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Friday, 16 September 2011

Write By The Sea

Milford on Sea has itself both a new resident, plus an addition to our ever growing ‘author community’.  Cate Sweeney is the author of the novel; ‘Selfish Jean’, which is described as a ‘Very funny, very moving and has a clever revelatory twist in the tail. Women of all ages, and men trying to understand women, will love this frank funny, sensitive book.’  Originally from a healthcare background, Cate has also written a number of short stories and plays.

From October, Cate will be running a mini creative writing course ‘Write By The Sea’ at the community centre.  The course will be held every Tuesday evening for nine weeks from 11th October.  To give people the opportunity to see if they like it, you can try the First Session Free.  If you get the taste for writing, the further eight weekly sessions are £55.

Cate is also considering forming a Milford Writers’ Group.  Should this be of interest to you, please contact Cate at:

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