways:

By bank transfer to:
HSBC Bank Lymington: Payment Ref: FW Friend | Bank A/C No: 00006017 | Bank Sort Code: 40-33-43  | *Also, please send us an e-mail so we know the payment is from you, and how you would like to be named in the programme and on website.
Or, Send a cheque payable to ‘Milford on Sea Food Week’ to: Colin Holdsworth, Beach Cottage, 3 Hurst Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0PY

click image to enlarge
Free Food Week Friends Gift: All friends can collect 3 Free Food Week Gifts (‘Keep Calm’ Shopping Bags of Tea Towels) from the Food Week Information Centre during Food Week. (We will remind you nearer the time.)

These Food Week ‘Keep Calm’ Shopping Bags (£4 each or 3 for £10)  & Tea Towels (£3 each or 4 for £10) will be on sale during Food Week at the Information Centre on the village green.

Food Week is truly ‘By the community, for the community’ and your support is critical to us, we thank you for getting involved whether by participating or simply enjoying the many events throughout the village.

If you would like to get involved in Food Week at any level, or have any questions about becoming a Friend, please drop me a line at:

We also offer Gold & Silver Business Sponsorship (click here to see our sponsors ads) To find out more please contact:

Milford on Sea Food Week
Monday 7th to 14th April 2014

About Milford on Sea Food Week

During Food Week our village will be alive with Themed Dining Evenings, Professional Cookery Theatre, Celebrity Shows, Cooking Demonstrations, Educational Talks, Dining Offers, Wine Tastings and the unique Great Dining Bus. We also have lots of Kid's Events including Cookery Classes and a Food Treasure Hunt.

To end Food Week there is the chance to savour local produce our very own large & popular Sunday Food Market.

Everyone at every age is included, and there are over 100 village events & shows all organised by local organisations, businesses, clubs and individuals.

Our New Forest seaside village is fortunate to be blessed with great places to eat and surrounded by quality local producers, so what better way for Milford on Sea to celebrate this than to have an entire week dedicated to the joys of food!

Milford on Sea Food Week is co-ordinated by a small dedicated group of volunteers who provide their expertise and time for free. We are also fortunate to have a generous group of sponsors, friends & supporters. As a 'not for profit' event, any income generated is only used to cover promotional costs and no fees or expenses are taken by any of the Food Week organisers. We are delighted to support local good causes from any profits that are made.

Food Week is truly ‘By the community, for the community’ and your support is critical to us, we thank you for getting involved whether by participating or simply enjoying the many events throughout the village.

Milford on Sea Food Week
Monday 7th to 14th April 2014

50 B4 50-Benares

Benares restaurant in Mayfair London, serves modern Indian cuisine with a contemporary British twist from twice Michelin starred chef Atul Kochhar.
I managed to go under the cover of a lunchtime business meeting, my wife was not in attendance. Naturally I was devastated, - as this now doesn't count in our 50 B4 50 Michelin Star Challenge.
One of our party was pregnant (Nothing to do with me you understand!), and on being escorted to the table she was asked if she would like a cushion to make her more comfortable. Little touches then continued to impress, like the handbag hanger on the table, the way the shared starters were served facing the lady, and when one of us had to leave the table to take a phone call, their meal was subtlety covered with a cloche. Simple elegance and class.
We all really enjoyed the experience, the food delighted at every level and my personal favourite, the Lamb ‘Livers and Kidney’ Masala Pie was a complete triumph.

We did not leave the table until nearly 5pm, in that time we were left to enjoy our wine and at no time were we hurried or harried. The only visits were to ask if they could do anymore for us. Quite simply, they had done everything possible, - with panache!

In summary, the food is impeccable and service sublime.
The pictures of the fabulous food are certainly worth sharing!
click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge

‎12a Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 6BS
020 7629 8886

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Landfall Gallery Re-Opens

We have been delighted to see that Landfall Gallery has re-opened in Milford on Sea village centre.
This charming little shop has a wide range of interesting and stylish gifts, as well ascrockery and paintings for the home. Most are hand-made by local artisans and craftsmen.
Owner, Sally Steggell has plan to make the shop bigger early in the new year, so she can introduce even more gift ranges.
The majority of the Milford on Sea village shops will be open for late night shopping  on  6th December (Also Carols on the Green Night), and if it’s not raining Sally will have Spice’n’Easy's mulled wine on the go outside of Landfall.
The shop will also have a Special Christmas Opening on Friday 29th November (10am to 4pm) and Friday 6th  December (10am to 8pm), with Mince Pies, Mulled Wine, Spice ‘n’ Easy Christmas baskets, as well as lots of Christmas presents and stocking fillers inside!

