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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Milford's Close Ties with Nepal

The recent devastating earthquakes in Nepal couldn't be further from Milford on Sea, - or are they?

We all watch the news, and see the heartbreaking images, but it is hard for us to really imagine the reality of losing everything you had.

You may be surprised to hear that Milford on Sea has much closer ties to the devastated areas of Nepal than you may realise. Joey & Mark Owen live in the village, and are founders of the small and family run charity Freedom to Learn. The charity is operated from their home in the village and supports education in areas which include the exact region just reduced to rubble.

click image to enlarge
Joey has just come back from a month's work in Kathmandu and neighbouring districts. The last week she was in Medoc School Rasuwa, the school and village no longer exists devastated by a landslide just after the earthquake hit. Joey said: "Thank god they ran and only very few are missing or injured." 

Mark is currently in Nepal assisting the rescue mission around the charity's schools. He is working to access the most rural areas where he knows families and colleagues have lost everything and there are so many still unaccounted for. Early Wednesday morning Joey heard from Mark, who told her that they were nearly out of all back up power and were desperately asking us for help - they had not even heard a helicopter as yet.

Across Nepal over 4300 people are reported to have died to date, and millions more need urgent help.

All of the 13 schools Joey, Mark and Freedom to Learn work in have been badly effected, not to mention the families and children who are now homeless. Three of the local charity staff have lost everything and still have family members unaccounted for.

click image to enlarge
As Mark helps on the ground, Joey is passionate to raise money to directly support the people affected by the disaster. Over the weekend she has raised nearly £3000, and Freedom to Learn has £2000 in their reserves to donate to assist the emergency relief. Joey commits that every single penny will be spent directly on where it is most needed and that admin/travel/hidden costs will not be incurred.

Any money donated to Freedom to Learn will be sent directly by Joey, using Western Union, to her husband and charity trustee Mark, so he can help directly where he is working with the team in this devastating situation.  

Milford on Sea School is already planning to raise funds with activities in the coming couple of weeks, and other local organisations are looking at how they can help.

Tomorrow (Thursday 30th April), the school is holding a Textile Recycling Collection. Anyone in the village is invited to drop unwanted textiles into the school, which can include adults and children's' clothes, shoes, ties, hats, belts, bags and soft toys. (But, No bedding, curtains or household linen.) All bags need to be there by 9am please. 

We all see the graphic images on our TV's and share the feelings of shock and sympathy. But being fortunate, it is hard for us to really understand what is it is like to lose everything, and to see your community and families destroyed.

It is then not long before we return to our normal lives.

Not everyone can directly help at the scene, but giving what cash you can afford really supports those that are there helping these tragedy ravaged people.

click image to enlarge
If you would like to help with a donation of any amount to the Freedom to Learn Nepal Earthquake Appeal, please click here.

Donations can also be made to the Disasters Emergency Committee by clicking here.

Freedom to Learn
Freedom to Learn is a UK based charity which works to provide the opportunity of education to children from some of the remotest regions of the Himalayas and South Asia.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Village now has a Defibrillator

Left to Right: Parish Councillor Bob Bishop,
 Kath Brookes of the Milford Women's Institute, 
Colin Holdsworth, County Councillor Alan Rice,
Brian Giles & Julia Badham of the 
League of Friends
click image to enlarge
We are delighted to announced that the village now has a Defibrillator for anyone to use in an emergency.

About 40 attended the familiarisation session at the Community Centre on Saturday morning and showed considerable interest in the 'fool-proof' nature of the machine and the vital addition of CPR.

The talk and demonstration were expertly given by Mike Jukes and Jackie Russell of the Bransgore Community First Responders team.

After the presentation a group went to The Co-operative store in the village centre and the machine was placed into its cabinet for the first time with representatives of those who had provided the funds looking on.

