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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Anyone Heard of 'Toad's Hole'?

We have been contacted by an art dealer who is trying to identify the location of the painting below.

The painting has a reference to Toad's Hole (Milford on Sea and Hordle.)

click image to enlarge

Can anyone throw any light on where this might be?  Doesn't seems to be a view that I recognise.

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  1. Looking at the picture I wonder if the church on the cliff is the old Hordle church, before the village went into the sea, and the location does not exist any more. Only a scap of the churchyard is left.I am sure one of the Milford historians will be able to tell us. All best wishes. Terry Langford.

  2. Toad's Hole is possibly a reference to Taddiford Gap (Toad Ford) although the cliff has eroded so much it might be difficult to place exactly

  3. Google maps says Afron Down, Freshwater

  4. See also Toad Hall, Bashley Cross Road, New Milton BH25 5SZ

  5. David, your question about the painting.answer, it is Taddiford Gap, Toad derives from Tadd. it has eroded greatly in recent years so looks unfamiliar in the painting. i tried to reply on the website but not sure if it worked. Giles Darvill.