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Saturday, 29 February 2020

New Gardening initiative by the Dementia Action Group

New Gardening Group at the Community Meadow for anyone who would benefit from being supported to take part in a friendly gardening activity. 

The group starts on Thursday, March 5th, and will meet in the Church Hall at 10.30. The first session is open to anyone to see whether they would like to join.

It is being run by Pauline, a trained gardening therapist and funded by the Dementia Action Group, but is open to anyone who thinks they would enjoy it. Maybe you have a friend, partner or neighbour who would benefit from the group and you could come along together. There will be a small charge for refreshments etc, but the group is free. 

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Thursday, 20 February 2020

Paddleboard taster, lessons or experiences

The New Forest Paddle Sport Company based in Milford on Sea high street are currently running a promotion for February.

Last year they had lots of disappointed locals who hadn't pre-booked so missed out on sessions in 2019.

This year they are offering a 10% discount on all bookings booked and paid in full this February.

If people are unsure what session they would like, they are also offering a 10% off gift vouchers for February as well.

If you fancy giving it a try, contact Sean on 01590 645270 or on:

The New Forest Paddle Sport Company
46 The High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QD

Camera Confident Photography Workshops

Part 1 of the Camera Confident Photography Workshops run by CJ Wood Photography at the Milford On Sea Community Centre went very succesfully.

Part 2 will take place on Sunday 22nd March from 10am to 4pm.

There is space available on the next course, why not come and have a go yourself? - Get to know how to use your camera beyond the "auto" settings and learn to take fabulous photographs every time!

For more information and to book your place, please contact: Chris Wood on: or to visit his website, please click here.

New improved website for Community Centre

The Milford on Sea Community Centre has an updated website.

You can check it out by clicking: 

Milford Christmas Decorations Storage - Update

Tracy and Di would like to thank Adrian and Nikki from Solent Grange, for offering a storage solution for all their Christmas decorations for the village. So very kind of them to come forward and help out, as otherwise items may have had to be disposed of.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Volunteers for Community Centre Movies

The Milford on Sea Community Centre (Screenings and Movies) needs volunteers. No specific day or time, just during preparation for events and/or on screening days.

The first ever screening at the Community Centre was The Beaux Stratagem on 3 September 2015 from the National Theatre. Between then and the end of December 2019, the Community Centre has screened 254 events – a joyous mixed bag of “live” opera, ballet, theatre, musical theatre, exhibitions, movies and special events.

The screenings have been attended by over 11,700 people making an average attendance of just over 77% of capacity. They have generated an income of £113,335 of which at least 40% (£45,334) will have provided profit to the Community Centre over these four years. But more than that, they have brought joy and great cultural highlights (often live) at an affordable cost and minimum travel to our friends in the village (and a bit further).

This magnificent performance has in the main been down to James Flintoff and his helpers and our sincere thanks go to them all.

However, if this wonderful facility is to continue, they need several people to volunteer to help make it happen.

There are many and varied roles that they need help for, ranging from people to select screenings etc. to administration and organisation of the activities, and Front of House support on the night.

If anybody is interested in getting involved in any way and would like further details please contact Paul on or 07477 582376. Also, James would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have on

Paul looks forward to hearing from you – please remember that without volunteers we might lose this wonderful facility and events.

Monday, 3 February 2020

Tribute to Mike Harfield

Following the sad passing of Mike Harfield, founder of Harfield Motor Services in Milford on Sea high street, we have received this fitting tribute from his friend, Richard Ludlow Fisher:

"I first met Mike well over thirty years ago just after I’d bought an old Sierra 4x4 somewhere else. He nursed it back to health just so that I could use it long enough to have it stolen and used for a ram raid in Lymington.

Mike helped with the selection of a replacement, which he and his team took on along with about a dozen more of my cars over the years since. He advised against a Citroen as it was too “French”. We often had the sort of conversation that brought out his enthusiasm and true love of cars and their various foibles that only true petrolheads can enjoy. If a vehicle needed new tyres he’d always give customers the choice of premium brands or budget alternatives, which he referred to as, “round and blacks.”

If he needed your car for more than a day he’d gladly keep it indoors overnight and often magically come up with a free replacement if you really needed it just so you could get around.

He always went out of his way to be courteous in the intensely challenging environment that only the motor trade seems to be able to throw up. He was very much a “hands on” proprietor as well and, if his staff were snowed under, he’d just roll up his sleeves and fix the problem himself.

Unlike so many others, Mike was always keen to try to repair rather than just throw away and replace parts that could cost his customers a lot more money. As a result of this approach he succeeded in maintaining a very strong and loyal client base whose individuals always came back.