In the attached picture are; Parish Councillor Bob Bishop and County Councillor Alan Rice about to place the defibrillator into its cabinet. Also among those present were Julia Badham & Brian Giles of the Milford on Sea War Memorial Hospital League of Friends, Kath Brookes of the Milford Women's Institute, and Colin Holdsworth organiser and fundraiser for the project.

All of the above organisations had contributed together with Milford on Sea Food Week to purchase the new defibrillator.

Thanks also go to the The Southern Co-Operative for their support in hosting the machine in such an ideal spot.

Like insurance, we hope the machine has no need to be used, but should the need arise, it is great for all of us that of fellow residents have made this vital service available.

To read more about the Milford on Sea Defibrillator please click here.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

New Lymington Brewed Craft Beer

A new brewery, Dancing Cows, has started brewing craft beers at Sadlers Farm on Lower Pennington Lane near Lymington. 

This new venture is the brainchild of Richard Baker, who has recently moved to the area. Prior to this, Richard spent eleven years building up a real ale brewery in Lancashire, which he has now sold and relocated locally with his family.

click image to enlarge
Dancing Cows are located in a beautiful old barn next to the salt marshes looking out to the Isle of Wight, and the team are now producing naturally-conditioned craft beers in cask and bottles. 

Richard's plan for Dancing Cow's is to produce quality rather than quantity and he will be using barley from Simeon and Lisa at Aubrey Farm in Keyhaven in his brews.

Dancing Cows beer is hoped to soon to be stocked in Hollands of Milford, and served in Milford on Sea Club, so it will not be long before we can taste this new beer.

Richard recently visited the USA, where he saw at first hand how craft brewers and distillers were working together to create new and exciting products - often with locally grown and foraged ingredients, which in turn has given him many exciting and adventurous ideas for his new venture.

click image to enlarge
Dancing Cows will not just be brewing beer. The team are also working on a plan to also install a one gallon batch artisan distillery on the same site.

Richard also has a 500 litre still on order from Italy which will allow him to make rums, apple brandies, rye whiskies and gins. 

The plan to start producing spirits some time towards the end of this summer with the products using local fruits, herbs and botanicals wherever possible. 

Sounds like some serious tastings need to take place over the coming months!

Dancing Cows
Richard Baker
Sadlers Farm, Lower Pennington Lane, Lymington, SO41 8AL 
01590 676071|07952 639465

Thursday, 23 April 2015

WW1 Room Launch & Talk at Hurst Castle

The Friends of Hurst Castle are delighted to announce that the new World War 1 Display Room in the east wing of Hurst Castle will be officially opened by Mr Chris Hobby at 1pm on Monday 4th May 2015 . 

The launch will be followed by an informative talk by Chris Hobby and Bob Braid in the Garrison Theatre on 'Milford on Sea and the surrounding area during the First World War’.

The WW1 Display Room depicts the effects on and the sacrifices made by the local population during WW1 and the room has a splendid model of Milford Village in 1900 as a centrepiece.

The display will show how the village responded to the declaration of war, the mobilisation of villagers into the military and the supporting roles within the village, spies, formation of the Coastal Defence Volunteers and coping with the inevitable loss of life.

The launch and historical talk are free, although normal castle admission charges apply.

Hurst Castle Bastion
Hurst Castle is accessible by the Keyhaven Ferry from Saltgrass Lane, Milford on Sea, Hampshire SO41 0TP, or if you have the energy!, by foot along Hurst Spit.


About the Friends of Hurst Castle

The Friends of Hurst Castle was formed in 1986 to act as a support group to a local site belonging to English Heritage. At that time the Castle was managed by English Heritage, but since May 1996 there has been joint management; with English Heritage still in charge of the fabric of the building and general policies and the Local Management, Hurst Castle Services, running the everyday management and services.

The Friends’ aim is still to support in any way they can: - financially with any project, enhancement of the building, to assist educationally and in any research that they can. We arrange social events and from time to time Newsletters for our Members.

Membership cards are valid for 12 months from the end of the month of joining.

