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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Everton Village Festival Seeks Cars

Preparations are now taking place for the Everton Village Festival 2015. The five day celebration will include a variety of events and activities, including a Classic Car Show on Saturday 27th June 2015. 

As part of the festival Toby Sears is looking for cars to join a display at the Everton Recreation Ground. (Open to the public 11am to 5pm.)

If you have a classic or vintage car that you would like to take along please contact Toby so he can ensure that you have a space. Toby Sears, 01590 644269 or 07790 533619 - - 46 Wainsford Road, Everton, SO41 0UF

The Everton Village Festival has a wide variety of events to provide fun and entertainment for all.

The festival will run from Wednesday June 24th to Sunday 28th June 2015, and below gives you a flavour of what will be happening:

MUSIC: Southampton Youth brass and Quintet first thing, then a Blues Duo, a couple of 60s and 70s cover bands and another Blues band all interspersed with dancing going on all day till 5pm and Ukelele band

ATTRACTIONS incl: Wildlife Photography exhibition, Adam Lynk Photography, Woodturners exhibition, Woodcarvers, Pottery demo and ‘have a go’ tent with the chance to throw your own pot/vase take home, Stained Glass jewellery, Designer jewellery sale, Patchwork and Quilters sale and demo, Cross Stitch artist, Sandy Davis Textiles sales and demo, various further exhibitions along Farmers Walk and Everton Nurseries. Cards and Books sales, Raffle with some seriously good prizes;- A days cookery course, £195 photo shoot, a free MOT, Chiro-practic treatments to the value £100, one night stay in Elmers Court inc. dinner and breakfast, a Power hedge Trimmer, some very upmarket cookware to name but a few!

FOOD AND DRINK: There is Hog Roast, wraps from The Raft, beer tent, wine bar, tea, coffee and cakes, ice creams.

Everton Village Classic Car Show
Saturday 27th June 2015 - 11am to 5pm
The Recreation Ground, Greenmead Avenue (off Wainsford Road), Everton, SO41 0UF

Everton Village Arts Festival
Wednesday June 24th to Sunday 28th June 2015

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Village Post Office | Update 1

Following our recent story about efforts being made to save Milford on Sea Post Office, we are pleased to report that around a dozen people have come forward to either invest or help out on the project.

It is still early days, but things are now under way to form a group of local Milford on Sea village residents willing to get involved as either organisers or investors to purchase the Milford on Sea Post Office in order to maintain postal services for the village.

We have also heard that the local Advertiser & Times newspaper has picked up on the project and we hope an article will be featured in their newspaper this week.

If you would like to get involved in helping to save the Village Post Office you can: please click here to read full story

Could you be a School Governor?

After many years of valued service, Julian Davis and Alan Rice have recently stepped down from their roles as Governors of Milford on Sea Primary School. During their time they have done sterling work for the children in the village and they leave with grateful thanks from all.

The school is now looking for new Community Governors. 

If you wish to find out more about this important and interesting voluntary role, please contact the newly elected Chair of Governors, Sue Towndrow, by email:

Our village school has an impressive level of performance, and in 2014 achieved a score of 95% at 'Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths', against an average of 78% across all schools in England.

To see some recent initiatives and activities on the school podcasts, please click here.

Milford-on-Sea Primary School 

Pointless School Governor Application

Having heard that Milford on Sea Primary School are looking for new School Governors I thought, ...just the job for me.

Initially I was unclear what a 'Governor' actually did, so after some research I discovered that it was; 'A device that is used to provide automatic control.' 

I was now struggling to work out ways to 'automatically control' the children, and how to convince Sue, the Chair of Governors, that I could fulfil this role effectively.

Soon I was chatting to myself about ideas like; a system of fences in the corridors where the gates automatically switch to corral to kids to classes quicker, school chairs with special magnets that keep kids in their seats during lessons, and to remove any lateness, a fleet of bendy buses to collect all children from their homes.

Just then, my wife came over, and simultaneously threw a head butt whilst sharply kicking me in shins, She then angelically shouted in my ear; "A Governor is a person who governs, - you idiot."  Through the pain I was grateful of her clarification, and had I not have been the recipient of the assault I would have been very impressed with her swift moves now that she is over 40. 

Undeterred, I started listing the top three key points in my Manifesto: 
  1. Free sweets for Governors on every day with a 'd' in it.  
  2. Space Hopper racing for Governors at Sports Day
  3. Future Governor Meetings to be held in two parts. Part One: Jam doughnuts on arrival, then maximum of 10 minutes discussion in meeting room. Part Two: In The Red Lion.
I was about to submit my application when my wife pointed out that the form clearly stated that all applicants had to be responsible adults and that I had insufficient adult genes to qualify. However, I could see no way that valid facts should get in the way of an excellent (albeit unsuitable) candidate, so we will see.

