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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Cliff Top Path Re-Open

Following the Valentine's Day Storm and resulting collapse of sections of the cliff top, the path became dangerous in various places and was closed.

The Hampshire County Council have explained: "The legal line of the footpath has been lost in many sections along this route, including the 2 areas that caused concern. Under right of way legislation the line of the path does not automatically move inland, therefore a land owner is not permitted to move their fence to allow access on to their property. Effectively footpaths can be ‘lost’ as the land is no longer available to cross."

Thankfully, John Cartwright, Senior Countryside Access Ranger at Hampshire County Council was delighted to find support from the landowner who agreed to move the fence to allow the route to be opened once more.

The works were funded by the Hampshire County Council  Access Team and were completed a few day ago. All barriers/closures have now been removed and the route was fully open for the past bank holiday weekend.

Good to see it back, I can now resume my regular jogging!

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