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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

40 B4 40-The Snakecatcher

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No. 8: Sunday morning and still recovering from a slight hangover, our friends, Gary & Claire, were planning to leave after lunchtime. This of course meant that we had to decide what to eat before they left.

I took my wife completely by surprise, and simultaneously astounded our friends, when I offered to cook for lunch. Whilst they discussed what dishes I had the ability to cook, and mulled over whether they should call a doctor, I revealed my plan.

We were soon off The Snakecatcher in Brockenhurst. To explain, The Snakecatcher serve ‘Hot Rocks’, which are volcanic stones that you use to cook your own meal at the table. Having not tried it before my wife and I were looking forward to seeing how it worked.

We started with a Home-made Houmous with pitta bread & dip. Nice it was too. The beef burgers coming out of the kitchen look pretty awesome, but we all settled on ordering The Hot Rocks.

We had all chosen a selection of Surf & turf (4oz sirloin steak, prawn or scallops) and Mixed grill (strips of chicken, sirloin and duck). I offered to cook for everyone and was either ignored or met with a blank look.  As I tried to help my wife with her cooking she explained, in a way only she can, how she has managed to feed herself for many years and that if I touched her food in any way, she would weld my head to the hot rock.  I decided to keep my cooking advice to myself, even though it would of course have been invaluable.

The ‘Hot Rocks’ were certainly hot! and the meals cooked pretty quickly. It was a fun way to eat, and cooking ‘just as you liked it’ was a novel experience.

Being in The New Forest, and a sunny day, the gardens were packed with people. So much so, the kitchen were unable to do a pudding for another hour or more. I therefore has to mask my disappointment like a man as we bade our friends a fond farewell.

As we arrived home, we surveyed the remnants of our friends visit for a really fun weekend, and then made three trips to the bottle bank.


If you are wondering what the 40 B4 40 Dining Challenge is all about, please click here and all will be explained.

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