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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bins or Bags

The recent strike of dustbin men has once again raised the question of wheelie bins for the village.

There are naturally strong arguments for the hygienic benefits that the Wheelie Bins bring, however, (particularly for flat owners), the storage of the unit/s become a significant issue.

A subject without an obvious answer, so yet another issue totally unresolved on these pages!

Should have a view, please feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. Having come (over 6 years ago now) from a Borough that was renowned for its recycling I still cannot get over the lack of proper refuse facilities provided by the NFDC - we are provided with a small black bag for each week, which is never big enough for two people, that will be shredded by wild life and strewn along the road if left by it and a clear plastic bag which has a longer list of what not to put in it than what you can. It really is about time the NFDC joined the rest of the country in providing proper containers in which to leave the rubbish. In Solihull (near to Birmingham for anyone who has never been out of the Forest) households are provided with a black wheelie bin, a large green wheelie bin for garden waste, a box for recyclable plastic, a bottle box and a paper box - amazing! We get two plastic bags.

  2. Wheelie Bins Please...

    With one condition - households should be required to keep the bins in their back gardens except for collection day. If this is impractical for houses without rear access to the street then bags should be provided. This system works well in other areas of the country and, frankly NFDC is way behind the times having bags for all.

  3. Does it have to be 'one size fits all'? The benefit of one house one bin, for the majority, is clear. With bins the vermin have nothing to feed on and spread around, should the majority lose that benefit rather than have two systems. Flats vary in their common areas (or lack of them) and so will need to be accommodated in a variety of ways. Surely not beyond the wit of our esteemed civic engineers? I say a mix of binnit and chuckit is best for Milford!

  4. We have always had bins when we lived in Maidenhead and also Ashley Heath and are surprised that bins are not in use here in Milford. We know they are not always popular, especially when left out, but the mess left by birds breaking into them, etc is not pleasant for the environment nor for the refuse men to clear up. I suppose there would be an expense for new vehicles?

    As for flats, there is usually a bin store with the larger containers for all the residents to use. Again I suppose there would be an expense for a bin store to be built.

    I think we would be in favour of bins!

  5. The wheelie bin system seemed to work well in Northampton and its surrounding villages so we would support wheelie bins too. The high winds might cause a hazard when the bins are empty and standing by the road but at least the bird and fox problems already mentioned would ended.

  6. I hate blasted wheelie bins they are such an eyesore! Last time I drove to the general at Southampton, it looked so awful there due those things! Most People don't have that much rubbish anyway, the bins were only left to be ripped open because the bin men went on strike without telling anyone!!

  7. In my humble opinion, please, no.

    Wheelie bins may well be ideally suited to some properties but most certainly not all. I would have trouble knowing where to locate mine, which would end up either blocking my alleyway, squeezed into my carport on view for everyone to enjoy, or alternatively decorating my courtyard and garden. I suspect many people would have to similarly decorate their front gardens or get down to clearing out their already jam-packed garages that no longer house their cars.

    My sister in law in Sussex has just signed up to a garden refuse scheme. Unlike the reusable green garden bags we use here and which are easy to drag around the garden, she will have to put her refuse in yet another wheelie bin supplied to her, which then has to be accommodated along with the rest within the bounds of her property.

    Besides is it really such a problem? I have lived here for just over four years and cannot recall a previous occasion when my household refuse has not been collected due to a dispute. Hampshire CC provides a jolly good service overall. As for the scavenging much of it seems to occur when bags are deposited outside overnight or way too early in the morning than is necessary.

    Projecting ahead and given the pressure on Councils to cut costs, if we make waves now we might end up like France where they do not have weekly doorstep collections of rubbish. Instead you have to saunter down, laiden up, to your communal strategically placed line of outsized wheelie bins and deposit it all there - already sorted of course for recycling. The system works quite well but once again is less convenient for some people. Problems arise when as is all too often the bins get to full and overflowing: people then cannot be bothered to walk or drive to the next set of bins - and so flytip next to the wheelies... It would take a murder of crows, foxes thrown in, to create the scenes of rubbish strewn devastation I have witnessed - viewable on a daily basis until collection day.

  8. I hate wheelie bins! I agree with the last poster, they are an eyesore and worse, they are only emptied on a fortnightly basis. At least we still have a weekly collection (unless the bin men are on strike!) As for one black bag not being big enough for 2 people, what on earth are those 2 people throwing away??? Also what about the high predominance of elderly and infirm living in Milford? How are they supposed to move the full wheelie bins - they might have wheels but can be quite heavy and awkward for those with mobility problems - ever tried pushing a wheelie bin from a wheelchair??

    1. All the stuff we can't recycle..........

  9. Wheelie bins look awful and would have to be hidden to be any way acceptable. The only time when there was a big problem was recently when people not aware there was a strike put their bags out. They would take longer for the collection process so the inevitable result would be the end of weekly collections, so we have bins full of old rubbish lying around for much longer, of itself a hazard. A resounding No No No.

  10. I agree wholeheartedly with the NO vote - unsightly and cubersome objects. The sacks are so much easier.

  11. To those of us who have previously lived in areas provided with wheelie bins cannot understand the objection to them. They are certainly a lot more hygienic and less of an eye-sore than plastic bags. I agree, however, that one needs a PhD in plastics to know what one can or cannot recycle!

  12. I would prefer we stay with the current arrangement, it is very convenient and works well without too much effort required by the home owners. If individuals are worried about bags being torn open, they can always buy a bin and put their black rubbish bag out in it - I am sure the ever helpful operatives won't mind mind lifting the lid and taking the bag out.