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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Warning to Dog Owners

A report has been received that a large Airedale dog recently attacked another dog with serious consequences.

We understand his took place around the Hurst Spit / Keyhaven area. If you are walking your dog and see an Airedale off the lead, please think carefully before coming in closer contact with it.


  1. The owner of this Airedale has been told to keep her dog on a lead !! What about a muzzle - lots of comments on Streetlife, Milford. The loss of one dog is one dog too many.

  2. I walk a big unclipped Airedale almost daily around the sea wall. He is a total softie so if you see us (black lab with me also) please don't think our silly cuddly dog is the one in this article.

  3. I know the little dog that was attacked, and killed....lovely boy, this is so so sad. Thoughts are with the owners. My alfie has been attacked twice in milford, by a dog who slipped his collar. Dogs HAVE to be muzzled if they are a danger. I was so shocked by this. RIP little Bobby