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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Feeling Isolated or Lonely

Milford Befrienders are a group of local people who provide a regular friendly visit to anyone in the village who feels isolated or lonely. 

• Do you sometimes feel isolated or lonely? 

• Or maybe you are new to the village? 

If you would appreciate a regular visit for a natter or someone to share a cuppa with, then please get in touch. ~The Befrienders have a team of trained local people ready to help. 

Simply give them a call and we will match you up with a new friend – a weekly visit can work wonders. 

If you know of someone else who might benefit then please encourage them to get in touch. 

Please contact Steve Anderton on 01590 637088 or

New Housing Development Meeting | Now Cancelled

Please Note: This meeting has now been cancelled.

Pennyfarthing Homes are holding a consultation meeting on the MOS1 site this Thursday 2nd February which will be open from 3pm to 7pm in the Milford on Sea Baptist Church in Barnes Lane. 

click image to enlarge
The MOS1 Housing Consultation Event relates to the proposed new housing site next to Milford on Sea Primary School.

The school has received an invitation for parents, school staff and governors to attend to view the proposals and ask questions.

We would also presume that the meeting is open to the public should you wish to attend.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Bev Loves Truffles

Former owner of The Village Coffee Pot, Bev Laimbeer is once again having her own business having sold her cafe in the High Street in January 2016.

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Bev has purchased the wonderful 'old school' chocolate shop; Truffles of Lymington in Lymington High Street. The shop specialises in chocolates, sweets in jars, coffee and teas, specialty foods and greetings cards.

Truffle’s has been a confectionery shop for over 60 years and was previously owned by Elizabeth Radcliffe for 30 years. 

The local website says that this historic shop has a well at the back of the shop inside a cupboard, which is said to be well-preserved. Under a concrete floor is thought to be a domed cellar, but no entrance has ever been found. Rumour has it that all the cellars on this side of the High Street were linked forming a smuggler’s tunnel from the quay to the church.

click image to enlarge
Bev recalls: "I remember going in to Truffles when I first moved to the area 24 years ago and loving it then. As soon as I went to view the shop I knew it was the one for me. I love the shop's quirky uniqueness and don't want that to change." 

The Village News at the bottom on Milford on Sea village green will happily take orders for any of the items on sale in Truffles, and they will be delivered to Mark at The Village News for collection. 

In the coming weeks Bev will have a website and Facebook page showing some of the wonderful items in stock, and we will let you know when it is available.

In the meantime, fulfil your chocolate craving by giving her a visit. I'll be the big bloke at the back of the shop pretending to look for the hidden cellar, whilst eating shrimps and bananas, and with chocolate smeared all around my lips!

Truffles of Lymington
97 High Street, Lymington SO41 9AP
Tel: 01590 673428

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

From Slaughter House to Biscuit House

If you visit Milford on Sea High Street it has been hard to miss the transformation that has been taking place to what had previously been a village landmark for many years, Gwen's Fashions at the foot of the village green.

The transformation is nearly complete and soon Clare Southcombe-Holmes & Glenn Harrison will soon fulfil a long held dream when they open their new business, No.64 Biscuit House providing designer homewares & professional interior styling.

When the business opens we will of course let you know, but in the meantime Glenn has shared some fascinating history on the building, which we hope you will find of interest.

History of 64 High Street, Milford on Sea

Info from Gwen & Eddie Peden and the old deeds on 62-64 High Street.

On the 23rd July 1677 a plot of land, Paddock & Pasture, was leased for 1,000 years to John Scott & Henry Hiscock for a peppercorn rent.

click image to enlarge
The land had numerous owners throughout the 1700's and 1800's until Saturday 8th November 1884 when, at an auction at the Angel Hotel in Lymington, at 3pm, it was sold as a long leasehold business premises. 

The plot/building was developed into a 'dwelling house with front shop' comprising: Sitting Room, 4 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Scullary, Outbuildings, 4-walled stable, coach house for 4 vehicles, shed, walled-in productive garden and a Slaughter House!

“Held for the remainder of a term of 1,000 years lease from 28th July in the 28th year of the reign of his majesty King Charles II, at a yearly rent of a peppercorn”.

Ownership History:

• 29th October 1855: Assignment. Mr George King sold to Mr Edward Lonnen
• 26th October 1870: Assignment. Mr Edward Lonnen sold to Mr George Lonnen, Butcher.
• 8th December 1884: Assignment. Mr George Lonnen sold to Arthur William St.John.
• 24th August 1891: Conveyance. Arthur William St.John sold to W G Stratton.
• 31st July 1899: Assignment. W G Stratton sold to George Miles. 
• 30th June 1945: Annie Miles & Mrs Elizabeth Emily McCullen (maiden name: Miles), sold to Farmer, Phillip C Thorne.
• 28th July 1947: Phillip Thorne sold to Frederick Arthur Cooke (Gwen Peden's father)

click image to enlarge

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It is known that since at least 1855, 64 High Street had been a butchers shop.