Landfall Gallery
96 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QE
Tel: 01590 641159|07971 573577

Opening Hours:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 10am to 3pm.

MCV: Gardening for Wildlife

There are many keen and knowledgeable gardeners in Milford, and Milford Conservation Volunteers would like your help in conserving and improving our wildlife.
One easy step that gardeners can take to support wildlife is to have a compost heap. Composting vegetable peelings, garden waste and cardboard gives you a ready source of growing compost for your garden and reduces the amount in your dustbin to be taken away.
If you don’t have a compost heap or a bin they are easy to set up. There is brilliant and detailed advice on every aspect of composting on the Garden Organic website (click here). On the website there are video guides, advice on how to build bins, running cool heaps and hot heaps, open and closed bins and a Q and A section. Hampshire residents can buy low-cost compost bins and other useful items for the garden by visiting
One of the Milford Conservation Volunteers has open compost heaps and also three closed bins. They told us; "The bins are tastefully hidden behind some evergreen shrubs, so if, unlike me, you are a very tidy gardener, or space is an issue, you may prefer to use this system for compost. I put in all vegetable matter, bits of cut up cardboard, soft green garden cuttings and the occasional box of grass cuttings. As any book will tell you, it’s good to have a mixture. I don’t turn the compost in our “Daleks”, just pay attention to what I put in and rotate the bins on a three-year cycle. It’s a joy when the worms and bugs start doing their thing. Your compost may become a home to toads, slow worms, bees – all of which will help your garden to flourish."
If you would like help or advice on setting up a compost heap please contact the MCV on . Also, do have a look at their website which tells you about what’s going on locally.  They would love to see you at one of their activities.
Happy Gardening – more tips next month

Milford Conservation Voluteers: Would you like to get involved? To find out more, please visit:

Monday, 25 November 2013

Hurst Castle & WW2

Sean and the team at Hurst Castle are reorganising an exhibition room to convert it to what will hopefully be a record of Hurst's role in WW2. They would particularly like to have any pictures or recollections of events leading up to D Day.
Sean has asked if anyone has anything of interest out there that they are happy to loan or donate. Often items that people regard as insignificant can actually be of great interest.
They are also looking for extra pairs of hands to help putting the exhibition together. Tom Smith is running the show and he is hoping to organise a get together in the new year.
If you can help with any World War Two items, or can lend a hand in the set up, please contact Sean on: 01590 642344 or

Hurst Castle
Hurst Castle opening times:      
The Castle is currently open weekends only till 31st March when we are open daily.
Christmas opening:
Daily (weather permitting) from 27th December to 5th January 10.30am to 4pm
Daily from April – September 10.30 am to 5.30 pm
October Daily – 10.30 am to 4.00 pm
Nov to March – weekends only 10.30 am to 4.00 pm
Entry – Adult £4.50 : Child £2.50 : Senior £4.00 (season tickets available)m
Friendly dogs on leads welcome.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

