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Monday, 19 January 2015

Sunset Over Milford

Sunset over Milford on Sea
Photo by Steve Hood
We have been sent a couple of rather spectacular photographs of Milford on Sea at Sunset.

The pictures were taken by Steve Hood, who is a hobby photographer, - with an obvious natural talent!

Sunset & Rocks
Milford on Sea

Photo by Steve Hood 
Steve tells me that the photo with the rocks was taken using a 30 second exposure with a dark filter, which allows the use of slower shutter speeds without over exposing the image. As the water is constantly moving, the photo results in being blurred and misty looking.

The other photo was a handheld shot zoomed in at 300mm.

I did actually take some pictures myself which may be a lot better than these... But, I put my roll of 24 Exposure 135mm film in the freepost envelope (along with my Benidorm holiday snaps), - and they haven't come back from TruPrint yet!

If you understand that last paragraph - you are getting on a bit!


  1. Lovely photos Steve, Just wondered if you have any similar but with sunrise?
    I'm looking for large picture to hand on lounge wall.
    Pete 07967 269918

  2. Hi Peter, thankyou for your comment. Funny you should ask as I did capture a sunrise photo last weekend with Hurst castle in the background. Its on its way to the printers atm I will let you know how it comes once printed.