It is a testament to his relationship with his staff that they have stayed loyal and developed with him over many years.

I had to take my wife’s car in for a service the other day and the garage seemed the same, smelled the same and, on the face of it, looked the same.

All the same great guys were repairing all the same sort of stuff in the same way but there was someone so obviously missing from the place.

So it really wasn’t the same after all."

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Saturday, 1 February 2020

Lunch at South Lawn Hotel to sponsor Village Minibus

You can help to sponsor our new Village Minibus by enjoying a wonderful lunch at South Lawn Hotel with a group of family or friends.
South Lawn Hotel are generously supporting the minibus service which is being planned for residents of Milford on Sea, Everton, Keyhaven, Lymore and Downton, by sponsoring a monthly charity lunch. 

This is how the sponsorship works. Once a month, South Lawn will provide a three course lunch (their Market Menu), including coffee, for eight people who may travel to the hotel on the bus. The cost of this set menu, is £24. But instead of paying the hotel, the eight diners will pay the minibus fund, making it a total donation of £192 per month. 

The first lunch took place in January, when the volunteers who run the Seahorses Playgroup were delighted to take part. There was plenty of choice to suit all tastes and everyone agreed that both the food and service were excellent. 

This opportunity is open to any local organisation, group of family or friends. 

1. You must book your month through one of the organisers, who are: 
2. They will notify South Lawn

3. You can then book your date with the Hotel. 

4. One person in your group collects the money (8 x £24 = £192) and pays it directly to the Charitable Trust’s Minibus Fund. 

5. You then pay the hotel for drinks and any extras. If more than eight people book together for the meal, your additional diners each pay their £24 to the hotel. 

Contact the organisers, Kath or Liz for more information. 

The Charitable Trust are now ready to purchase the bus. 

Everton Hyundai are looking for one which will meet the needs of the various groups who will use it. We want one that people can get in and out of easily! The service aims to make a difference to the lives of people who might otherwise become isolated, as well as providing transport for local organisations and residents. We are very grateful to South Lawn for all their support for the community.

Milford on Sea Charitable Trust is a registered charity 1172750

Housing protest song by local musician

Locally acclaimed songwriter and Milford on Sea resident, Alex Hall, will release a new song featuring a top BBC Orchestra violinist to help raise funds for SLAM - the School Lane and Manor Road residents action group whom unanimously oppose the approved controversial plans to build 42 new houses on greenbelt land in School Lane, Milford on Sea. 

The single lyrically discuss the controversy of housing development and will be released through his YouTube channel and on his official website on January 29th - with all download proceeds going to aid SLAM (School Lane and Manor Road) action group to aid in their campaigning. 

Two years since unveiling its scheme, Pennyfarthing Homes Ltd won its challenge against New Forest District Council’s refusal of the development in April last year. The company’s proposal was rejected last year by councillors who said there was too little affordable housing for the site which had previously lost its green belt protection specifically to provide cheaper properties for villagers. 

Alex, who embarks on a tour in China in March with Motown Icon Martha Reeves, grew up in Milford on Sea and attended Milford CE Primary School between 1990-1996. He continues to occasionally play locally and works in London where he writes music for TV and Film and works with established touring acts. 

Alex has expressed his views on the development: "On hearing about the development, I as devastated. I felt immediately moved first and foremost - to create some music - but also to use my profile to help take action against the development - it’s a sickener on so many levels. There is an affordable housing crisis across the country, and to use greenbelt land to build what is essentially a luxury homes project is outright plain wrong. We must as a community - past and present stand up for this. Milford on Sea offered so much to me growing up - I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood. I attended Milford School and used to play adjacent to those fields almost daily."

He continued; "Upon hearing the news I visualised how saddening it would be that the future children there won’t be able to appreciate the biodiversity there. If we sit back and accept projects to be agreed on this scale then it is only an incentive for more greedy planners to navigate for more developments in the area. We must take them aware of our presence now.’ 

"The song is a lament and an irony towards the word ‘progress’. As much as planners and politicians talk of economic progress, there seems to always be an environmental and social detriment to it. I wanted to make people question what the idea of progress is- and the song is in essence an open letter to the planners, developers and the nay sayers to the project. I hope it helps them question their values and decisions - but more broadly - how all of us must question the political systems in place which undercut legislation for the sake on economic progress. I hope people are as inspired and touched by the song as I was when I heard about people like SLAM and people like Chris Packham who used their voice in objection to the plans." 

The single will be released on 29th January and will be available for purchase via - all proceeds will go to SLAM. 

You can also view a free streaming YouTube lyric video by clicking here.