50 B4 50-Social Eating House

click image to enlarge
It it not often that you visit a restaurant that has been awarded a Michelin star within months of opening. This however is the case at the Social Eating House in Soho, London. They opened on 18th April 2013 and by the time we arrived in December, the star was firmly in place.
Situated over 3 floors, we started at the top in The Blind Pig bar. An exciting array of unusual cocktails jumped from the drinks menu and were very much in tune with the ambiance. The decor was mainly dark wood and glass with an antique mirrored ceiling, giving a warm cosy feel, whilst mixing eclectic design and an obvious level of unpretentious class. The staff were friendly and really helpful.
My wife and I were with our great friend Viv. We were celebrating her surprise birthday, she was 50 and I was surprised she wasn't older.
The girls were soon tucking into gin & tonic's whilst I was charmed by the London lager served in a old style metal tankard.
The restaurant is Jason Atherton's second Michelin Star establishment in London, the other being his first restaurant, Pollen Street Social. Jason is one of a very few British chefs to spend time working in the kitchen at the world famous El Bulli in Spain.
The Chef Patron is Paul Hood who worked alongside Jason at Maze & Pollen Street Social, and today they continue to develop dishes together, the contemporary and complex dishes on the menu reflect Paul's personal style of cooking and has a clear influence from their time in the kitchen together.
As we moved down to ground floor 'No 58' Restaurant dining room the place was already full and buzzing. The decor included exposed brick walls, with a white-washed copper ceilings and a mix of classic wood & leather seating. It immediately felt welcoming and gave a feeling of being a good place to be.
The menu was as vibrant and exciting, as it was intriguing. We went for the (surprisingly good value: £23) 3 course set menu, and choosing ultimately proved easy, as the starter of Slow Poached Hens Egg, Coq au Vin, Smoked Bacon and Onion Soup sounded too good to miss, and it was! We had also been fascinated by the 'Jars' offered on the menu in The Blind Pig upstairs, when we asked our waiter if we could also have a 'Jar' of Confit Duck Rillet, Spiced Mango & Chicory (£5.50) he did not flinch, just smiled and added it to our order.

click image to enlarge
My wife went for the Crisp Pearl Barley & Portobello Risotto, Savoy Cabbage Pesto & Parmesan, and she was pleased with her selection. In fact, she was really happy with my restaurant choice, which has to be said, is a bit of an unusual result for me!

The entire dining room team were dressed in a smart casual style which created a relaxed atmosphere in itself, their friendly manner just made everything a pleasure.

The comprehensive wine list offered a wide choice and the sommelier gave us a knowledgeable hand.

All of us chose the same main course; Stout Braised Beef Feather Blade, Chestnut Mushrooms, Shallots with Smoked Creamed Potatoes. To this we added a side portion of Duck Fat Chips. The silence as we ate proved we were all fully focused on eating as we as enjoyed yet other fabulous flavoursome course.

When I asked Martin, the maitre' de, if we could see the 'Employees Only' dining space (the private dining section), he did not hesitate to escort us downstairs to show us the eight-seater wrap-around bar, directly looking over the pass in the busy open kitchen.

The desserts were Burnt Butter Treacle Tart, Lemon & Whipped Clotted Cream, and Poached Williams Pear, Mulled Wine Soup, Milk & Honey Ice Cream. We of course had three puddings for two pudding eaters. The two treacle tarts simply had all the flavour and memories of great treacle treats of yesteryear, but managed to somehow taste 'light'. Before we tucked in our waiter appeared with what look like a weird bunch of bananas, this turned out to be a 'Buddha's Hand, a citric fruit that was grated onto our sweets. A nice touch of theatre and new experience.

The pear gave a taste of Christmas in a bowl. My wife even had a bit, and fortunately I managed to stop her singing any carols!

This is certainly a restaurant we look forward to returning to.

Social Eating House
58 Poland Street, London W1F 7NR
020 7993 3251
Michelin Stars Collected So Far: 26

3 Michelin Star
London | Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester -
Berkshire-Bray | The Waterside Inn -

2 Michelin Star
London | Hibiscus -
London | Pied a Terre -
Buckinghamshire-Marlow | Hand & Flowers - (*3 Times!)
France | Georges V Hotel, Paris -

1 Michelin Star
London | L’Autre Pied -
London | L’Escargot -
London | Quilon -
London | Social Eating House -
London | The Savoy Grill -
London | Veeraswamy -
Hampshire | Terrace Restaurant (Montague Arms) -
Hampshire | Vetiver (Chewton Glen Hotel) -

*To read the review on any of the above restaurants, put 'restaurant name' in this blog's search box.

No Michelin Stars, but restaurants visited since July 2013 that are worth a mention:
London | Benares - (Michelin Star, but no wife!)
Atul Kochhar's Indian fine dining with a contemporary British twist. Lamb ‘Livers and Kidney’ Masala Pie fabulous! Service stylish & impeccable.

Surrey | Penny Hill Park - (2 Michelin Star-Afternoon Tea only)
Indulgent cakes, all the afternoon cream tea trimmings and fizz. Sense of tradition, occasion and glamour. Tea Guild 'Top City & Country Hotel Tea Awards 2012'.
Milford on Sea | Verveine Fishmarket Restaurant-
Amazing fish restaurant, creative dishes and flavours. A Michelin Star is surely only a matter of time.

