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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Colm Splattered at Tory Conference

It was a peaceful Sunday morning as local Milford on Sea resident, Colm Lock dressed himself smartly to attend the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, at the same time hundreds of anti-austerity protesters were gathering outside of the conference centre to vent their fury at the Conservative Party.

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As Colm and his mates approached the steps into the conference hall a TV crew and large baying crowd gathered around them. It is not known if Colm is long-sighted, but to me the crowd was far too close for comfort!

Anyway, there he stood stoically gazing at the crowd as they became more and more agitated and at times aggressive. It was unclear whether has was amused or simply bemused, but he was certainly smiling.

Sadly there was no political debate, with the crowd preferring to hurl insults and a constant chant of 'Tory scum'.

Still he did not budge. As he smiled away, he looked every part the professional in his grey pinstripe suit, blue shirt, immaculate tie and a Union Jack handkerchief in his top pocket. In his hand was a copy of the Sunday Telegraph which was running a feature on Margaret Thatcher, and when folded Maggie's face was staring out. The crowd did not take it too well when Colm appeared to wave the newspaper in their direction.

He had obviously missed the official party advice for delegates to keep a low profile!

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As the baying protesters became more agitated, an egg was hurled and hit him square in the forehead. It has to be said, it was a 'cracking' shot.

Standing next to Colm at the time was a women wearing a pig mask, making the weirdest picture of bacon and eggs!

As the yoke dripped down his face and jacket he was still smiling before the security team hustled him away.

Colm was not quoted as saying: "The whole eggperience was quite eggordinary and eggciting. Thankfully it did not boil over, and luckily I have a thick shell and was not frytened.

I eggcept that political views are six of one and a half dozen of the other, some just appear more scrambed than others. I always like to look on the bright side and keep things sunny side up.

I hatched the idea to attend the conference a while ago. The mood inside of the hall was eggsellent and eggstremely eggsemplory, which is eggsactly what I had eggspected. The speeches became eggs-ponentially better as things went on and I was able to eggstrapolate plenty of the new ideas as they were eggsplained. I even managed to poach some good yolks that cracked me up! As they say, every suit has a golden egg lining."

On Monday Colm had become the talk of the national press and was all over social media.

Colm turns 20 years of age next month, and amongst other things, he has provided his time to support the community behind the scenes at events like Food Week. He is polite, considerate and bright - and whatever side of the political divide you sit his dignity in handling the situation has to be admired.

When Colm got up on Sunday morning I don't expect for one minute that he realised that he was about to become the face of the Conservative Party Conference, but had he realised, he may have preferred that his face was not covered in egg!

I hope the cost of his dry-cleaning was not over egged!

To see Colm splattered with an egg, please click here.

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  1. What jolly fun! Colm is one of the reasons why Milford is such a wonderful place to live - so many different people, different ages, different political views and talents - just like a field of wild flowers - beautiful! Love to all. . .