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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

More Parking Increases

We hear that the New Forest District Council are 'consulting' the Parish council over their plan to charge at the Milford on Sea seafront car parks through the winter.

In their on-going quest to remove every spare penny from your pocket, the council appear to be looking to raise funds yet again.  It is beyond me how official bodies feel better equipped to spend my money than I am.

Parking charges are a irritant for many, and more importantly a determent for others.  Less visitors, means less income for local traders and damage to our local economy.

Perhaps the council could use the additional income to pay for more parking attendants, who can then issue more fines and raise even more money.

I suppose the council believe they can spend the additional money wisely, but I have news for them, so can the people who have it at the moment!

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