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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Science and Faith - Friends or Foes?

Professor Meric Srokosz is based at the University of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, part of the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute. He has worked on various aspects of waves – such as wave breaking and measuring waves from space and alongside colleagues on research vessels in the mid-Atlantic, obtaining full-depth data of the ocean environment. He coordinates the Rapid Climate Change programme (RAPID;, looking at how changes in the north Atlantic circulation will affect UK and north-west European climate. He is also a leading member of Christians in Science and has recently published, with theologian Rebecca Watson, the book Blue Planet, Blue God, exploring both the biblical and scientific aspects of the oceans. 

This talk is a unique opportunity for folk, with or without faith, to explore the apparent conflict of scientific thought and Christian Faith in the modern world. Meric will give an illustrated talk on his own personal approach to his faith and his work and open the way for questions from those who seek solutions to reconciling the different approaches to life's big questions. 

The meeting is sponsored by All Saints' Church and the Hope 2018 initiative in the Village.

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