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Saturday, 12 May 2012

HSBC Gives Away Cash

We have heard from a reliable, yet nameless source, that there was excitement in Milford on Sea yesterday evening needing police control!

Apparently, the new HSBC ATM was giving out the wrong amounts of money, and a large queue formed in which people were using their cards (and I suspect and relatives or friends cards) to draw cash.

Police attended and advised that the bank would be expecting to recover over-payments.

The machine is now out of service and I am sure several Milford residents are shopping with their fingers firmly crossed.

1 comment:

  1. Never mind banking bonuses ....they should do this randomly in the uk as it creates joy and laughter to so many!! I've never seen such a buzz even during the wildest of carnivals... People came from far and wide..(well from Everton and New Milton) and it was as if, they had followed the brightest star ( with some urgency) but instead of baring gifts, they came with bank cards.....lots of them!!!