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Monday, 20 May 2013

Blossoming Morning on the Green

The Milford on Sea Gardeners' Club had a successful Annual Plant Fair last week, with the village green heaving with people from 8.30 onwards.

Jenny Spenser and Jan England have also risen to local celebrity status, having been interviewed live on Radio Solent on Friday.
Prior to the Annual Planet Fair, the club and its event was featured in the Hampshire Life magazine, which no doubt encouraged some extra people to go along.
Alll of the stallholders were very happy, going home with a lot less than they started, and a couple pretty well sold out.
The gardeners' are hoping that the village businesses, coffee shops, pubs etc also benefited from the event. they would love to hear if your trade was positively affected.

The final figures are still being verified, but it appears that the total for various charities is now over £4000.

The Gardeners' Club raised about £1200. The Tools for Self Reliance Charity raised £850, The Mayflower Nursery (which is part of Solent Mind - A mental health charity supporting through horticulture) did particularly well, and the school were also very pleased with their takings.

Jan Egland commented; "It would be quite interesting to work out how much the various and numerous events staged in Milford raise over a year wouldnt it?".  I guess no one actually knows, but with so many events for good causes, it would indeed be sustantial.
All in all a great day in more ways than one!

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