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Friday, 16 September 2011

Bench Disappears

It appears that some little loves have amused themselves by nicking a bench from Studland Common. The bench had previously been in the middle of the area of the Pleasure Grounds in Milford on Sea and was a popular meeting place for dog walkers.

As it is extremely unlikely the bench will be recovered or mysteriously replaced in the dark of night, many local people feel that it is important to replace the seat.  Stepping up to the plate is Milford on Sea resident, Amanda Tanner, who has started a campaign to raise the funds for a replacement. The Parish Council have estimated it will cost £300, so Amanda has set about trying to raise the funds.

We know times are tough, but if you are willing to donate, contributions can be put through Amanda’s door (at Woodside, Pless Road) or dropped into Hugh Whitlock’s office, clearly marked “Bench”.  Alternatively please contact Amanda Tanner on 01590 645119, or

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