In 1889 George Miles bought 64 High Street with the butcher shop and slaughter house and named the business 'G. Miles'. The property stayed in the family until 1945.

During the 1930/40's a great village character, Mr Ackers, better known as 'Rodeo', lived in an one room stone cottage at the rear of G.Miles butchers shop. It was said that he had once worked in a circus and he was always seen in the company of animals, mainly dogs. He also kept goats and some other animals on some spare ground near the White Bridge and his animals were often decorated with coloured ribbons. 'Rodeo' became an accepted part of Village life and well thought of by locals and visitors alike. One day 'Rodeo' was out, and when he returned home the owner of the day had demolished his home. It is understood that he then taken in by a care home.

Click Image to Enlarge
The 'village slaughter-man' was one Dick Dunford. Not only was he responsible for the disposal of a lot of the animals in the two slaughter-houses in the High Street. As many of the working families kept pigs in a sty in their gardens he would always be on hand to put them to the knife at the required time.

Fred Cooke bought the 'G. Miles' Butchers Shop at No. 64 High Street in 1947 after being demobbed from Navy, At that time the butchers occupied half of the shop with the other half being the cart shed and entrance to the slaughter house.

Shortly after Fred converted the cart shed and slaughter house entrance into a Wet Fish Shop and both adjacent shops traded until the early sixties.

Fred and Lily Cooke also owned another Butchers Shop at 92 High Street, called A F Hillier.

Fred had started at Hillier's as a delivery boy, and then manager. Eventually he and Lily bought and run the business until 1977 when they sold A F Hillier butchers and retired. (92 High Street was most recently David Gregory Butchers until 2014.)

In 1977 the slaughter house itself, together with the stable at the rear, were converted into a 'Granny flat' within which Fred & Lily lived until they passed on 1988 & 1978 respectively. 

click image to enlarge
Fred's daughter, Gwen Peden and her husband Eddie had lived in the property since returning from Canada in 1962. In 1964 they took over the premises from her father and opened Gwen's Ladies Fashions which traded until December 2012 when Gwen and Eddie retired. They continue to live in the village today.

Gwen and Eddie sold to Clare Southcombe on the 25th February 2016 and soon after the latest refurbishment project began....and now the business 'No64' has been created.

Glenn said; "As far as a history of the building/plot/village goes Gwen & Eddie Peden have been wonderful in providing me with an amazing history."

The new website for No64 is now online for you to take a look:, the shop and services will be opening soon.

No. 64
64 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QD

Join the Total Voice Chamber Choir

The Total Voice Chamber Choir has spaces for two sopranos and two altos. 

Milford’s very own chamber choir sings an eclectic repertoire. It focuses on performing to a high standard and having lots of fun at the same time. 

It’s very unusual for the choir to have spaces for women, so if you’re a keen singer with basic music-reading skills, grab the chance to get involved with this happy, challenging choir, please contact

Glass Recycling Text Reminders

Residents of the New Forest can now sign up to a new text messaging service being introduced by the district council which will send a reminder the evening before monthly glass recycling collections are due. 

Cllr Sophie Beeton, portfolio holder for the environment at New Forest District Council, said: “The free Remind Me service is being introduced as we know that people want to recycle their glass, but life gets busy and a timely reminder the night before could make all the difference between remembering to put your glass bottles and jars out for collection and forgetting.” 

Almost 5,000 tonnes of glass bottles and jars are recycled by New Forest residents each year. 

As well as the text message prompt, Remind Me will reward residents for recycling their glass by entering them into a reward draw. 20 households will be randomly selected each month and, if they are recycling the right things, they can choose from a range of rewards, such as one month’s free membership at one of five New Forest Health and Leisure Centres, a family ticket to Beaulieu or a hamper full of local goodies from The New Forest Hamper Company. 

The first 15,000 households to sign up will also receive a free Brand New Forest discount card, usually £5. 

The new scheme is being funded by a grant from central government that aims to encourage recycling.

To register for the reminders, residents should text GLASS followed by first name, last name, first line of address and postcode to 81025 (e.g. GLASS Joan Smith 1 Long Lane SO12 A34)

Find out more about Remind Me at:

Sunday, 15 January 2017 Goes Offline

Seventeen years ago local resident, Sarah Bell, launched Milford-on-Sea’s first website. Indeed, it was one of the first community websites in the world! 

