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Friday, 26 June 2015

Coastguard Storm Rescue Honoured

Following the excellent rescue work done by the Hampshire Coastguards at The Marine during the violent St Valentine’s Day Storm in February 2014, the team have receive a well deserved honour.

Lymington Coastguard Rescue Team
Benjamin Renouf - Top Left
(Pic from New Forest Post)
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Last Tuesday ten coastguards from the Lymington Coastguard Rescue Team received the 'Chief Coastguard’s Commendation' for their role in rescuing the 32 diners who had been enjoy a Valentine Night meal when the devastating storm struck.

One of the coastguard team on the night was local landlord, Benjamin Renouf from The White Horse in Milford on Sea. Benjamin was one of the first people to arrive to help the stricken dinners trapped in The Marine after the Valentine's Night storm and floods.

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Benjamin is a member of the volunteer coastguard, and immediately after getting the call, left his pub to become part of the rescue team.

As Keith Oliver ( The Chief Coastguard) made the awards he praised their bravery and dedication. Speaking after he awarded the commendation, he said: “This really is to recognise the professionalism and determination of the Lymington Coastguard Rescue team in what can only be described as challenging circumstances.”

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To read the full story by Christopher Yandell in the New Forest Post: please click here.

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