Hurst Castle Ferries offer a 10% discount to Members when buying season tickets and free passage to any Friends who are going to work at the Castle. The Friends’ Committee keeps the Ferry crew informed and there is always close liaison here.

The Friends have a workshop at the far end of the West Wing for leaving belongings, tools, artefacts, etc. and for holding meetings. There is also a barbecue facility on arrangement with the Committee.

Monday Volunteer Working Party:

There is a regular group of Friends and Association of Lighthouse Keepers members who volunteer at the Castle every Monday, working on restoration projects. If you would like to come and join us for a very enjoyable and social day at the Castle (free ferry and tea to all volunteers!) please contact us for more details (contact details below).

Annual Membership: Single member £12 - Couples £19

To join, or ask any questions, please contact:

Friends of Hurst Castle
Barry Fudge (Treasurer)

01590 641154 -

Cooking for Over 55 Men

It is never too late to learn, and there is now an opportunity to join in some free cooking classes for men aged over 55

You can learn basic cooking skills and gain simple ideas on preparing healthy meals. Sessions are informal, friendly and relaxed

The six week course will cover:
• how to cook a range of meals • food shopping ideas • hygiene and storage • the importance of healthy eating to your health and wellbeing

Sessions will be held weekly for six weeks at:
Lymington: Linden House From Thursday 21 May 11.00am to 1pm
New Milton: Community Centre From Friday 22 May 11.00am to 1pm

To find out more and book a place contact Ann Chester or Sarah Jennings on 023 8028 5411,

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Ellen in Hockey Success

click image to enlarge
Young village resident and sportwomen, Ellen Mans (9 years old) has added to her recent golf and RLYC sailing successes.

On Sunday 19th April, Ellen played for Bournemouth Hockey Club, and represented Dorset, in the U10 Hockey team which went on to win the 2014/2015 Western England Regional Finals at Clifton College, Bristol. 

The team managed to keep a clean sheet until 2 minutes from time in the Final against Wiltshire and were the only team to remain unbeaten in the day. The team beat Cornwall 1-0, Devon 2-0, Somerset 1-0, Avon 1-0, Glos 0-0 & Herefordshire 2-0 to go through as group winners

click image to enlarge
The Semi Finals were 8 minutes each way and the team played Wiltshire 2 winning 3-0 and in the Final Wiltshire 1. Just before half time Bournemouth Hockey Club went ahead and Wiltshire equalised with 2 minutes to go. A nerve racking penalty shoot-out ensued, which Bournemouth went on the win, and to be crowned Regional (West) England U10 Hockey Champions! 

click image to enlarge
To add to her sporting endeavours, Ellen has also played and won her first Dorset EZGO Golf Tour of 2015 at Iford on April 12. She went round in 36 - 14 shots ahead of her nearest opponent. 

On April 7th she played in and won her first Junior Competition at Barton Golf Club where her handicap has already been cut from 36 to 32! 

And on April 18th Ellen was invited to attend the U10’s Girls Hampshire County Tennis Camp tennis trials at Winchester last Saturday. With a bit of luck she may be selected to play in the Aegon County Cup in May for her home County.

click image to enlarge

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

New Community Defibrillator Familiarisation Session

Mock Up of
Cabinet on Co-op Wall
click image to enlarge
Milford on Sea is soon to get a Community Defibrillator for public emergency use, and a Familiarisation Session for all village residents is to be held on Saturday 25th April at 10.30am at the Village Community Centre. The session is expected to take about an hour. 

Everyone is welcome to come along, and the more people who are familiar with how the defibrillator works, the better for all.

The cabinet in which the defibrillator will sit has a code lock; details to unlock this device will be provided by South Central Ambulance Service upon receipt of a ‘999 call’ from any member of the public.

Modern defibrillators ‘talk users through’ the process step-by-step and monitors whether defibrillation is needed prior to any shock being applied.

The cabinet is due to be fitted on the side wall of the Co-op in Milford on Sea on 22nd April 2015.