By internet standards the software used to make it is now out-of-date as newer systems have come, gone and superseded earlier ones which are no longer supported by the original makers.

Sarah has now taken the decision that has to come to an end and she didn’t want to just disappear online without letting people know how much she has enjoyed running the sites for the people of Milford. Working on the old adage of ‘there is a time to plant and a time to uproot’ Sarah has decided the time has come to abandon the work of so many years and will ’review the situation – and think it out again!’ (With thanks to Lionel Bart!)

Sarah has asked us to help let those who have supported her sites so well since she ventured into this world of websites (which this site joined shortly afterwards). The two sites worked well together as we covered different fields and styles.

Another of Sarah's sites, Sarah’s Pips ( followed up the original Milford-on-Sea site when the latter started wobbling about 5 years ago but Sarah’s Pips decided it was too young to die just yet. 
Consequently that site has a temporary reprieve but at the moment needs to survive Intensive Care by its servers.

Should any website arise from the ashes we will of course let you know. Sarah will continue to retain the original names just in case . . . 

Monday, 9 January 2017

Chuckles Mobile Chippy on Thursdays

Good news for fish & chip lovers...

Last year Chuckles Chippy came to Milford on Sea village with their mobile fish & chip van to fill the void left after Mr Pink's unfortunate fire.

At the time of writing it is not known when Mr Pink's will re-open, however fish & chips are available again!

Chuckles Mobile Chippy will be returning to serve the village on Thursday Evenings from 4.30pm in the vicinity of the Village Green. Whilst demand exists, the van will be coming on a weekly basis commencing from this Thursday 12th January 2017. 

Please form an orderly queue!

Chuckles Chippy
Mandie Stannard
418 Poole Road, Poole, BH12 1DF
01202 929050

Milford on Sea Social Get-Together

Annie Corder Mills & her husband, Tony Mills have only just recently moved to the village and know very few locals so far, but hopefully this will not be for long.

click image to enlarge
They are both keen to meet and make new friends, and have take the initiative by organising a Milford on Sea Social Get-Together on Sunday 22nd January, 3pm at the Smugglers Inn, Milford on Sea.

Annie said: "I love helping people connect and making new friends and have already been in touch with a few locals.  We have set the date for our first social get-together, and you are invited."

This will be an informal gathering, meeting for drinks and open to anyone living in or near to Milford on Sea, and it is hoped it can be made a regular monthly event. 

You can find Annie on Street Life (, or contact her by email if you have any questions. 

Otherwise, just go along to the Smugglers to find them there.  Annie commented; "If you are a bit shy, don't worry, I will help you feel relaxed and part of the group. We look forward to meeting you."

Community Panel Launched

Milford on Sea Community Panel launch a new charity for Milford, Keyhaven and Everton 

MoS Community Panel is a networking group of local voluntary organisations. They have decided to set up a charity to support existing groups and new projects with charitable aims and which benefit people living in the parish of Milford. It will act as an “umbrella” charity, providing a bank account, insurance, DBS checks for volunteers and general advice. 

In time it will support groups to make bids for external funding. But each project, for example Milford Befrienders, or the new minibus project, will retain their own management and independence. 

Individual donations, which are channelled through the charity will be eligible for gift aid, so will be 25% more valuable to the projects. When an individual makes a donation, they can make it directly to the cause they wish to support, or can donate to the charity itself. Any general funds which are donated will be allocated to new or existing projects. 

Any Milford on Sea voluntary organisation who think they could benefit from coming under the umbrella can join the Community Panel, and become members of the charity. 

All existing members of the Panel (which is open to anyone with an interest in the community) are eligible to be members of the charity, which will be administered by a small group of trustees. The panel meetings will continue to be the main forum for discussing new and existing projects and how they might be introduced and managed.

If you would like more information, or would like to get involved, please email the Panel Chair, Jenny Whitley below:

Milford on Sea Community Advisory Panel
Jenny Witley

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Does Milford Need Its Own Minibus?

The Milford on Sea Community Advisory Panel (Also known as the 'Community Panel') and a number of local organisations believe the village needs a minibus to serve groups and individuals in the Milford Parish. 

This would be over and above the Community Care transport currently taking people to medical appointments and the Community First New Forest bus taking people shopping to New Milton and Lymington once each week. A further minibus could potentially provide transport within and outside this locality. 

To support the case for setting up this proposed service, The Community Panel need to determine who the customers might be and what their needs are.

A questionnaire will soon be going out to selected clubs and organisations, but the group need to make sure they don’t miss any potential individual or organisation users, and they also wish to understand the needs of individuals who are not affiliated to any groups.

