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Thursday, 19 April 2018

New Local Novel from Elisabeth Marrion

A new book has been written and published by local author, Elisabeth Marrion. The new novel is entitled 'The Wight Thing' which is set in Lymington, The Isle of Wight, and features Milford on Sea in several chapters. Local village stores, and restaurants, which include, Jabulani, The Old Smithy, Needles Eye Cafe, The Music Festival, Shorefield are all part of the scenes.

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The story is about eight friends who meet up after the untimely death of Isabelle’s husband. Having never lost sight of each other since their university days and now retired they seize the moment and formulate a plan to search for a place where they could all live together. As they embark on this new journey, secrets begin to emerge.

Christine harbours a longing which she has never acted upon, while Steve dreads his next doctor’s appointment. Isabelle is hiding the biggest truth of all, which, if it comes to life, could have devastating consequences.Is friendship enough to keep them together?

Comment from The Wishing Shelf, which is a readers award: “A wonderfully warm, powerfully-written story populated with memorable characters.”

Now available to purchase at 'Jabulani' and 'The Old Smithy'.

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  1. Elisabeth Marrion has written a delightful story that I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend.