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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Ymmm, Moules

Like most married couples planning our time is a regular occurrence. 

On this occasion my wife is having a couple of nights away, so I have been fully briefed on her full itinerary (I think I can remember some of it.) In turn, my wife has ensured that I know all of the DIY jobs that need doing.

Knowing I was going to be self sufficient for two nights soon, it was too late to start a vegetable patch for next week. So, I will need to eat out.

The daytimes are of course sorted, I have a DIY list to conveniently lose, and a good book I want to finish.

Just then, the La Perle Newsletter popped into my inbox.

Discovering that La Perle are now open again on Tuesdays with a Moules & Frites' Night, life has just become sorted. For just £15.95 I can choose Moules served mariniere style, bacon & tomato or mouclade style with french fries and a glass of wine.

The other evening is still in the planning stages, but with a great choice of places to eat in the village, it a challenge I am prepared to take on!

My wife is due back on Wednesday, and as she normally likes to cook when she returns, that will mean missing the weekly Lymington Lobster Night at La Perle. However, there is always a 50/50 chance she has actually left me, I might make it for lobster after all!

La Perle
High Street, Milford on Sea
Tel: 01590 643 557

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