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Friday, 9 September 2011

The Milford Beach Sign Mystery

We received a report this week that the ‘Tourist Information Sign’ in Sea Road car park contained a picture of a strange beach. Naturally I felt compelled to investigate, but not compelled enough to go and look myself. Instead I cajoled my long suffering friend in to yet another favour, by asking him if he would take a picture of the sign for me.

Although he agreed, like myself he also couldn’t be bothered to go into the village to look. He did however take a picture of the ‘Tourist Information Sign’ at The Needles Eye Café. (Where no doubt he had popped in for a fried breakfast he shouldn’t be eating.)

click image to enlarge
The picture of the sign was soon on my desk, and on taking a look I could see no problem with the picture of the beach at all. I duly went back to the whistle-blower who had given me the information in the first place, to be told the other sign is different. If she had worked out that I was too lazy to look for myself, she was far too polite to say anything.

Back to square one, I now needed a Plan B. It had also now become a personal challenge to resolve this without leaving my desk. I considered asking my wife to participate in the research, but as a policeman’s daughter, she already knew the current progress on this case, and simply suggested I got off my ample rear to look myself. (Her actual words were slightly different.) Undeterred, and immune to insults, I called my friend again. My luck was in, as he was going to buy a newspaper, so within the hour I had a picture of the Sea Road car park tourism sign. Yep, my informant was right, a picture of a beach, but certainly not Milford on Sea beach.

So, there we have it. A unknown beach on one of our tourist signs, and a confused and clueless reporter at this desk. I will do my best to sleep whilst this sand based mystery remains unresolved, but be assured, as soon as someone can explain the whole affair without me having to leave my desk, you will be the first to know.


Guess the Beach Competition

If you have any idea where the mystery beach may be, please ‘Add a comment’ below. I fully expect some ridiculous comments and look forward to providing some suitably ridiculous replies!


  1. Actually this is of course a snap from the future displaying the Milford-on-Sea beach after the 2011 great tsunami. You will note that the developers have already moved in to 'improve' the area formerly occupied by beach huts. I claim my prize of one of these special cameras.

  2. Ah, a tsunami eh?! That could explain it.

    Hope the bowls club got plenty of warning, they won't stop a game for anything!

  3. My husband reckons it's showing towards Highcliffe.

  4. Its Highcliffe Beach before you get to Highcliffe Castle! Does no-one else walk their dog along the coast?

  5. We walk the dogs occasionally on Highcliffe beach. I had a chat with them, but neither recognised it.

  6. Rick (that German!!)10 September 2011 at 10:36

    Well, David, it's definitely not one of our local 5* beaches here on the German Front. We don't have breakwaters. (Has Elf 'n Soft E seen those dangerous bits of wood???) In fact we don't have any beaches near here and as for walking dogs on them..... Hope you have the plastic bags at hand - almost stepped on a nasty "tretmine" last year near Hurst Castle, nearly put me off coming to Milford again - but then I remembered the Food Week and... See you next year!!!.

  7. Ah Rick, good to hear from you. Thanks for dismissing Germany as the location for the beach in the picture, at least that in one country we can now eliminate from our investigations!

    See you at Food Week, don't forget the beer!

  8. I wonder if Highcliffe got the Milford picture !

  9. definitely Highcliffe