London | Franco's -
Smart Italian restaurant. Truffles abound and lasagne is excellent.

Milford on Sea | La Perle -
Charming French bistro with classic dishes authenticly served, delightful desserts, good value and friendly service.

Mudeford | The Jetty -
Great restaurant in a spectacular waterside location on Christchurch Harbour. Top quality experience in the extensive menu, ingredients and service.

Yarmouth, IoW | The George -
Fine fresh crevettes & lobster dishes with delightful beachside dining on sunny days.
London | Dishoom -
Described as a 'Bombay Café in Covent Garden. Completely different Indian dining, unexpected menu serving tasty spicy tapas style dishes.
London | J Sheeky Oyster Bar -
Excellent fish & seafood restaurant. Voted 3rd in Zagat ' Best Seafood Restaurants in London' .


Free Cakes for Kids

A national network; 'Free Cakes for Kids', which very much operates on a local level, is now being represented in Milford on Sea by Sarah Clayton.
Sarah is now the the Milford group coordinator. You may also know Sarah through her business, as she also owns the highly regarded Bay Trees B&B in Milford on Sea High Street with her husband Mark.
Free Cakes for Kids provide birthday cakes for children who otherwise would not have one. We all recognise the importance of celebration and everyone involved believes that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy their birthday.
Sometimes parents are unable to provide cakes for their children for a host of reasons and everyone should be aware of the high levels of poverty that exist in the New Forest and surrounding areas.
Free Cakes for Kids is a local enterprise and Sarah wants to tell Milford on Sea residents what it is and how it works. As the Milford group coordinator she has recruited a group of talented local volunteer bakers. The cakes they make will be completely homemade and as good as they can be. Fortunately Sarah as a professional cake maker in the group which is brilliant, together with others who simply enjoy baking.
Cakes by 'Free Cakes for Kids' are free to the family and volunteers provide their own ingredients.
They will receive requests for cakes from any professional agency for example, playgroups, schools, health visitors as well as family centres. Homestart have kindly agreed to also support then.

Sarah has said they they are on the lookout for more bakers, so if you fancy getting involved you can contact her on: 01590 642186 - 
Should anyone know a child that could benefit from this new venture, please feel free to contact Sarah to make a request for a cake.
Sadly, there is no organisation called 'Free Cakes for Old Blokes', should anyone fancy starting one these goups just let me know!

Free Cakes for Kids
Bay Trees B&B
8 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QD
01590 642186


Friday, 22 November 2013

Milford's Oldest Postcard?

click image to enlarge
The postcard to the left appeared on eBay today, and I wonder if this is the oldest postcard of Milford on Sea?

The card is postmarked 1912, and from a time when Milford on sea was still car free.
The actual written message is quite fun, ...if only they could see the traffic of today!

My Dear George, Have been to Milford today. The weather is lovely after yesterday. Only had to walk 4.5 miles from Lymington, they want a few of our London motors down here.
Hope you are well, looking forward to Sunday coming.
With love, Clara


Thursday, 21 November 2013

New Dining Tours Launched

click image to enlarge

Since the launch of the Milford on Sea Great Dining Bus earlier this year, scores of happy diners have eaten their way across the village!
The entire concept of a ‘Dining Tour with each course being served in a different village restaurant’ is a unique concept to Milford on Sea, and one that is proving popular with diners who want to experience a different way of dining, and at the same time try out the various excellent Milford on Sea restaurants.
New Dining Tours: Due to the popularity of the Dining Tour concept, we are launching some new tours: the Thai Dining Tour, The Curry Dining Tour, and a Wednesday lunchtime Ladies Only Dining Tour, giving you an option of an aromatic or spicy tour of our local restaurants, or a great day out with the girls.

All of the new tours have now been added to the programme, and can be viewed on the website. We also have some pre-Christmas Dining Tours with available places, so why not treat someone special?

