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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A scary story from Milford

We have heard that Maureen Farenden, a resident of Milford on Sea, has published her first book, The Diary.
If you like a spooky ghost story to snuggle up to on the late winter nights then, The Diary, could be the book for you... if you dare!

Not content with one book, Maureen already has her next venture well underway, and her next novel 'The Last Train' is due out in New Year.

Maureen's book, The Diary, is available from Amazon in either or paperback or Kindle versions.
Amazon Summary: "If you have found this Diary, I beg you; put it back into the sepulchre where it was buried. Do not read it! Open the gateway into the Apport's world and nothing, or no one, can save you." Two lovers who have wished for the perfect English home, for their perfect English family, finally find it thanks to a strange meeting during an accidental visit to a lovely village. When they move into their perfect house, Shannon Mulberry finds an old leather bound diary with a note attached which is just too tempting to the aspiring author. She opens the old book... ...And The Diary releases its terrible truth. It carves their lives into its pages and soon predicts their fates. Shannon and Eddie must find the strength and will to subvert this terrible book and escape the future described. Their perfect English home soon becomes the perfect English nightmare. The Diary has more imagination and flare than most horror writers could dream of in their darkest recesses. Truly, be careful what you wish for because dreams can twist all too easily into nightmares.”
ISBN-13: 978-1909224209

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