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Friday, 8 April 2016

Announcing Milford on Sea Diet Week

Following the excesses of Food Week, - Milford on Sea Diet Week started on Monday 4th April 2016.

The village food stores will feature on healthy food, and whilst this has no flavour or taste, it can help you shift those additional pounds gained during Food Week.

The village restaurants were reluctant to discuss removing the nice bits from their menus, but they are supporting Milford on Sea Diet Week by providing every dinner with a Ryvita biscuit at the end of every meal instead of chocolates. Salads will also be on special offer, but any tasty salad dressing will be charged at double the price.

Keep Fit, Zumba and Belly Dancing classes are full to bursting. (That is the attendance, not the costumes.)

Our local pubs have removed the pork scratchings from display for the week, and are running special offers on still or sparkling water, and our caf├ęs have range a low fat options on the menu, which in my world means the taste has been removed.

On Saturday there will be a 'Community Weigh In' on the village green, when warm applause will be given to all who have lost weight, and anyone having gained weight will be given a 'piggy mask' and asked to run to the seafront and back.

Anyone losing 10% or more of their starting weight from Monday will be given a voucher to buy sweets from The Village Newsagent the week after.

There will also be a prize for the person who has eaten the most fruit and salad during Milford on Sea Diet Week, this presentation will be made in Sea Road Car Park just in case that person needs the public conveniences rather quickly.

Enjoy getting the pounds off!

Best wishes,

Skinny McSkinnyFace (Organiser)

PS: I am leaving the village for a week, - dieting is not for me!

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