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Friday, 25 March 2016

Watch Out for Parcel Scam

We have heard that the scam below has happened in the village. Please watch out and let your neighbours know.

What happens, is that you get a parcel delivery from a valid delivery company that you are not expecting.

Soon after, you receive a phone call saying that the delivery was in error and that a courier will be round shortly to collect it. Soon after, your doorbell will ring and a man will be there asking for the package back.

The scam is that your identity has been stolen and used to purchase a high value item (usually a smart phone) which is then registered to you, and which you are asked to hand over to a stranger! If you do so, you will have difficulty getting the contract that has been set up cancelled, plus the phone company will consider that you have “lost” the phone.

If you receive such a package, do not hand it over, but contact the sending company and ask them what you should do.

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