This community project has been led by local resident Colin Holdsworth, who is also a member of the Milford on Sea Food Week organisation team. After some months of research, fundraising, negotiation and effort a fully publicly accessible external defibrillator is now to be installed in the village centre for public use.

Defibrillator Cabinet Plaque
click image to enlarge
Milford on Sea Food Week has covered part of the costs involved, and generous funding support has also been received from our Parish Council, Hampshire County Council, The War Memorial Hospital League of Friends and the Womens’ Institute. 

In addition we are indebted to The Southern Co-operative for agreeing to host the cabinet – this was one of the more challenging features of the quest to obtain a machine and a site. 

To support the installation there will be a familiarisation session at the Village Community Centre on Saturday 25th April at 10.30am and is expected to take about an hour

The meeting will be addressed by Mike Jukes who heads Bransgore Community First Responders and has promoted the installation of several defibrillators in and around that village. Attendees will be shown a video made for British Heart Foundation, a demonstration of a defibrillator in action and of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (often known just as ‘CPR’). There will be manikins available on which CPR may be demonstrated and an opportunity given to practise the procedure.

Mike might need support from others of his Bransgore team so it is important to know how many are likely to attend. The Community Centre is allowing use of the facility without a fee and Milford on Sea Food Week will make a modest donation to Bransgore Community First Responders in recognition their assistance. 

The Defibrillator Familiarisation Session is free to attend, but those who wish to come need to register by Thursday 23rd April. 

Please let us know if you, or others you know, are coming by sending a brief email of the names to Colin at: (Alternatively call 01590 644014) 

We look forward to seeing you there.

Try your hand at Bowls

If you have ever wondered if you would enjoy a game of bowls, now is your chance to give it a go.

The Milford on Sea Bowls Club will be having their Open Morning on Wednesday 29th April from 10.00am to 12.30pm, the session is free and everyone is welcome. Bowls & Shoes will be available during the morning.

All interested in taking up the sport are warmly welcomed, as well as established bowlers wanting to join this friendly village club.

The club also has a fun and varied social section, so simply pop along to find out more.

Milford on Sea Bowls Club is situated on the seafront in Hurst Road between the Needles Eye Cafe and Hurst Road West Car Park. (SO41 0PY)

Milford on Sea Bowls Club

Friday, 10 April 2015

Outcome of Village Post Office Meeting

A 'Save Our Post Office' meeting took place in the Community Centre on the evening of Tuesday 7th April 2015.

The purpose of the meeting was to explore any ideas local residents may have that would enable the Village Post Office in the High Street to be saved. There was certainly a lot of interested local residents, as the hall was full. 

Sue, our village postmaster has provided this valuable service for numerous years, and quite understandably now wishes to retire. To date no buyer has emerged to buy the premises, or to continue to run the postal services in the village.

The meeting had been organised by Michael Penny, who opened by informing the meeting that the existing Post Office was advertised for sale as a Post Office with retail space together with a maisonette above. The entire building is for sale on a freehold basis.

The business receives an annual income from the Post Office of £17,000. 

In preparing for the meeting, Michael discovered that when Sue sells the shop or gives notice that she does not want to continue, - the Post Office will close. The Post Office contract is with the individual and not the premises. So, should the premise be purchased, the Post Office element could only continue if someone was prepared to apply to become the Postmaster. 

Michael also spoke to the local Post Office representative, Gary Thomas, who was extremely helpful and explained that the Post Office does want to have postal services available in Milford on Sea.

Gary advised that any applications made to the Post Office to become a Postmaster must be made by an individual and submitted together with a business plan and proposal. Payment from the Post Office for providing the postal service is no longer a fixed fee, but it is now based on a transaction basis. Should any application be successful, the Post Office would supply all the equipment required, (Safe, desk, computer etc, up to, in some cases, a value of £16,000 )

Gary has already worked on trying to relocate the Post Office and has had talks with Holland's and the Co Op who felt unable to viably integrate the service into their existing businesses.

