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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Milford has a new website

Jamie Saddler, an enthusiastic Milford on Sea resident, has built a new website promoting our special village.

Jamie and his wife are both keen photographers and are looking for the site to showcase some really nice photos of the village and coastline.  Jamie is doing this purely as a hobby, and his work in digital marketing provides the knowledge to add social and interactive elements for people to share photos and comments.

Milford on Sea’s very first website ( was set up by Sarah Bell over 12 years ago.  

Tim Berners-Lee only came up the entire web concept in March 1989, whilst working for CERN, (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research).  At that time he wrote a proposal on how CERN physicists could share all the computer-stored information at the laboratory by transferring information over the Internet by using hypertext.  In May 1990, the name World Wide Web was settled upon, and the rest is as they say history, with over 100 million website estimated to be in existence today. 

So, when Sarah built and launched her site in October 1999, it was at a time when the world wide web was still extremely new and many people still did not know what it was.  Sarah’s site must have been one of the first ever ‘community websites’, and over the years the past news stories has built up to become a fascinating history of life, events and people in Milford on Sea.

This website ( was launched on a whim in May 2009.  What started as a bit of a hobby, and for no particular purpose other than to give the village tourism a bit of a boost, has grown in to a bit of a monster.  

Over the years the ‘news’ and ‘calendar’ sites have been added, with all of the sites totalling 660,560 visits since launch.  The Village News Bulletin is received by 1624 people, and as you know it contains some local news and quite a bit of nonsense.  Today the sites continue as a hobby, but a bit of a bigger one than was expected!

You can check Jamie’s and Sarah’s websites out on the links below:

and of course us at:

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