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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

One Camper, Four Bays

As I was reading my e-mail inbox a particular e-mail had arrived from a long standing reader of this blog, - who felt it was time they had a rant!

The e-mail read: "Just imagine my horror when I arrived in Keyhaven this morning for my usual peaceful stroll up the ancient highway with my springer Ben - a delightful place at any time of the year where one can usually exchange 'top of the mornings' with a few locals. What a shock, what indignation to be confronted by this offensive monstrosity of the gas guzzling species parked up across about 5 parking spaces in the 4 hour parking zone in one of the choice parking areas for visitors. Clearly this had been there all night as the curtains were all drawn and the air conditioning unit was buzzing on the side of the machine. The whole area was in fact parked up at 7.30am this morning including by another camper van half that size attempting to unpark itself near the bridge having been 'parked in' earlier this morning.

click image to enlarge
The first point I have to make is why did they not park the thing in the public car park which was virtually empty. I am sure that they would not have bothered to pay the parking fee as they clearly have no regard for the principle of the law and have no consideration for the inconvenience they may cause to other members of the human species.

The second point is where are our public spirited local traffic wardens, official council operatives and police when you need them. They always seem to be hovering when you are about to run over your parking ticket expiry time!"  Signed Yours most annoyed!

There appears little doubt that the driver had not considered that people would be wanting to use those spaces from first thing in the morning. Had they been there overnight, I suspect the places were all empty when arriving and the evening view of Keyhaven from the camper would have been pretty special. Personally, I am all for people doing things they like and hope they enjoyed their visit, just a shame they did not realise that their parking would affect people in the morning.

Obtusely, when I saw the photo of the motor home, I was pretty impressed by the Dethleffs Esprit's design and quality German engineering!

Example of a Dethleffs Esprit
I know is is probably politically & environmentally incorrect, but being a petrol head I just cannot resist powerful motors.

Camping however is another story. The idea of sleeping under canvas, or in a moving tin can, simply fills me with dread. We only have two types of UK weather; 'wet & cold' or 'hot & stifling', neither are conducive to creating a desire for me to venture out to use communal toilets.

However, a luxuriously appointed hotel room on wheels does start to appeal, particularly when it is fully air conditioned and equipped with a TV and fridge to keep the wine nicely chilled.

Yes, a road trip in the right vehicle could be fun, but if we did do it we would be careful about where we parked!

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  1. We were confronted with a similar situation but on private property. I parked my car, properly, right behind the vehicle and went for a very long walk, coffee, more walking, ice cream and bit of bird watching - its legal, very satisfying. But of course the miscreants were able to wait for us in some comfort!