There are plans to re-advertise the Milford on Sea Branch on the Post Office website and Gary hopes that one of the other village shops may apply. One of the requirements is that the Post Office must be open all the hours that the host shop is open.

If nobody comes forward, Gary said that they would look at Community alternatives such as another local Post Office coming to Milford on Sea a few hours a week with a mobile postal service, perhaps operating from the Community Centre or Village Hall.

The Post Office representative, Gary Thomas was very willing to speak to anybody who wished to apply for the postmaster position.

One lady was able to advise the meeting that most of the local Post Office branches have a vacancy advertised.

There was a lot of interesting and useful ideas from the floor. Many felt a need to retain the village postal services, but providing the services on a profitable basis becomes more difficult as more services are taken from the post office and people are using other ways to communicate.

Even if the investment to purchase the freehold could be raised, it was agreed that it would not be sensible to purchase the High Street shop if the Post Office element was not guaranteed. The meeting did agree a need to find a location that could host a Post Office service and then try to find someone willing to apply to become the Postmaster and to run the business.

A parish councillor was present at the meeting and agreed to include this as an agenda item at the next Council Meeting.

Michael's original proposal hinged on the community buying the entire existing business and premises (click here to read in full), as this no longer appears a viable option, Michael advised the meeting that he would not be involved any further in leading the project.

Richard Coe and several others from the meeting agreed to investigate forming a Working Group with a clear objective, to find ways to keep a Post Office in Milford on Sea as a vital service to the community.

If you would like to become involved in the new 'Save Our Post Office' Working Group please contact: Richard Coe:

Michael Penney was thanked from the floor for the effort and good work he has put in to initiate this project.

Richard Coe
Michael Penney

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Memories of Milford Events

Milford on Sea Carnival 2010
click image to enlarge
Milford on Sea is full of memories for many generations, not least from the wonderful array of community events that have taken place on the village green over the years.

Jennie Savage is currently looking for old photos and videos for inclusion in an exhibition as part of the Milford on Sea Arts & Music Festival in July.

So, if you have any images of people enjoying themselves at previous Carnivals, May Fayres, Food Week, Dog Shows, Christmas Carols, Festivals, Fetes, etc., plus any photos of people in fancy dress, singing, dancing and generally having a great time - please send them in!

Don’t worry about the quality or artistic merit of any pictures, Jennie is just looking to capture the atmosphere of great days gone by.

Music & Arts Festival 2010
click image to enlarge
Please send by 14th May to Jennie Savage c/o Milford on Sea, Parish Council Office, 22 High Street, SO41 0QD - or email digital files to:

*Please send prints with a label including your name and address in order that they may be returned to you after being scanned.

Milford on Sea Arts & Music Festival
Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th July 2015

New Beach Hut Design Idea

Beach Huts | Grand Hotel, Swanage
click image to enlarge
Whatever your view, the beach huts on Milford on Sea seafront have been approved to be re-built. So, what now appears most important is to make the seafront look great and accessible for all.

We understand the beach hut design is currently under some lengthy tendering process, and we know that there are numerous constraints in building something on the same footprint and not increasing the height.

Recently a reader made us aware of the new beach huts being built at The Grand Hotel in Swanage. Their concept is very swanky inside, but outside there is little real difference.

The glass doors with roller shutter protection looks a great concept, but may not be possible due to the cost involved and practicalities.

However, and it is a big however, they have one design idea we strongly believe we should nick! 

Having seen the design there is a great solution to the beach huts being 'a barrier' to the sea view, it also resolves the beach hut roofs being an 'eyesore' from the land side - and like most great ideas it is really simple - Make the beach hut roofs into part of the promenade! 

Quite simply, making the roofs into viewing platforms would look great, and enable people to be able walk out onto the roofs to enjoy the spectacular sea view.