Thoughts on Nicked Pill Box

Following our recent story; 'Who Nicked Our Pill Box' (click here to read) - we have received a few replies.

The first grown up response was from Phil Cooper, who said; "I did some research when you first posted the article. It seems that this was an observation or section post, possibly to control and coordinate the search light batteries and other defences located in the Milford on Sea area. As such it was probably not as substantial as the pillbox on the front and therefore more easily dismantled. No idea who nicked it though…."

image courtesy of
click image to enlarge
Phil also told us of the 'Britain from Above' website, which records wartime defence placements: click here to read, - and some more information on the local Searchlight Batteries: click here.

It was also delightful to also receive a ridiculous reply.

Richard Braginton (a keen village cyclist who may have come off his bike hitting his head once to often), suggested; "

It was in fact the land equivalent of a Z Ship (armed ships disguised as merchant ships during the second world war). It is completely mobile although being made of concrete and was powered by two Sherman tank engines. Soldiers would sit on the open top deck disguised as civilian holiday makers whilst on the lower deck powerful guns where hidden should the enemy put in an appearance the whole thing moved up and down the promenade during daylight hours it was unfortunately lost during a party to mark the end of the war when it was driven into the sea and was lost forever."

(NB: When I say 'Village Cyclist, It means Richard lives in the village, not that he only cycles around the village!)

Jocelyn's Last Day in Library

As many are aware the Milford on Sea Library has been under threat of closure as a Hampshire County Council Service. 

The Milford Village Association trustees under the leadership of Mrs Grantham-Hill, together with tremendous response from Milford residents, took up the challenge in an effort to keep our librarian Jocelyn in her role as Library Manager. 
Regrettably this has failed and Jocelyn's last day in Milford Library will be Tuesday 31st March and we hope that many of you will wish to call in to see her, say goodbye and wish her well. 

Jocelyn will be greatly missed not only for her knowledge and assistance with choosing books but also for her friendship and her affinity with the residents of Milford. 

We all wish her the very best for the future.

Monday, 23 March 2015

MCV: Nature Reserve

Helping Milford’s extensive Nature Reserve

We should be proud of every patch of our parish that contributes to the preservation of plants and animals. It is not only our designated nature reserves but many of our gardens that are stars. All our residents, second homers and visitors can do something. 

Here are six suggestions for tidy but effective action. 

1. Choose and cultivate plants that provide food and shelter for birds, insects, amphibians etc. In my smallish garden during the middle of March I have been watching song thrushes build a nest in a pittosporum tree kept down to size to provide dense cover, and noticed bumblebees (queens and workers) already collecting food from specially planted flowers like pulmonaria for the young in their nests (the evidence is the yellow blobs on the bumbles’ hind-legs – the pollen bags).

The nurseries and web-sites are full of advice,
e.g. It’s free if your conservation activity includes digging up young nettles, thistles and brambles and moving them to a wild corner, and allowing ivy support for climbing. 

2. Make rich compost. Store it in containers with apertures big enough for frogs, wild bees, etc to gain access for breeding and hibernation. Some people if short of space put compost under garden seats, but the toads and wild wasps may find it so have your friends got a sense of humour?

3. Make a pond, however small. You’ll be surprised how quickly newts even maybe including palmates will turn up, in my case in a tiny raised basin beside my veranda. You can see them best at night by shining a torch into the water. In summer dragonfly larvae will climb up from the water onto pond plants to hatch. Gorgeous blue demoiselles will come visiting. What’s not to like?

4. Do everything you can to control cats, with night curfews, and tinkling bells on necks. 

5. Talk to your neighbours and involve them in the whole enterprise with plant swaps and support.

6. Keep your ideas and information up to date. Dig out the action leaflet on wildlife gardens that all Milford households received last year, or contact for a free copy. Also useful: the wildlife gardening section of the Hants Wildlife Trust website ( 

Milford Conservation Volunteers (MCV) or call 01590 645825

Friday, 20 March 2015

Biodiversity Action Plan Published

The Milford on Sea Biodiversity Action Plan has now been published.

This document has been produced by the Milford Conservation Volunteers with support from the Community Wildlife Plans Project, New Forest Land Advice Service and New Forest National Park Authority. 

click image to enlarge
Its production has taken two years from the point of the idea being discussed, agreed and supported by Milford-on-Sea Parish Council in 2012 to getting the first draft version available for consultation. 

