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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Future of MoS War Memorial Hospital

Local people are being asked their views on how Milford on Sea War Memorial Hospital should be used in the future. 

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The hospital was opened in 1930 and is now used for local clinics including leg ulcers, iTalk, rheumatology and Parkinson’s.

However its clinical rooms and facilities do not meet modern healthcare standards. 

NHS West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is reviewing the services provided at Milford and is asking local people to tell them what services they use.

Chief Officer Heather Hauschild said: “Bearing in mind Lymington New Forest Hospital is only five miles away, we would also like to know what health and care services are important to local people.”

The CCG has opened an online survey to gather people’s views – paper copies are available at Milford Hospital.

The survey will be open until 31 October. 

To complete the survey, please visit: or click here.

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  1. One of the reasons we moved to Milford in our retirement was because of the convenient first class medical facilities on hand. Milford still has a large aging population. Mobility is a growing problem and although many have cars, they will not be able to drive forever and public transport is not that clever. Lymington hospital may only be 5 miles away, but it can take up to 25 minutes to drive there at certain times. (plus you have to pay for parking!) To deprive the 4500 citizens of Milford (and set to grow shortly) the much needed facilities will only put a greater strain on Lymington. And the NHS/government call this all in the name of efficiency?
    As they say, 'pull the other one!'