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Friday, 15 April 2016

SUP Club for Local Paddlers

click here to view video
The New Forest Paddle Sport Company based in the High Street, had Alexis Green from the BBC come down for some paddle boarding and they have put together a fun short film. click here to view video

Sean has also now launched a SUP Club for local paddlers where people can meet and paddle together.

The "Club" sessions are every other Sunday starting on 17th April at 10am at Keyhaven and paddling to Hurst Castle. (The location and times may vary for each session due to tide.)

Sean is happy if you have a spot you enjoy paddling and want to share with others let him know and he will organise a session there.

If you have your own kit please feel free just to go along and join in there is no charge for going out with the group. If you need to borrow equipment, Sean offers a discounted hire rate for club paddlers of £15 on 3 hour hires.

Paddling sessions will not be instructional and all paddlers are advised to have 3rd party insurance which is part of a BSUPA membership which you can get by clicking here, to hold relevant launching license's and be proficient paddlers before coming along.

Tips and techniques will obviously be available but this is not a teaching session you are responsible for yourself when out on the water.

For more information please click here to contact Sean

Paddle Boarding Taster Day at Hurst Castle

If you fancy giving it a go there is another another £5 for 30 minutes at Hurst Castle on Sunday 5th June 2016.

The previous Taster Day which was a great success with 70+ people taking to the water to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking at Hurst Castle.

For more information please check out: or visit the shop.

Editors Note: Please do not make the mistake I made. After several hours of covering myself in goose fat, then shaving in places a razor should not go, and finally spending 20 minutes squeezing into a 20 year old pair of Speedo's, (which had obviously shrunk) - I made my way to the first Taster Session. On arrival I was informed that a dry-suit would be more suitable, and more alarmingly, that if I did not leave immediately they would call the River Warden as I was scaring the wildlife and several normal adults.

It was slightly maddening that my wife said this would happen as I left the house in my resplendent glory, I just caught her sweet and dulcet tones as I was padding down the path in flippers and wearing a snorkel. Don't you just hate it when your wife is right.

The New Forest Paddle Sport Company Ltd
46 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QD
01590 645270

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