The process has been lengthy for several reasons. There has been an important journey of determining what should be included in a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) and what the community’s own Milford-on-Sea BAP should look like, followed by much essential research into, and the bringing together of, the wealth of wildlife information available for Milford-on-Sea.

Interpretation Board at
Gate 12 entrance to
Studland Meadow & Common
click image to enlarge
There has been consultation with as many residents of Milford-on-Sea as possible to bring all this together into a readable, attractive and useful document that will help inform planning decisions and strategies for the future benefit of the wildlife and the part they play in amenity value we all enjoy. Acknowledgements Jenny Spenser has chaired the ‘Milford Biodiversity Action Plan’ steering group meetings since 2012 with steering group members being local wildlife enthusiasts Tony Locke, Hugh Corry, Keith Metcalf, Anne Jenks, Janet Miles, Peter Hutchings and more recently Chris Sanders. 

The group has been driving forward work on this document over the last two years along with running community wildlife surveys and practical wildlife conservation events within the Parish. The Milford Conservation Volunteers group has had many active ‘wildlife champions’ for over twenty years carrying out numerous practical conservation tasks and wildlife surveys and many continue with these tasks. 

Support from Angela Peters from the Community Wildlife Plans Project (within the New Forest Land Advice Service) has helped provide technical expertise towards the production of this document and practical help in involving the local community. Members of staff from the New Forest Land Advice Service (Julie Melin-Stubbs and Rhys Morgan) and Georgianna Barnard (now with the Forestry Commission) have also contributed to the conservation advice in Milford-on-Sea. 

Several members of staff at the New Forest National Park Authority including Zoe Caals, Andy Bell, Jo Holmes, Tracy Weeks and Lucy Page have assisted in the production of the maps and graphics. Photographs used in the document have been supplied by the following people: Keith Metcalf, Anne Jenks, Angela Peters, Gary Palmer, Alan Sutton, Nik Knight, Victoria Freke, RPS Group PLC, Great Britain Non-Native Species Secretariat, Lucy Page and Mike Read (2005)

All residents were invited and many attended, the various events, some made specific points on the Action Plans.

To view the full Milford on Sea Biodiversity Action Plan - please click here. (The 5 Action Plans will be found in the Chapter 6 section.)

For further details, please contact:

Milford Conservation Volunteers (MCV)

Royal British Legion Newsletter

The Royal British Legion
Milford-on-Sea Branch
Branch No. BR1886

Spring/Summer 2015 | 18th March 2015

As winter, albeit a rather mild one, gives way to summer I take this opportunity to report to you on recent and Forthcoming events.

Freda's Supper organised by the Women's section was well attended and all present appreciated the entertainment provided by the Women's Institute. All men present attempted to serenade the ladies with a selection of tunes from WW1. However, failure of the backing music made their efforts rather more amusing than melodic. The ladies made no complaint.

Concert by the Central Band of the RAF

This was a coup for the Legion and for the village. The following report by Chris Hobby says it all.

For those members present the concert performed by The Central Band of the Royal Air force, under their Director of Music Flight Lieutenant Richard Murray, at All Saints Church on 7th March was a fantastic and most memorable evening. With almost a full church of nearly 300 people the audience was treated to a variety of music to suit all tastes. With a full compliment of 35 band personnel they took over all the carpeted area from the communion rails to the back of the choir stalls in the chancel. To the tune “Old Comrades”we were able to parade the Branch Standard and that of The Women's Section together with The Standard of the ATC New Forest Squadron - our thanks to the standard bearers for their efficiency and smartness on parade. From the opening music it was so evident that we were privileged to have such a top class military band playing for us. With pieces from the film War Horse to Shepherds Hey, Nassun Dorma and West Side Story the quality of their playing was such that the music “talked” to us. Under Flight Lieutenant Murray's excellent comparing the evening's programme flowed smoothly along. Who could not be moved with the rendition of The Evening song and Sunset-no wonder that we all stood for that!

With the addition to the Band's own vocalist of Corporal Matthew Walker of Miss Mehreen Shah, from Sway, we were treated to a sentimental reminder of some of the favourite songs of the last war. Meheen then led us in a last night of the proms finale of Rule Britannia, Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory in which our Union Jack Flags were well and truly waved and our patriotic voices came to the fore.

To stage the event was as you would have expected very costly and we are grateful to the generosity of the sponsorship received from those purchasing the the advertising space in the programme and in particular to our former chairman David Green who gave us a very large personal cheque to help defray the cost of the evening. At the end of the Concert the cadets from the ATC were on hand to help relieve us of any spare cash in the collecting buckets and peoples generosity was such that over £425 was collected thus enabling us to make a profit in excess of £2,500 from the event for the Poppy Appeal.