In January, we will holding a bespoke 'Private Party Dining Tour' for 16 people, they chose their own dates, restaurants and courses, and now everyone is looking forward to an exciting day for their celebration. If you have a special occasion coming up, you could do the same by just dropping us a line.
Interestingly, around 40% of diners joining one of the range of dining tours are from outside of Milford on Sea. Diners have already come from as far afield as Salisbury, London & Eastleigh to name just a few places.  Welcoming new people to discover our restaurants, is good for the village and hopefully they will return at another time.
If you have not yet joined a dining tour, or are looking for a unique Christmas present, now is the time to book, as one of the 3 Dining Tours in December is already sold out.
The Great Dining Bus tickets can be purchased in two ways: Online at: – or In Cash from: The Community Centre Box Office, Sea Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0PH or from:  The Cave, 2 Church Hill, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QH. 
If you have any queries at all, please contact:


Salterns Hit £100k Target

click image to enlarge
Over 100 of our local young Sailors showed great stoicism when they “Sailed through the Night” in cold temperatures at the Salterns Sailing Club Children in Need 24 Hour Sail-a-Thon.
Collectively they raised stunning £17,500 (and still growing). this has now smashed the club's 15-year accumulated £100,000 target for Children In Need, raising it to £109,500! Not bad for a small, children’s sailing club in Lymington.

Our intrepid young members managed to keep a minimum of one boat on the water between 4.30pm on Friday 15th to 4.30pm on Saturday 16th November. Many did not sleep, sailed in near to freezing but gentle wind conditions and kept focused on the job in hand which was to raise money for children far less fortunate than themselves.

On Saturday morning the Club was buzzing with visitors who enjoyed an informative RNLI briefing by former Salterns Commodore (1961) – Joe Blatchford and Salterns Sailing Champ Hannah Snellgrove who presented prizes to our overnight sailors and winners of our Parent and Child around the Islands Time Trials. The Junior Committee and our members ran a cake stall, sweet & candy floss stall, nails & tattoo parlour and fun games and everyone was encouraged to buy tombola tickets, a delicious hog roast lunch and to bid on the Silent Auction.
The club's silent auction raised in excess of £9,000 and everyone at Salterns sends a big thank you to all those who donated prizes, bid, took part, baked cakes, gave your time and of course, they also thank their generous sponsors.
Salterns Sailing Club

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Milford from the Sky

If is always fascinating to see things from a different angle, and seeing places you know from above gives a completely new perspective.
Recently we met a successful local businessman who has a dual hobby, flying his light plane and capturing pictures of the beautiful area we live in. In his spare time he loves to get above Milford on Sea and the surrounding area taking aerial photographs, and of course simply enjoying the amazing vista’s.
After a little bit of persuading, we now have permission to show you some of his work, and as you can see from the few images below, the photographic results are quite spectacular.
Image Courtesy of Strawberry Marketing

Image Courtesy of Strawberry Marketing

Image Courtesy of Strawberry Marketing

Image Courtesy of Strawberry Marketing

Image Courtesy of Strawberry Marketing

Image Courtesy of Strawberry Marketing

Image Courtesy of Strawberry Marketing

Image Courtesy of Strawberry Marketing


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

New Milton Kicks Off Xmas

New Milton comes together to celebrate at the Town’s Christmas Festival on Saturday 30th November between 12noon and 5.30pm.

For us Francophiles there is an authentic French Street Market and the Military Wives Choir will be performing on the Central Stage at 12.10pm. There will also be a Street Crafts Village, an Entertainment Village and a Community Village and more. Fred Dinenage of ITV Meridian will be switching on of the Town’s Christmas Lights at 5.20pm.
You can view all the events and times at:

New Milton Christmas Festival
Alan Watson

Friday, 15 November 2013

The White Horse on Facebook

The new owners at The White Horse, Benjamin & Vikki Renouf, have been putting their own touches to this historic Milford on Sea village pub. Since arriving in July, a new childrens play area has been installed in the pub garden and the interior has had a makeover.

It is good to see the regular Quiz Nights and Live Music Nights are still going strong, with events happening on both of the last Saturdays in November. (see  There is also a new 'Tapas Menu' being served alongside many of the old favourites, and an extensive Christmas menu is now being promoted in the pub.

The latest thing we have spotted, is that The White Horse now has its own Facebook Page, please click the link below to visit and find out all that is happening.

The White Horse
16 Keyhaven Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QY
Tel: 01590 642360

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

From Bank to Beauty

What is a man to do? So many beauty salons and not enough time to try all the treatments!
Looking good in Milford on Sea has always been easy, the backdrop is always attractive and with two fine beauty salons in the village, plus another in The Granary at Newlands Manor Farm, we have all been spoilt for choice.
Well, that choice is about to become harder, as a popular beauty specialist is opening a new beauty boutique at what was previously HSBC Bank in Church Hill, Milford on Sea.