If you, or your organisation would like to register your interest in this initiative, would you please contact Terry Bufton on 01590 641875 or e-mail him on

The White Horse Closes Again

After a lot of effort, and significant investment (particularly in the childrens' play area), the doors of The White Horse again closed on Monday 9th January 2016.

After its previous closure on 7th September 2015, The White Horse had reopened with Julia, Liz and Steve (JLS Publicans) as the new landlords on the 2nd December 2015. Everyone hoped that with their track record in running pubs that they could make The White Horse successful once again.

The future of this historic village pub is again unclear at present, but The White Horse Inn, (and The Red Lion and The Gun) are pubs in the village that are Grade II listed buildings.

On the 25th January 2016 South Hants CAMRA (the local branch of the Campaign for Real Ale), successfully achieved an application to have The White Horse listed as an AVC (Asset of Community Value) for five year. This gives the building some protection from development and a breathing space for someone to make a go of running it as a going concern.

Behind the pub is copious land which if developed would be a prime location for housing.

The actual Building and business is owned by Enterprise Inns.

To read previous article relating to The White Horse, please click here.

The White Horse
16 Keyhaven Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QY
01590 642360 - which no longer works.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Santa’s House wins Millie a Mountain Bike

Following on from the success of last year’s Santa’s House competition at Milford on Sea Primary School, local estate agent Collins & Butler once again sponsored this great event.

click image to enlarge
This time the children had to use all their wonderful imagination to make a model of what they thought Santa’s House looked like, using materials from clay, twigs, cardboard, gingerbread or anything else they could think of.

14 fantastic models were produced and judged by Collins & Butler staff, who were staggered by the efforts of the children.

click image to enlarge
All children received a voucher for their hard work and Collins & Butler presented the winner, 9 year old Millie Coetzee, with a brand new mountain bike.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Village Exhibition & Newcomers Supper

At the beginning of each year two excellent events take place where you can discover more about the village in which you live.

Firstly is the free Milford on Sea Village Exhibition which is Open to All, and takes place from 2pm to 4pm on Saturday 25th March 2017 in All Saints Church in Milford on Sea. .

This is a great opportunity to come and meet representatives from Clubs, Societies and Services across the village. 

Exhibitors Information
  • Set up in the morning or before 2pm.
  • Application for space before 1st March 2017. 
  • Stand position is on a first come first choice basis. 
  • Exhibitors to provide a card table sized table for their stand. 
  • Supper it is £3.50 a head.
Milford Businesses

Although the exhibition does not have the space for businesses to have a stall, Ruth is keen for everyone to have an opportunity to promote themselves. After all, we love our shops and local traders!

To get involved, simply provide Ruth with an A5 handout, A6 slips of information and supply about 70 business cards - before 1st March. These will then be to put in the goody bags that will be given to each Newcomer on the evening.

To exhibit or advertise your business please contact Ruth on: 01590 641875 or - 15 Hurst Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0PY


The ‘Newcomers Supper’ is held to welcome all newcomers to the village in All Saints Church Hall in Milford on Sea.

Anyone that was new to the village in 2016 is able to apply for an invitation, - and the event is entirely free.

This informal evening is great to meet other new people to the village & a selection of village people. (That's residents, not the old pop group!)

The Milford on Sea Newcomers Supper evening consists of two parts: 

Newcomers arrive at 6pm to visit the exhibition and wander around informally meeting representatives from the many clubs, associations & organisations in the village. They can tell you anything you want to know, and if you fancy getting involved you can.

At 7.15pm the exhibition is followed by a free sit down supper with the chance to meet new people & have a bit of fun.

Come & enjoy a free drink & supper meal, together with entertainment, lots of fun and laughter, and which ends with the Milford song!

Most years the event has over a hundred people attending, and it is a great way to meet new people, and to get a warm welcome to your new home. The village is full of friendly people and the ‘Newcomers Supper’ is a fast-track way of getting to know all about our village life.

The ‘Newcomers Supper’ is funded & hosted by all of the churches in the village & tirelessly organised by Ruth Bufton.

The event is by invitation only, so if you are new to the village this year and would like to come along (Adults only), all you need to do is to contact: Ruth Bufton on: or 01590 641875.

First Single for The Manatees

The Manatees are a four piece indie pop band featuring guys from Milford & Lymington. 

Since getting together in August 2016, the band members; Jay Harris, James Brearley, Tyler Bloor and James Miller have gigged regularly across the south coast including noticeable headline and main support slots at venues such as The Joiners in Southampton.

As well as spanning the south coast from Brighton to Bournemouth the band have performed in London including a headline slot at the O2 Academy2 in Islington.

The Manatees have big ambitions having released their debut single and music video 'Avoiding Glances' on January 1st 2017 and their first EP being released on January 13th 2017.

To find out more on Facebook please click here