Our very grateful thanks to Jan England, Mike Reed, Chris Hobby and their team of helpers for their hard work in achieving such a wonderful result. 

Gallipoli Campaign Commemoration Service

The Gallipoli Campaign in the First World War started with an unsuccessful attempt to force the Dardanelles by Naval bombardment. When this failed assault landings were carried out on Cape Helles and Anzac Cove on 25th April. Initially the campaign went well but there was a slow build up of men, ammunition and war materials and the small advances were halted on 1st May.

By the 8th May realistic hope of a breakout was gone and our troops efforts was focussed on holding the ground held. Further landing at Sulva took place in August and once again, after initial success this stalled. Finally in November evacuation was ordered and this was completed by January 1915.

There were 115,000 British casualties in this campaign three of whom came from Milford-on-Sea.
  • William George Green of the Hampshire Regiment
  • Charles Reynolds of the Hampshire regiment
  • Justus Watts George of the Dorset Yeomanry
These men were never found and their names are recorded on the Helles Memorial.

A short service of commemoration will take place at All Saints Church at 3pm on Tuesday 28th April.

The service will be conducted by Canon Ray Hubble and the standards of Milford on Sea Royal British Legion, the Women's Section and the Hampshire Comrades will be paraded.

Every one is invited to attend and to take tea and biscuits in the Guide hut after the service.

Royal British Legion Summer Lunch

Following the success of last year's 80th Anniversary lunch at South Lawn we have decided to try a less formal approach this year as we continue to commemorate the first world war and also VE Day in World War 2.

This will take the form of a French themed lunch at the Community Centre on 15th May. The catering, serving and entertainment will be provided by our own members, supporters and friends and it gives us an opportunity, once more, to combine commemoration and comradeship.

Further details are shown on the attached booking form and I urge you to respond quickly as we can only accommodate some 80 guests.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Armed Forces Day will take place on 27th June and the Royal British Legion, Women's Section and other charities supporting the ex services community will be on the Village Green from 10am to 3pm together with representatives of the cadet forces. There will be a display of militaria as well as several stalls offering a range of goods. 

Thank you for your continuing support to the branch. I look forward to seeing you at our forthcoming events.

The Royal British Legion
Milford-on-Sea Branch
Peter Gibbs - Branch Chairman

Timeless Fabrics Workshops

Timeless Fabrics in Milford on Sea High Street have published their extensive range of craft workshops for the next three month.

There are workshops for kids as well as adults, and owner, Claire Deegan will be delighted to welcome anyone wishing to book and go along.

Wed 1st 2-4.30pm        Rag Rugging £30
Thur 9th 2-5.00pm       Make a Pull-on Skirt with pockets £35. 
Thur 16th 2-4.30pm     Free Motion Embroidered Birds £35
Sat 18th 10-12.00pm    Kid’s Club (7-12 year olds) £15
Wed 22nd 2-5.00pm     Drop in Sewcial.  Bring your own project £5
Thur 30th 7-9.30pm     Get to know your sewing machine £35

Wed 6th 2-5.00pm       Drop in Sewcial.  Bring your own project £5
Sat 9th 10-12.00pm      Kids Club (7-12 year olds) £15
Tues 12th 2-5.00pm     Intermediate Crochet £30
Thur 14th 7-10.00pm   Sewing with Jersey - Make a T-Shirt £40 
Sat 16th 10-4.00pm      Learn English Paper Piecing Patchwork £110 day 1 of 2
Wed 20th 2-5.00pm      Drop in Sewcial.  Bring your own project £5
Sat 23rd 10-4.00pm      Learn English Paper Piecing Patchwork - day 2 of 2

Wed 3rd  2-5.00pm      Drop in Sewcial.  Bring your own project £5
Sat 6th 10-12.00pm      Kids Club (7-12 year olds) £15
Thurs 11th 7-9.30pm   Sunglasses Case £35
Wed 17th 2-5.00pm      Drop in Sewcial.  Bring your own project £5
Sat 20th 10-5.00pm      Design & quilt a Mini Whole cloth £110 day 1 of 2
Tues 23rd 7-10.00pm   Make a pair of Beach Shorts £40
Sat 27th 2-5.00pm         Design & quilt a Mini Whole cloth – day 2 of 2
Refreshments included!

Call Claire on 01590 642808 to book your place.

