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Sunday, 15 January 2017 Goes Offline

Seventeen years ago local resident, Sarah Bell, launched Milford-on-Sea’s first website. Indeed, it was one of the first community websites in the world! 

By internet standards the software used to make it is now out-of-date as newer systems have come, gone and superseded earlier ones which are no longer supported by the original makers.

Sarah has now taken the decision that has to come to an end and she didn’t want to just disappear online without letting people know how much she has enjoyed running the sites for the people of Milford. Working on the old adage of ‘there is a time to plant and a time to uproot’ Sarah has decided the time has come to abandon the work of so many years and will ’review the situation – and think it out again!’ (With thanks to Lionel Bart!)

Sarah has asked us to help let those who have supported her sites so well since she ventured into this world of websites (which this site joined shortly afterwards). The two sites worked well together as we covered different fields and styles.

Another of Sarah's sites, Sarah’s Pips ( followed up the original Milford-on-Sea site when the latter started wobbling about 5 years ago but Sarah’s Pips decided it was too young to die just yet. 
Consequently that site has a temporary reprieve but at the moment needs to survive Intensive Care by its servers.

Should any website arise from the ashes we will of course let you know. Sarah will continue to retain the original names just in case . . . 


  1. will be very missed. Thank you Sarah for all your hard work over the years. I will still be using - you still have the useful links. Thank you again.

  2. There are still some problems getting used to the new system...Please be patient! The main things are still within reach but little blips keep surfacing. I am very sorry...