Cost wise, the barriers will be needed anyway (would be nice if they were stylish), and strengthening the roofs and building a step and ramp connection to the promenade would be minimal in the scheme of things.

This may also enable the beach huts to be moved back a couple of feet, filling the ridiculous and dangerous gaps currently behind the huts. In moving the beach huts back, the promenade in front of them also becomes wider and a happier place for all to enjoy.

No doubt someone in authority will quickly say that, it is too late now, there is no ventilation for the rear of the hut (Grill in steps would resolve that), and then add another number of other bureaucratic reasons why it can't be done - But... no matter how late, the reality is, if this is best for the village then the idea needs to be seriously considered. After all, today's decision will last decades and life tells me that 'where there is a will, there is always a way'. 

Hopefully someone in authority or influence out there will recognise that this could be a massive improvement to Milford on Sea seafront, and then have the will and determination to make it a reality.

Milford on Sea Library Re-Opens

Milford on Sea Library in the Village Hall in Park Road will re-open, run by volunteers on Tuesday April 7th at 2.30pm.

The tremendous support from volunteers has enabled the library to continue in its new guise of a Community Run Library.

Already a new session has been established and the new opening times are:

Monday 2.30pm to 5.30pm, Tuesday 2.30pm to 4.30pm, Wednesday 10am to 12.30pm, Thursday 10am to 12.30pm (new session) and Friday 10am to 12.30pm.

The organising team and volunteers have done a great job to keep the library open, and hopefully many Milford on Sea residents will go in and use it.

A Towel with a Local Tale

Local artist, Shaun Stevens has deigned a tea towel with a design depicting Hurst Castle and The Needles.

The tea towel is 76cm x 46 (30" x 18"), made in 100% cotton and screen printed in the UK. If you would like one, they are £6 and available from Hurst Castle and the Hurst Castle Shop in the village.

As well as being an accomplished and popular artist of local scenes, she has a book; 'Hurst Castle-An Artist's View', as well as a 200 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring 'The Owl & the Pussycat sailing around Hurst Castle'.

Hurst Castle Shop
High Street, Milford on Sea
Normal opening hours: Monday-Saturday 9.30am to 1.30pm

Shaun Stevens Art

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Weird Application for School Governor

Last week their was an article about the chance to become a School Governor and my subsequent application for the post. Click here to read.

Following my application I have now received this unofficial and fictitious rely:

Dear Big Bloke,

Thank you for your application for the position of School Governor at Milford on Sea Primary School.

I have to advise you that yours is the only application so far, however we are unable to even consider letting you loose on the destiny of our pupils bright future.

We would comment on your 'Automatic Control & Manifesto Ideas' as follows:
  • The internal hallway fencing system idea has merit, but would just tend to confuse the staff finding their way around. At the same time the children would just find ingenious ways to get over it, leaving the staff trapped.
  • Magnets on seats tend to severely interfere with all of the electronic wizardry that is in classrooms these days, we already have issues with many adults of a certain age barely understanding the technology.
  • We are concerned that a fleet of bendy buses would seriously impede the free flow of zimmer frames around the village.
  • We have to admit, free sweets for Governors is a good idea.
  • Obviously the Governors are unable to sanction any racing (where there are winners and losers), space hopper or otherwise.  This is mainly because, at previous sports days the Governors have always cheated, so competition become pointless.
  • We simply cannot understand why you have not suggested custard doughnuts at meetings?  
  • Whilst we get your point on the structure of meetings in more than one location, we are unable to endorse any particular local hostelry.  
We have to say that Governors are busy people and whilst we warmly welcome valid applications, this is not the case this time. 

Your complete unsuitability has delayed us in considering valid candidates, so can you please contact me to come in to do 30 minutes detention in the coming week. 

When you arrive, we need you to write 1000 times; 'I am an idiot and must not waste intelligent people's time'. Please be aware that we no longer have blackboards and your lines will be done on a computer, please do not consider copy and pasting as this will result in further detentions.