Timeless Fabrics
61 High Street, Milford on Sea
Tel: 01590 642808 | Mobile: 07713 498459

Can You Pour Coffee?

The Milford on Sea Community Centre Café is looking for some volunteers to join the team for one, or even two sessions per month.

Helping out can be a lot of fun, enjoyable and you meet people along the way. If you can pour a cup of coffee or tea - you are more than qualified!

An hour or so of your time a month would be gratefully received and it's a great opportunity to meet new people and help out your local community at the same time.

To join the team, please contact: Kathleen 01590 644481- or Jan 01590 642150.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Exhibition to Discover Village Clubs & Societies

click image to enlarge
A new event is entering the village calendar. Previously, Village Clubs and Societies have had an annual opportunity to meet 'newcomers' to the the village. - However, this year a new afternoon Village Clubs and Societies Exhibition is being created to which everyone in the village is invited.

Milford on Sea has an amazing array of clubs and societies covering just about every activity you can think of. Many you may not even know exist, so this is the perfect opportunity to pop along to All Saints Church between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday 11th April to take a look at what is happening - you may even become inspired to join in with something.

*Any Clubs or Societies wishing to apply for a table are reminded that the Deadline for applications is the 22th March. Please contact Ruth Bufton on: or 01590 641875
~~ ~~~ ~~

Newcomers Evening: At the beginning of each year a ‘Newcomers Supper’ is held for all newcomers to the village in All Saints Church Hall in Milford on Sea.

This year the supper will be held on Saturday 11th April 2015. Anyone that is new to the village since February 2014 is able to apply for an invitation and the event is entirely free.

The Milford on Sea Newcomers Supper Evening consists of two parts. In the first hour or so, there is a repeat of the ‘Clubs & Societies Exhibition’, where you can wander around and informally meet representatives from the many clubs, associations & organisations in the village. They can tell you anything you want to know, and if you fancy getting involved you can. This is then followed by a sit down supper with the chance to meet new people & have a bit of fun - you will even get to hear the 'village song'!

Most years the event has over a hundred people attending, and it is a great way to meet new people, and to get a warm welcome to your new home. 

The village is full of friendly people and the ‘Newcomers Supper’ is a fast-track way of getting to know all about our village life.

The ‘Newcomers Supper’ is funded & hosted by all of the churches in the village, & tirelessly organised by Ruth Bufton. The event is by invitation only, so if you are new to the village this year & would like to come along please contact: Ruth Bufton on: or 01590 641875

Bar Billiards back at The Gun

click image to enlarge
Customers and visitors alike will be pleased to hear that old bar billiards table at The Gun Inn is now back in action. 

Having been out out of service since last July it had been sent around the country trying to be repaired. It has finally taken the skilled hands of Mr Hugh Carter, The gun's resident clock-master, to fix the machines timing mechanism so she's now finally operational again.

This charming 18th century dog friendly coastal pub has low beams, roaring fires and an impressively large walled garden. Known for serving well kept cask ales and a massive range of whiskies, (Which gained them an entry in Famous Grouse's Top 100 Whisky Pubs) they also serve traditional pub food, home-made daily specials and their speciality of fresh local crab.

If you are into music, it it is worth a visit to The Gun Jamming Sessions every other Thursday. These live music session nights have free entry and are all acoustic. People are welcome to come listen and support, or rock up and play a song or two. Everyone welcome from 18 to 80 years of age. 

The Gun Inn

Morwenna & Nathan Hill
click image to enlarge
Morwenna Hill (Wife of The Gun's manager, Nathan) is running the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 26 April 2015.

She is enduring the 26.2 miles of road running in aid of the charity Regain. (Regain improves the independence of all British men and women who have become tetraplegic as a result of a sports or leisure injury)

If you would like to sponsor Morwenna with a few penny's please click here.

Holland's Present £500 to Guide Hut Roof

Holland's of Milford have made a generous donation of £500 towards the Guide Hut Roof Fund.

click image to enlarge
The cheque was presented by Maureen Holland from their 'Make a Difference Locally' fund, to Mrs Jean Halliday (centre) and Mrs Pat Armitage (right) both long serving members of the Milford-on-Sea Guide Headquarters Management Committee.

click image to enlarge
Our eighty year old village Guide Hut is a unique local meeting place which was built in 1936 by the local Guide Company. The roof is now in need of essential repairs, and the fundraising efforts are now underway.

The next fundraising event takes place with a Jumble Sale in the Guide Hut this Saturday (21st March) from 10am to 12noon.

