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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Something New at Hurst Castle

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The Association of Lighthouse Keepers (ALK) team of volunteers based at Hurst Castle have acquired the redundant lantern removed from the Nab Tower in the Solent with a view to turning it into a new exhibit for the Castle, particularly with children in mind.

The lantern became surplus to requirements when the tower was converted to solar power, and was removed completely during a major refurbishment in 2013. It languished in Swansea depot until the ALK came up with the plan to refurbish and reassemble the lantern at Hurst Castle. With permission from Trinity House, the lantern was partly dismantled and transported by lorry to Milford-on-Sea where it was transferred to tractor and trailer for the journey over the spit as far as the Castle entrance, where it had to be dismantled a bit more to fit through the gateway.

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The team at Hurst Castle have the necessary skills and enthusiasm to do what’s needed but not the money so they have been fundraising since the beginning of the year. Sponsors were sought and found to finance the replacement of the ten panes of glass that didn’t survive the journey intact and an information board about the project at the Castle has led to some very generous donations from visitors. The ALK team are really grateful to everyone who has helped in this way.

As a final push for this year, the team have produced an ‘ALK at Hurst Castle’ 2015 calendar featuring the Castle and lighthouses, all profits from which will go towards the Nab Tower Lantern Project.
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The calendar is available from the Castle or from the Castle Shop in Milford-on-Sea at a cost of £7.00 or from Keith Morton – contact details below.

If you would like to help us in our efforts by becoming a member of the ALK, or just because you like lighthouses, have a look at the website at

Alternatively, have a chat with Keith Morton, the ALK Project Manager at Hurst Castle. He is usually at the Castle on a Monday or can be contacted on or 01329 843883.

There is also a social side to the ALK which organises events, both locally and countrywide, and ‘lighthouse themed’ tours in the UK and abroad. For more information about the ALK at Hurst Castle go to the ‘Lighthouse’ link on the Hurst Castle website at

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