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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Milford Models on the Move

The only little change to your story for the blog, is perhaps not to mention that we will hopefully be returning to a different location within the village, as we are finding it very difficult to find a suitable location at a reasonable price locally. We don't want to get anyone's hopes up, only to disappoint. However, we will keep looking!

We were particularly disappointed to hear the news that Nigel & Victoria are to close their Milford Models & Hobbies shop. Sadly, it has been difficult to maintain this charming traditional shop with the continued increase in online spending, tough economic climate and a pending rent rise. The door will be reluctantly closed on 21st August 2014. They do however have plans to continue trading from a new location in the village, and their large selection of railway models, Oxford Diecast models and Victoria’s excellent bespoke ‘Crafty Cushions’ range will continue to be available from their website.

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The Milford Models & Hobbies shop has been a feature of the High Street in Milford on Sea for many years, and one which has contributed to giving the village its unique and quaint character. If you are a man of a certain age, on entering the shop you are immediately transported back to your childhood by the railway sets and model cars from yesteryear. Over the years, many children must has been entranced by the train set running across the window and into the shop, but sadly, the train will only be trundling around the window for a little while longer.

Since arriving in the village, both Nigel & Victoria have fully immersed themselves in the community, and in addition to running the shop and being a popular couple, Nigel is also our local scout leader.

The good news is that, if they can find suitable premises (which is tricky), Nigel is looking to re-invent the shop elsewhere close by. Whilst it is unlikely to be on the high street, and may not happen too quickly, he hoping that it will be somewhere easily accessible for everyone. He also intends to expand the laser cutting side of his business at the same time.

If you know of any suitable premises, or wish to speak to Nigel, his Tel No. will continue to be: 01590 642112. 

After five years working against the tide, the family and dog now intend to take a well-earned weeks holiday, and we hope they have a great time before starting their new venture. 

Milford Models & Hobbies
01590 642112

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  1. A rare visit to Milford On Sea today (June 2017) and sorry to miss the wonderful model shop. Wishing Nigel and Victoria all the best. A man of certain age from Basingstoke!