Click here to read more about the Guide Hut Roof Fundraising

If you would like to make a donation, please contact the Treasurer of the Milford on Sea Guide Headquarters Management Committee: Jane Etheridge on 01590 642349 or

Milford on Sea Brownies

Holland's of Milford

Saturday, 14 March 2015

New Brasserie with a view

The Marine now has a new enthusiastic general manager, Greg Noble. Since joining, Greg has been busy creating a new 'Brasserie Menu', together with a selection of 'Daily Specials', which will be served at various times in the Brasserie Bar which is now both on the ground first floor.

The Marine accommodates everything from quality breakfasts & lunches to tasty dinners, as well as providing luxury bed and breakfast rooms.

The appearance of the First Floor Restaurant has now become more relaxed by introducing tables and some soft seating. From this weekend you can now enjoy drinks and food in the First Floor Restaurant at all times of day from Wednesday to Saturday. The café/bar remains open from Mondays to Sunday.

On sunny days you will also be able to use the Roof Terrace, with drinks available from the more relaxed environment now in the First Floor Brasserie Bar.

We will be down to check out the new Brasserie Menu soon, but if you would like to see them now, they are available on the website link below.

The Marine
Hurst Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0PY

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The King's Road is coming

Seven years ago, Heather Lewis, a Lymore resident, wrote a script based in the last few weeks of Christ’s life until the time of Pentecost, told largely by the women who were closest to him. 

Other local residents, Alyson Furness researched the music & Sonia Collyer directed the first production of ‘Passion to Pentecost’ in All Saints church in 2007. It proved to be a moving, powerful experience for audience & cast alike – unable to remain as simply onlookers, but drawn into the questions being posed. 

Now all involved are delighted by a new production – this time renamed ‘The King’s Road’ as a reminder that Christ did not remain in Palestine but is with us in as we along a busy road.

Rehearsals are well under way in All Saints church for the next production of this moving play. 

The event will be in aid of Milford Primary School & Oakhaven Hospice on Thursday 9th April 7pm and Friday 10th April 3pm and 7pm. Tickets are available from Milford on Sea Community Centre Box Office. 

For further information please phone: Christine Luxon 01590 719286 or Stewart 01590 643964.

Wartime Sea Defences Removal

click image to enlarge
It is hard to imagine today, but during World War Two Milford on Sea beach was out of bounds and the length of the coast was a line of steel defences designed to thwart any invading troops and their landing equipment.

The Wartime Sea Defences were built in 1940/41 by troops of the Wiltshire Regiment. At the time of being laid on the surface, within two tides they had sunk to around 16 inches deep.

Removal of these Wartime Sea Defences is taking a bit longer than they did to erect.

Courtesy of MoSHRS
click image to enlarge
The Milford on Sea Historical Record Society have generously share two newspaper articles which show winter removals using a 'Sea Mule' and small gang of men, and then further removal work in Spring 1949. 

Courtesy of MoSHRS
click image to enlarge
It is evident that this was not easy work, not least because of the defences having now sunk to a depth of many feet.

Locally we have a hardy group of people who are members of the Milford on Sea Swimming Society, who regularly swim in the sea all year round. Their Facebook page often mentions sighting of steel tubing as they swim. 

Last month, and 75 years after their construction, the council returned again to once again remove what they could of the remaining Wartime Sea Defences in front of Hordle Cliffs.

Photo by Brian Pearson of MoSSS
click image to enlarge
Brian Pearson. an active member of Milford on Sea Swimming Society, captured some excellent photographs of the steel removed and it is quite amazing the volume of the remaining defences that has been removed.

With a bit of luck it is all gone now! 

Photo by Brian Pearson of MoSSS
click image to enlarge

Who Nicked Our Pill Box?

If you have known Milford on Sea for a long time you may be able to help throw light on a local mystery.

click image to enlarge
The photograph (to the left) shows two World War Two Pill Boxes on the seafront outside of The White House. The first small pentagonal pill box to the left in the picture will be familiar to many, as it still stands in the same position today. 

To the right in the photograph is the much larger pill box which give us our mystery.

click image to enlarge
The large pill box looks a substantial structure with more windows than would normally be expected. The roof also appears to have been camouflaged.

It is unclear what the purpose of this second pill box might have been? - As it would not be usual to have two constructions so close together.

Possibly, military commanders felt Milford on Sea was particularly vulnerable and required bolstered defences, but this is just a guess.

So basically, we are trying to find out 'Who Nicked Our Pill Box'?

If you know, or have any ideas on why the larger pill box was built, please drop a line to

Milford on Sea Bridge

Another curiosity in the village is something all of us see hundreds of times a year, but many fewer know that this WW2 throw back is there, - or not there, to be exact.