Anyway. Good luck with the 'adult gene' problem.  

Hopefully mummy or daddy might know someone with a personality we could seriously consider.


Mrs Bossman
Milford on Sea Primary School

~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~
Naturally I am very disappointed, and my wife is now refusing to leave the house due to 'acute embarrassment'. 

However, I felt a reply was in order, ...but not sure how much it will help.
~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~

Dear Mrs Bossman,

Thank you for your rather direct and harsh reply.

It was certainly not my intention to confuse the school staff any further than they already are.

Really chuffed you liked the sweets idea.

Perhaps the 'magnets on seats' could be replaced with straps?

I had forgotten about the ‘winners & Losers’ thing.

It appears we do have quite a serious difference of opinion in one particular area and I have to say, that there is no way that custard doughnuts should be considered, they are simply wrong. Custard is for puddings, not bakery, anyone thinking different must be a bit weird. Jam is of course the only option for a doughnut and a happy life.

I understand your point on not being able to 'endorse any particular local hostelry'. This can simply be resolved by having a pint in every pub before concluding Governor Meetings. From experience, decisions become better the longer a meeting in this form goes on.

I will be working on the ‘lack of adult gene problem’, however medical advice is not giving me much hope.

PS: I will be in for detention on Wednesday.

PPS: Could I be considered as a Teaching Assistant?

PPPS: Should you reconsider and recognise my obvious qualities, would I get a Ford Consul GT like Jack Regan in The Sweeney?


Big Bloke
~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~

Dear Big Bloke,

Please just go away.

In immense frustration,

Mrs Bossman
Milford on Sea Primary School
~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~

A Proper Message for Grown Ups 

The school is now looking for (real) new Community Governors. 

If you wish to find out more about this important and interesting voluntary role, please contact the newly elected Chair of Governors, Sue Towndrow, by email:

Milford-on-Sea Primary School 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Plans Submitted for Milford Pier

An unexpected and contentious plan has been submitted to Hampshire County Council to build a pier in front of The White House on Milford on Sea seafront.

The concept has emerged after several ideas have been explored for the future of Milford on Sea seafront following the destruction of the beach huts in the Valentine's Storm of 2014. 

William Cornwallis-West
click image to enlarge
It might surprise people to discover that a pier is not an new idea - in 1886 William Cornwallis-West inherited the Newlands Manor Estate and attempted to convert Milford into a premier seaside resort to rival the Duke of Devonshire's project at Eastbourne. He commenced by changing the name of the village to Milford on Sea. 

His plans included the construction of a pier, railway station, public baths, health spa, hotel, houses and golf course. The scheme finally failed primarily due to a lack of funds and market interest, however the project did start, and the Victoria Hotel and some surrounding houses were built. Many roads on the cliff top were constructed at the time, and the road names still bear reference to his friends and family, and apart from a handful of houses, this is about all that remains of his original vision today. 

The Milford on Sea Pier would be a ultra-modern design with multi-purpose facilities. This will include a jetty to moor boats and entertainment areas.

Milford on Sea Pier
click image to enlarge
We understand that the ideas being considered for the entertainment area include an amusement arcade, clairvoyant, poetry corner, speed boat & donut rides (with over 65 discounts), and a peeping wall, where people can enjoy themselves as either a peepee or peeper.

When clairvoyant, Mrs T. Leaves, was asked if she knew whether the pier would be a success, she said she didn't know.   

Local objections are already being received, and a village debate is under way as to whether the pier will be a benefit or detraction for the village.

Bill Ding, of the construction company, Doolittle and Bodgit commented; "We are very much looking forward to delivering this project, and if the water is warm enough I may get to use my new swimming trunks when the foundation pilings are laid."

The Parish Council are as yet to make an official statement, but it is believed that they are split between the significant benefits for tourism, against concerns that residents from the Isle of Wight may come as day visitors and then remain claiming refugee status in the village.

Anyone wishing to express their views can do so by emailing Mr Joe King at