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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Jubilee Beacon at Hurst Castle

To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee the Friends of Hurst Castle are lighting a beacon on the spit near the lighthouse at 10.26pm on Monday 4th June.  Anyone who can make their way to Hurst Castle and along The Spit are welcome to go along.  People will be gathering around the beacon from 10pm.

We have spotted that the Hurst Castle website has recently added a video tour of the castle.  There is also an audio download by Dennis Skillicorn (former BBC Radio Solent presenter) which takes you around Hurst Castle with a fascinating insight into its rich and varied history.  

From its origins under Henry VIII to the imprisonment of Charles I, through Napoleonic times and two world wars, you'll discover how guns and searchlights were developed and learn about the important role of lighthouses.

You can download this one and a half hour tour in 20 separate tracks for only £2, or an individual track for just 10p.  Proceeds go towards the restoration and maintenance of the building.

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