I am talking about the stone capping on top of Milford on Sea Bridge. 

When the bridge was built it had a carved inscription reading 'Milford on Sea Bridge Rebuilt in 1929'. During World War Two, the section containing the words 'Milford on Sea' was chiselled out to make it unreadable, leaving just the inscription 'Bridge Rebuilt in 1929' as we see it today.

All local road signs had also been removed during WW2. This had been done to try to disorientate any invading troops. 

A gallant effort, but not sure it would really have held them up very much!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Save Our Village Post Office

A group of local Milford on Sea village residents are considering forming a group of organisers and investors to purchase the Milford on Sea Post Office in the high street, in order to maintain postal services for the village. 

At some time or other, it is likely we all find our local Post Office useful, and many of our more elderly residents actually find it vital.

Purchasing the Post Office would be no mean feat, and an expensive exercise, as the property also includes a substantial flat upstairs.

The initial concept would be that a company would be set up, and anyone in the village could buy shares. The company would have Articles of Association to ensure that whilst the property is owned by the group, it would run as a Community Post Office with staff paid from shop profits and rental income from the flat, plus the income from the Post Office operation. This is simply a broad outline to get the juices flowing, and everything is up for discussion by those who get involved.

Whilst the investment is not designed to provide dividends for shareholders, the value of shares may have a capital appreciation based on future property values. The shares would be transferable by inheritance or purchase should a suitable shareholder be found.

There would be many hoops to jump through, not least coming to arrangements to run the Post Office under a new type of structure.

Naturally, there would be an awful lots of things to discuss and organise, but the initial group are confident that sufficient skills lay within the village from experts who may wish to get involved.

Naturally, the biggest challenge will be to raise the funds to found a company to purchase the Post Office.

So, to see if the project has any legs at all, if you are interested in getting involved in the organising group, or just find investing in this venture potentially worthwhile, please drop an e-mail to and your details will be passed on to the organising group.

If we lose the Post Office it is very unlikely the services will reappear anywhere else in the village. So if you would like this to happen please get in touch.

Time to Time Travel

click image to enlarge
New sign at Sturt Pond for anyone interested in time travelling - see you there!

We went the Thursday before last and really enjoyed next Saturday. 

Planning to go again last Thursday to visit Cheltenham Races tomorrow, we can then pick a winner to back today.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Join the Festival Team!

Milford on Sea’s Arts & Music Festival, now in its fourteenth year, is a hugely popular fixture in the local calendar. The 2015 Festival will run during the week beginning 20th July, culminating with a live music line-up on the Village Green over the weekend of 25th and 26th July.

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The festival attracts over 10,000 visitors, and it is an unparalleled showcase for the village. Organised and run by a team of volunteers who handle everything from planning the line-up to managing the site, it’s challenging work, but immensely rewarding.

click image to enlarge
But the news is not all good. 

The Festival is in real danger of being lost to the local community because of a lack of volunteers and team members. Several of the Festival's dedicated organisers are stepping down this year, so they are in urgent need of ‘new blood’ to handle roles such as:-
site management & security
sponsorship & advertising

The key committee positions of chairman and treasurer need to be filled and, as always, we need lots of volunteers during the Festival to help with activities such as stewarding, selling raffle tickets, manning the helpdesk and working behind the bar.

click image to enlarge
In return, we can promise you a lot of fun, a tremendous sense of achievement and a truly rewarding place at the heart of your community.

If you’d like more information, please contact the team at  

You can also check out the Streetlife page and the Festival's website on

50 B4 50-Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

At last the day had come to enjoy one of our belated Wedding Presents to Matthew & Kayleigh. Any present is of course best shared, so we had decided to go along too.

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The day did not start great, as the heating and hot water broke. However, my wife must have liked me a little bit this day, as I was not directly blamed for her cold shower!

Soon we were on the train to Clapham Junction, then a short taxi ride to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea.

I have to be honest, my expectations were not too high, as it seems the 'Ramsey Brand' has become somewhat confused, also having taken a look at the menu on-line it had not jumped out at me.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay holds three Michelin stars, and is one of only four in the country to have this accolade. Today the Chef Patron is Clare Smyth MBE, and it was nice to hear she was actually in the kitchen creating her modern French cuisine for this lunchtime service.

The restaurant is small, but beautifully decorated, and there was a clever use of the space to generate a grand effect. The greeting was warm, and everyone of the many staff went out of their way to smile and say hello as we were taken to our table.

At the perfectly laid table there was a 'handbag stool', and nice touch for the ladies - and so French!

