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Monday, 20 May 2013

Happy Birthday to Us!

We launched our first Milford on Sea village website on 20th May 2008, so it is now five year old and I don't look a day older!
Milford on Sea Website: When we decided to create this website, it was purely as a hobby,  and to provide some more local information about the village. I say ‘we’, but there is only me, my wife (who inadvertently provides story lines) & our two dogs (who contribute much less than they should!)
From day one we have always loved our independence, and as we take no revenue from anyone this means we can say & do exactly what we like!
We never really considered that people would enjoy what we built, however it is very satisfying to provide a service to the local community which a number of people seem to enjoy.

The site has now taken on a life of its own& amp; a small hobby has now turned into a big one! As a result, we now have a number of spin offs which have been created for specific purposes to inform and entertain people across the village.

To date: has had 861,285 visitors. We are also averaging around 250 visits to the website every day.

Milford on Sea Calendar: This website details anything we hear about that is happening in the village, plus things that may be of interest nearby. The calendar also contains sections of 'Clubs & Classes', 'Dining Offers' and 'Church Services'. In the past month 438 people visited the site 536 times.

Milford on Sea Directory: The directory lists as many local village businesses, services, clubs & classes ect. as we know in Milford on Sea. Great if you are looking for something to join in with, or need to get something done.  Our next project is to rebuild in a new whissy style, but not just yet, hoping to enjoy some sun first. click here to visit MoS Directory 

Milford on Sea News: Our News Blog keeps people informed of village stories. Some are factual, other embellished, and others simply made up. Around 260 News Pages get read every day, and it seems most people choose to come back!
To make sure that I have as little time as possible to irritate my wife, we also co-ordinate a couple of village events. Both are designed to put Milford on Sea on the map as a 'Foodie destination'.

Again run by volunteers, the aim is entertain local people, and to draw visitors to the village to have a great food experience. At the same time we aim for the village accommodation providers and local shops to benefit from the additional visitors.
Milford on Sea Food Week: The next Food Week will take place from the  7th to 13th April 2014. The event is a true celebration of Milford on Sea as a Foodie destination. taking part in the 100+ events are local organisations such as the WI, Brownies ect, clubs, friends, local amateur cooks, restaurants, pub, caf├ęs and lots more. Get those dates in your diary, it is week of fun and eating, what could be better!
Milford on Sea Great Dining Bus: Dining with a Difference. Enjoy each course in a different village restaurant. A great way to spend time with friends and to enjoy the delights of various village kitchens. The full programme for 2013 is now on the website, and tours are selling fast. If you fancy joining in, tickets start from as little as £24, and can be bought from the Community Centre Box Office and The Cave. Not only is it a great day out, but also a wonderful way to support and experience our fine local restaurants.
Connecting the Village: We now have 1833 local people who regularly receive our e-mail News Bulletins, and 179 people who don't want it at all!
We are always looking for more people to join us, so if you can spread the word to any friends, family or neighbours who you think would like to get our newsletter, please ask them to send an e-mail asking for the Newsletter, to: or complete the form here: We can then ensure all of our community are kept informed of local news, which on some occasions contain actual facts!
Thanks for your support and for as long as you keep reading, I’ll keep writing!

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