Tu Sei Bella's founder is local girl, Caileigh Mann, her original beauty boutique was based in Sway, and she is now relocating to Milford on Sea village centre. Caileigh will be holding an Open Day next Saturday, 16th November 2013, where everyone is invited.

My own experiences of beauty salons can best be described as chequered. After a particularly good night out in London, a 'good' friend shaved my eyebrows off when I was asleep. I was later informed that this 'is funny'. (Only to the perpetrator me thinks.) The next morning I discovered to my disappointment that beauty salons can only pluck eyelashes, and not replace them.
On another occasion, I was on a particularly lively stag weekend, when one of the gathered bunch of idiots thought it would be a good idea if we all got our bits waxed. Fortunately, the majority disagreed.

As the stag evening progressed, the majority opinion slowly moved with each pint, and by 7pm we were all on the beauty parlour table being covered in hot liquid, ...with each tear of waxing strip creating a pitiful muffled group scream. None of us wanted to show our suffering, as we were of course 'real men'. Well, that was until one guy burst into sobs of tears, followed by a dozen guys wailing like a riled bunch of banshees. (This could have been a lot worse, as someone else had suggested a tattoo. Thankfully I prefer to personally choose my tattoos when sober, rather than them being chosen by a inebriated mob of imbeciles, or 'friends' as they like to consider themselves.)
These stories probably shouldn't be shared, but if it helps just one poor man along the way, then it will have been worth it.
Anyway, back to today's events. Tu Sei Bella (Italian for 'You are beautiful') is opening next Saturday (16th November). The professional and friendly new boutique offers you a wide range of beauty treatments in the heart of Milford on Sea.

Caileigh has lived in Milford on Sea since 2004 and is a qualified beauty specialist trained at VTCT. Her numerous qualifications include; Beauty specialist level 2, Reflexology level 2, Swedish massage level 3 and Electrolysis level 3. Most importantly, she loves making people look and feel great!

Tu Sei Bella welcomes female and male clients to relax and enjoy the treatments on offer, and the treatments can be adapted to suit your individual needs. Their services include; full body massage, luxury manicure, Eve Taylor facials, Hopi ear candling, Waxing, Pedicures, Reflexology, Fake Bake spray tanning, Lash and brow treatments.  If there is anything not on their list, they are also happy to do their best to accommodate you.

Right, I am off to book a 'Beauty Tour', with a treatment in each village beauty establishment. I will start with a full body massage, then a bit of exfoliation, a slim wrap, followed by a fake tan, and finally to compliment my new look, I shall finish with a complete gentleman's waxing.

I haven't told my wife, but I am sure it will give her a thrill, or perhaps a mild heart attack!


Tu Sei Bella Open Day | Saturday 16th November - 10am to 4pm

Everyone is invited to go along, take a look around and to meet the team.
20% Discount for any bookings taken on the day | Winter Warmer Offers.
Enjoy a coffee or glass of wine whilst you are there.


BEAUTY SALONS in Milford on Sea
The Retreat Beauty Salon
Tel: 01590 645151
76 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QD

JW Health & Holistics
Tel: 01590 645947
The Old Bank House, 5 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QF

Acacia Beauty Academy
Tel: 01590 645547
The Granary, Newlands Manor Farm, Milford on Sea, SO41 0JH

Tu Sei Bella
Tel: 01590 719384
5 Church Hill, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QH


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thai goes Tapas

click image to
The Britannia Thai restaurant in the heart of Milford on Sea village has launched a new 'Tapas Menu'.
The new menu has been added to the existing A La Carte, Set Lunch & Takeaway Menu options, and now enables you to have as many small dishes as you wish at excellent value for money.
You can choose Three items for £10.95 which makes this choice ideal for a light sharing lunch, or for a relaxed and inexpensive evening supper with a glass of wine or lager.

