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Monday, 14 October 2013

A Diamond of a Barn Dance

A lively night was had by many at the Barn Dance in the Community Centre on Saturday night.

As people enjoyed dancing to the music of the Murphys Lore,  Shelagh Richardson, one of the party goers, noticed that she had lost a diamond from her mothers treasured engagement ring.

In typical Milford on Sea style, all of the assembled throng were soon happily engaged in a search for the missing gem. With no immediate result, and as the dancing continued, a Plan B was needed.

After what was hailed as a 'fabulous fun evening', the barn dancers and some their partners who preferred the bar to the dance floor, were happy to go through 'an airport style security check' of their shoes before leaving the event. Yet again this attempt to find the elusive diamond.

Thankfully, with the aid of some torches and willing volunteers at the end of the evening, the missing diamond was eventually found.

 Shelagh sends very many thanks to everyone who so kindly helped in the search. Even the temporary loss did not stop her from having a really good evening!

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