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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

First Birthday for Milford Befrienders

The Milford Befrienders are now one year old, and are delighted to have made over a dozen successful matches.

Our village Befrienders provide a regular friendly visit to anyone who feels isolated or lonely in our community. 

Here are some comments from both the people benefiting and the Befrienders alike... 

"It is heart warming to hear about the difference Befriending has made to peoples lives." 

“We have a very close bond and never run out of things to talk about.” 

“We have lovely times together and I can tell her things and share problems, she always listens sympathetically and is a great help.” 

“I wasn’t sure at first as I am nervous of meeting new people, now I would not be without my new friend.” 

“Being a befriender is an enriching and rewarding experience for me. Chatting with my befriendee is always a pleasure.” 

“We went for a little walk and had a cup of tea. Another lovely time as a befriender.” 

“I feel really blessed to be able to do this, we both really look forward to our time together.” 

If you’d like someone to visit you or someone you know, or to join us as a Milford Befriender, please contact Steve Anderton on 01590 637088 or

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