You can check out the Tapas pictures to the left, the full menu below, or even better just pop in - and treat yourself to few dishes!
Even better, Suhel and his team invite you to: 
Britannia Thai Tapas and Thai Wines Open & Tasting Evening
 Friday 29th of November between 5pm to 6.30pm
Customers are invited to come along and enjoy Free Samples from the Tapas Menu in an informal atmosphere

Britannia Thai Tapas Menu

Three small dishes: £10.95
Additional small dishes: £3.65
Chicken Satay
Grilled marinated chicken in a bamboo stick, served with peanut sauce and vinaigrette dressing

 Sweetcorn Cake
Sweetcorn mixed with flour and coriander, deep fried and served with sweet chilli sauce

Thai Fish Cake
Spiced fish with curry paste mixed with chopped lime leaves and long beans, served with sweet chilli sauce

Vegetable Spring Roll
Stir fried cabbage, carrots, Chinese mushroom, and glass noodles, wrapped in a Thai pancake served with sweet chilli sauce

Steamed Mussels
Mussels steamed with lemongrass and basil leaves served with a seafood dip

Crispy Tofu
Golden fried tofu served with a sweet chilli dip with crunchy peanut, cucumber and coriander on the side

Prawn Tempura
Prawns deep fried in tempura batter, served with sweet chilli and plum sauce

Duck Spring Roll
 Deep fried spring roll filled with roast duck, carrots and mushroom, served with sweet chilli sauce

Steamed scallops served with a seafood dip
Prawn Salad
Medium spicy prawn salad mixed with chilli oil paste, lemongrass, coriander, red onion and mint
Since its official opening in 2008 The Britannia Thai Restaurant in Milford on Sea has received regular acclaim from diners, and has established itself as the premier Thai Restaurant in the The New Forest.

The atmosphere is relaxed & informal, with friendly traditionally dressed staff making a visit anytime of day a pleasure. Added to this, the opulent and comfortable restaurant interior sets the perfect scene for an authentic Thai dining experience.
The authentic wide selection of Thai dishes are prepared using the finest ingredients. Speciality a la carte dishes include Mixed Britannia Thai Starter, Roast Duck Tamarind and Sweet and Sour Pla (Fish).
Whatever the occasion, Britannia Thai offers good value for money, the finest Thai dining, and a stylish Thai restaurant experience that you will not forget in a hurry.

Booking in advance is recommended at weekends, but they love for you to just pop in whenever you fancy a quick bite to eat.

Menu Options
A La Carte Menu | Set Lunch: £7.95 | Tapas: 3 small dishes for £10.95 | Takeaway with 20% Discount
Britannia Thai Restaurant
1 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QF
Tel: 01590 642226 & 01590 642212

Opening Times
Lunchtime: Daily: 12.00 noon to 2.30pm
Evenings: Sunday to Thursday 5.30pm to 10.30pm - Friday & Saturday 5.30pm to 11.00pm

Closed every Tuesday (Seasonal)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Scouting for Adults

Many of us will recall with affection our time in the Cubs, Scouts, Brownies or Guides.
My personal scouting history was mixed.

I was thrown out of the Brownies a number of times. Despite my best efforts, they were constantly insistent that only girls could join, and that wearing a skirt did not constitute a change of gender.

After this, I joined the Cubs and managed to become a 'Sixer' with an arm full of proficiency badges. I remember enjoying 'Bob a Job Week' at a time when it was considered OK for kids to talk to adults, and visa versa. I also remember vividly being on camp reluctantly doing the washing up, when Akela sent me to the camp shop for some 'Elbow grease'!
During these formative years the Cubs & Scouts taught me some handy skills, discipline, respect, independence and which was the correct way that the Union Jack should be flown.

I suspect that we would all like the young people in the village to experience the same, and with a little bit of effort, you can make sure they do.

Milford and Keyhaven Scout Group are very short of adult volunteers and our local Scout Leaders need people to to help or lead meetings, and to organize charity fund-raising.  They also we need experienced sailors to teach the children how to sail, so they can keep the long heritage of Sea Scouting at Milford and Keyhaven.

If you can spare a few hours to give some of your life experience to our local young people, please click here to contact Matthew. Simply e-mail him your contact details and he will get in touch to chat things through.

