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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Find Me a Friend Week!

Since having the ridiculous idea to create a tourism website for Milford on Sea in May 2008, we have had 943,572 visits to the website.

A short while later, a local new Milford on Sea News Blog appeared, (not by magic, I started it!). The concept was to send a monthly e-newsletter to local villagers, this has now become a weekly e-newsletter, we get over 10,000 page views a month, and the 200th Edition of the Enjoy Milford on Sea News Bulletin is coming this week.
The Enjoy Milford on Sea News Bulletin & Blog carries stories about news & activities from the village, a number of stories have a bit of humour thrown in, plus you will also find a smattering of made up and ridiculous local articles.
Anyway, to Find Me a Friend Week!
As there is just big 'ol me & the dogs putting all this together (& frankly, the dogs don't help much) - so, I need your help to get us more friends!
The Enjoy Milford on Sea Bulletin recently hit a milestone of 2000 e-mail contacts, (a lot of people are certainly willing to read this nonsense!) - But, Milford on Sea has 5000 residents, plus plenty of visitors interested in the area, lots of people are either unaware that the News Bulletin exists, or are avoiding it like the plague!
What we need is your help to get more people registered for the Enjoy Milford on Sea Bulletin please. 

Existing Friends: Send an e-mail, or have a chat with your own friends & neighbours to see if they would like to join us & become a friend of our site. You could also send them a link to this article for them to read what it is all about. Everyone's welcome!

New Friends: Simply ask them to send an e-mail to with a note in the title saying; 'Please send me the e-newletter.'

*Important for you to know: Your e-mail address on our database is totally secure, the data is never shared with any third party and you can 'Unsubscribe' whenever you want and never hear from us again!

Find Me a Friend Week? Ah yes, this is in fact every week, as our site is always looking for more friends to join us! It's just a bit of fun, and you discover things about Milford on Sea, so why not join us now.
PS: There is also the Milford on Sea Calendar, where anyone can discover what is happening in and around Milford on Sea.
Currently working on an updated version of the Milford on Sea Directory as the next project! Note to self: "Find time to get a life!"

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