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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Village Cubs Under Threat

Many of us guys will remember happy days from our time in the cubs.

I have fond memories of being a sixer in 2nd Kingsbury Scout Group and it was a foundation for teaching us our formative social & practical skills, team building and perhaps most valuable of all, respect.

Embarrassingly, many years ago, I was skiving whilst doing the washing up at cub camp and Akela sent me to the camp shop to buy some 'elbow grease'. - Yes, I did go! (Being sent to the camp shop to get some 'elbow grease', or perhaps some 'left-handed tent pegs' is the sort of thing children should continue to learn from!)

It has therefore been particularly sad to hear that the Cubs (and Beavers) at our own local 15th Milford & Keyhaven Sea Scout Group is under threat of closing.

The former leader has resigned and if a replacement cannot be found by Easter it looks like the Cubs (and Beavers) might have to close.

Many local parents and their children love going to the Cubs and it will be really disappointing if it was to be lost to the village.

So, a new leader is urgently needed. Can you help?, or do you know someone who would like to get involved with forming valuable skills in our young people?

If so, please contact: District Leader, Nigel Harper: - 07588 149092

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