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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Bollards on the Green

A mild panic swept the village when bollards appeared on the village green, leading people to fear that our community of Mole Men had created a collapse due the construction of their new town under the village.

We are pleased to allay people fears, as the bollards are actually covering some holes for a set of large poles. (The wooden type, not the Nationality.)

To explain, Our local youth led community group, MiCO (Milford Community Organisation) is preparing for a fun community event.

This weekend a number of temporary poles will be erected, which will then take lots of large bunting flags, which have been created to represent various corners of the community.

Then, the MiCO Community Picnic takes place on on Sunday 8th June, 12 noon to 4pm - Everyone invited. 'Bring a dish' community picnic, games, arts and crafts, hot drinks, a bar and of course all those amazing Giant bunting flags!

MiCO (Milford Community Organisation)

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