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Sunday, 8 December 2019

500th Edition of MoS News Bulletin

Today we publish our 500th Edition of the Milford on Sea News Bulletin.

Having started on 20th May 2008 with our first edition it now means we are entering our twelfth year - and I can honestly say it feels a lot longer!

Our most popular article ever was 'Hurst Bridge Meeting Erupts' ... click here to read. This has been read 12,600 times so far, and bearing in mind our village only has around 5,000 residents it seems to have attracted readers far and wide who obviously have nothing better than do than to read our local nonsense!

The Milford on Sea News Bulletin has contained all sorts of village news over the years, and this article proved popular and also embarrassing for some from New Years Eve in January 2014 on the village green! Click here to read.

Recent years have been so busy which has meant that there has been little time to write ridiculous articles, however if you would like to read some past nonsense: please just click here and scroll through the more ridiculous articles that have been published.

From day one we have always loved our independence, and as we take no revenue from anyone, which means we can say & do exactly what we like!

Milford on Sea News: We are now on No.500 of our weekly News Blog which keeps people informed of village stories. Some are factual, other embellished, and it is known for some others to simply be made up!

To date there have been 1,434,599 page views, and an average of around 19,000 page views per month - and it seems most people choose to come back!

Milford on Sea Website: When we decided to create our first village website back in 2008, it was purely as a hobby and to provide some more local information about the village. The site is pretty dated in style nowadays, but it still serves a purpose. To date: has had over 2 million visitors. We average around 250 visits to the website every day.

Milford on Sea Calendar: This website details anything we hear about that is happening in the village, plus things that may be of interest nearby. The calendar also contains sections of 'Clubs & Classes', and 'Church Services'.

Connecting the Village: We have around 2,000 local people who regularly receive our e-mail News Bulletins, and we know of some people who don't want it at all! (Milford on Sea's total village population is circa 5,000)

We never really considered that people would enjoy what we built, however it is satisfying to provide a service to the local community which a number of people seem to enjoy.

We are always looking for more village people to join us (That's people who live in the village, not the YMCA pop band!), so if you can spread the word to any friends, family or neighbours who you think would like to get our newsletter, please ask them to complete the form here: We can then ensure all of our community are kept informed of local news, which on some occasions contain actual facts!

Thanks for your support and for as long as you keep reading, I’ll keep writing!


  1. You do a great job, David - and I know we take it for granted . But it IS appreciated!!!