We had opted for the Menu Prestige, effectively the eight course taster menu. As we were offered drinks, the wine list also arrived, it was thicker than 'War & Peace' and the weight of a paving slab!

click image to enlarge
I was drawn to a South African wine simply called 'The Chocolate Block'. Jan Kontezki, the head sommelier explained that it was a mixture of Syrah, Grenache & Cabernet, - and that name came from the concept 'that once opened you couldn't stop until you had finished!' The bottle was a magnum, but with four of us it was worth the treat.

As the feast started we were all waiting in anticipation. Then as the courses flowed we were not let down, indeed everything just seemed to be an exquisite new experience.

Over the four hour meal, we were busy enjoying both each others company, and the ridiculous conversations we were having. The girls were delighted to be facing the full restaurant, as they could also do plenty of 'people watching' and report on the activities taking place on the tables we could not see. It was obvious who were people like us having a very special treat, and those that were used to dining like this most days.

When we arrived at the main course we knew the previous courses of Foie gras, Ravioli of lobster, Isle of Gigha halibut must be almost impossible to beat. But no, the pigeon was the best ever, and the jus must have taken days to create judging by its amazing depth and richness. There was no doubt we were having one of the ultimate dining experiences.

The Hot Towel 'Chicken'
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The two sweet courses and cheese board continued the excellence, and the wine had been flowing nicely. So, when the hot towels arrived, we decided to do out party piece and make them into a 'chicken', - which we then sent into the kitchen with the 'diners compliments.' Not sure this happens every day, but the waiting team smiled, - either through amusement, or embarrassment!

Throughout the meal the deep and exotic flavours, were combined with perfectly matched ingredients and textures. It was also impossible not to notice that great thought had gone into all of the crockery, ensuring each dish also became a work of art to please the eyes as well as palate.

The whole experience had been as wonderful as it had been unexpected, and the numerous waiting staff had pulled off the difficult trick of providing formal attentive service with an informal air. The Maitre D', Jean-Claude Breton was friendly and chatty, and it was clear he was watching every corner of the dining room to ensure that everyone got the ultimate service experience to go with the sublime dishes.

Before visiting, we thought we had a clear Top 3 restaurants, - however Restaurant Gordon Ramsay has now thrown our list into turmoil!

Menu Prestige

Baked potato mousse with bacon in egg shell with black truffle
Pressed foie gras with green apples, turnips, watercress and smoked duck
Ravioli of lobster, langoustine and salmon poached in a light bisque, oscietra caviar and sorrel velouté
Isle of Gigha halibut with Atlantic king crab, finger lime and ras el hanout infused broth
Cotswold lamb and winter vegetable “Navarin”, braised shank and confit breast
Roast pigeon with fennel, sautéed foie gras, lavender, honey and orange
Selection of cheeses from the trolley or Mango, jasmine and passion fruit soup
Cucumber sorbet, salad burnet, lemon verbena and mint
Lemonade parfait with honey, bergamot and sheep’s milk yoghurt sorbet
English peppermint soufflé with bitter chocolate sorbet
Coffee &  Petit Fours

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
68 Royal Hospital Road, London, SW3 4HP



Michelin Stars Collected So Far: 67

3 Michelin Star
London: Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
London: Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester**
Berkshire-Bray: The Fat Duck

Berkshire-Bray: The Waterside Inn
Belgium-Bruges: De Karmeliet

2 Michelin Star
London: La Gavroche | Dinner by Heston Blumenthal | Hibiscus | Marcus | The Square
Berkshire: Michael Wignall at The Latymer**
Buckinghamshire: Hand and Flowers**** (Hand and Flowers at Harrods)
Oxfordshire: Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

France-Paris: Georges V Hotel

1 Michelin Star
London: Outlaw's at The Capital
Pétrus Social Eating House** | Pied a Terre** | L’Autre Pied | The Savoy Grill Hakkasan (Mayfair) | Lima (Fitzrovia) 
London (Indian): Benares | Quilon | Gymkhana | The Cinnamon Club | Tamarind | Veeraswamy | Amaya | Trishna 
Cornwall-Padstow: Paul Ainsworth at Number 6
Hampshire: Terrace Restaurant at Montague Arms | JSW Restaurant
Surrey: Drakes**

Surrey: The Tudor Room at Great Fosters Hotel
Sussex: Ockenden Manor
The Netherlands-Ubachsberg: De Leuf

Visited Twice  | ***Visited 3 Times or more!
*To read the review on any of the above restaurants, put 'restaurant name' in this blog's search box.

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