Milford and Keyhaven Scout Group
15th New Forest South

A Soapy Breakfast

Popular village residents, Katie & Simon Kemp, started a small charitable activity some time ago to help and support an Egyptian family in Cairo.
As Katie explains: "We started 'Rope Sole' around 10 years ago, the aim was to be a 'drop in the ocean' against the hopelessness we saw when visiting Egypt.
So we found Egyptian potters, artists, and artisans, set up the business and imported their wares. Many people in Milford on Sea supported us and (even though our particular drop only involved 4 containers of goods) now the Missionary led enterprise, South of the pyramids, which we bought from, is entirely run and owned by locals. Proving that Drops do work!"

Recently Katie & Simon had sad news from their adopted Egyptian family in Cairo that they looked for another 'drop' opportunity.
Whilst spending the last few month's aboard their boat (also named Rope Sole) in the Greek Mediterranean, they were bargaining for their usual garlic and tomatoes when they spotted a lovely stall with beautifully packaged jams, olive oils and ...a box of whitish blocks of Soap! After the usual game of Anglo/Greek charades and some dredged up English,  they understood that the soap is entirely natural and hand made by the Greek wife's father, and that it is great for hair/skin/feet and even clothes...and also for leather...that means leather sofas too.
Katie's business card used to describe her as ' Merchant of Artisan Wares' and that old self hove into view. Katie and Simon went back to the market and explained the plan, which was to buy lots of this fab Greek soap and bring it back to the village to raise funds for their adopted family. Their new soap making friend was so chuffed with their plan, that he gave them a 'special price'.
At the next Big Breakfast: This Saturday: 16th Nov: The BIG Community Breakfast: 9am to 10.30am at The Community Centre, they will have a basket and anyone who would like to support Maken and his family can make a donation in exchange for some great local Greek soap.  As a result One little village by the sea will be able to send a chunk of cash to a suffering little family in Egypt.
Everyone is invited to The BIG Breakfast, so why not pop along. it is a great way to start a day!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Meet a New Face at The Marine

The Marine
Stephen Caunter-Ryan Smith
click image to enlarge
Richard Thompson, founder of The Marine is extremely pleased to announce that Stephen Caunter, co-founder and former partner of The Lord Bute in Highcliffe, has joined the team.

Stephen is also joined by Ryan Smith as Duty Manager. Ryan previously worked at Captains Club in Christchurch.

With many years' experience in the hospitality industry, Stephen is a very welcome addition to the Marine Team, and he will be taking full responsibility for the Management of The Marine Cafe Bar and Restaurant.

Stephen brings with him many exciting ideas, which should really help to make The Marine one of South Coast's favourite restaurants.

Stephen & his team, shared some of his plans with the people who attended the Open Days held on Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th November. The guests and visitors also enjoyed canapés and a complimentary drink, whilst experiencing Guided Tours of The Marine behind the scenes.

The Marine is now taking Christmas bookings which you can check out on their website.
The Marine
Marine House, Hurst Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0PY
01590 644369

Bowls Club Present Charity Cheque

click image to enlarge
Milford on Sea Bowls Club held their club Presentation dinner at Bashley last Wednesday.
Club President Ron West presented Jill West from Oakhaven Hospice (the club charity for 2013) a cheque for £3350 which had been raised by the club and its members during the year.


Free Parking Day

New Forest District Council are holding a 'Free Parking for Small Business Saturday' where they are offering free car parking on Saturday 7th December to support local businesses.

Shoppers will be able to park for free in all council-run car parks to mark the UK’s first ‘Small Business Saturday’ – a national campaign aimed at encouraging people to shop local and support independent shops.

Leader of New Forest District Council, Councillor Barry Rickman, said: “We are pleased to show our support for local businesses by waiving our parking charges and I hope everyone will take the opportunity to shop locally in the run up to Christmas and support local businesses.”

The 2014 Brand New Forest card will also be launched in Burley on 7th December. The card scheme, now in its fourth year, is designed to stimulate local business activity by providing cardholders with special offers and discounts throughout the New Forest. The cost of a card is £5. For more information visit

The New Forest Business Partnership will be working alongside Brand New Forest to promote local businesses in the lead up to Christmas.

Cllr Rickman added: “Small businesses count for a significant part of our local economy. Small Business Saturday gives us a great opportunity to celebrate the role small businesses play and our own commitment to helping them to promote themselves to our residents and visitors. There are over 6000 small businesses in the New Forest and we are very pleased to help raise their profile on this important day.”

For more information on Small Business Saturday visit

The free car parking offer only applies to car parks that are managed by New Forest District Council.