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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Playground Looks Fantastic

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Less than two months ago the condition of the play surface in the Children’s Play Area on Milford on Sea seafront (next to the Needles Eye Café) was a bit of a mess to say the least.

The issue was initially raised by a concerned local resident, and holiday business owner. Her concerns mainly focused on the large holes, which were water filled and very muddy.  She also made an extremely relevant point that; ‘the play area is of great benefit & a pleasure not just local families, but also visitors to the area, who generate much needed revenue for village businesses and the council."

This situation was met by an amazing reaction by a very generous Milford on Sea resident, who offered to pay for the resurfacing costs of around £22,000.  The Parish Council then played their part, by swiftly organising the contractor to survey and complete the work.

The result is that the village now has a great new playground surface, and the whole area around The Needles Eye Café has been lifted by the fresh and bright new green surface.

More, importantly, many, many children and their parents will have a great time in a traditional play park this summer, without a computer game or playstation in sight!

Our donor wishes to remain anonymous, but I am sure you will join me in sending them our heartfelt thanks.  The world is a wonderful place when people do something for others.

PS: If you see a big bloke stuck in the slide, please give me a push or I might be late for a meal somewhere!

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