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Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Man Behind the Music

The 2014 Milford on Sea Arts & Music Festival has been another huge success. We've enjoyed excellent music, theatre, workshops and activities, and all in glorious sunshine.

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Everyone who attends and benefits from the festival will appreciate that a huge amount of work goes into planning and running the event. Over the last five years, the linchpin of that effort has been the outgoing Chairman, Sean Reeves. He has kept the festival on track through thick and thin and put in hundreds of hours of work, all the while building a successful career as a solicitor. 

The 2014 Festival Committee said; "Thank you Sean, for everything you have done for the Festival. There will always be a place behind the bar for you!" 

No doubt those thanks are echoed by the many who enjoyed yet another excellent Festival.


  1. here here. Well done Sean.

  2. Well done Sean - so much work! Love the festival!

  3. Another excellent festival. Huge thanks to all the team and especially Sean. You will be a hard act to follow.