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Friday, 19 February 2021

Milford on Sea Unsung Lockdown Heroes in Person

We will continue to add nominations, so please keep sending them in to:

Throughout this pandemic Milford on Sea has had many 'Unsung Lockdown Heroes', these are people who have helped others with acts of kindness however large or small. 

Below are the individuals and local businesses who have been nominated so far for a thank you by friends and customers who appreciate all these people do for others:

Stacey at Ray's Italian
I would like to nominate Stacey at Ray's Italian. She has been delivering hot meals to the vulnerable in the village throughout all 3 lockdowns, and outside of the lockdown too (to keep the vulnerable safe) on Wednesday and Fridays. She has also kept her restaurant takeaway service and new delicatessen business going through hard work, determination and growing to provide what the village needs throughout such difficult times. Stacey has worked nights and days to ensure that she can provide all of her loyal customers with something to look forward to! She has been a part of this village for many years and is, in part responsible for why this village has such a fantastic vibe and sense of community. She is kind, considerate and so caring. She has done all of this whilst looking after her family and friends.

Stuart O'brien
Stuart is consistently litter picking on the spit and keeping Milford on Sea tidy. He is very passionate about keeping the sea clean for us all. 

Sarah Rix
Sarah is the manager of Milford Pre-School Plus and throughout the lockdowns she has worked throughout. Even when the school was closed she worked producing daily videos with exciting things for parents and kids to do to maintain learning and to help parents keep the kids occupied and engaged. She even borrowed our dog to go on colour hunting walks around the Danestream. She spent many hours planning, sourcing items, researching activities. In addition to this each parent and child received personalised emails to see how they were and to give them ideas of things to see and do.
Now that pre-schools are staying open she is diligently at work, keeping the kids out in the open as much as possible and making learning outdoors so much fun for them. I know she adores her job and I also know that the kids love her. 

Her son Benjamin is now part of the metropolitan police force so he’s out there on the front line, her dedication and kindness has obviously passed on down the generations.

She will kill me for sending you this, but I guess you can see I’m very proud of my mate.

Michael Stockting who works for the NHS in AMU (Acute medical unit) at Poole Hospital.

Mark at The Village News
Mark has kept his business as normal as possible for the community and keep everything cheery for customers. He also volunteered to take an elderly resident, who has no local family, to get his jab otherwise they would have had no way of getting there.

Personally he has kept me sane, and supported me during the days I struggled, due my shop being closed. He really is my hero.

Amanda Maidment
Amanda is a great friend and always so busy looking after other people. She supports and looks after her friends, her elderly neighbour, and all her other neighbours. She also volunteers to shop for vulnerable people, - all whilst running The Coastal Bakery in the village, which she opened during the pandemic! 

During previous lockdowns she held a pop up bakery on her drive which was a highlight to some during such hard times, and she and her husband delivered afternoon teas all over the New Forest all whilst looking after a young family of their own.

Amanda is Chair of the PFA so is also spending many hours on top of her already busy schedule raising much needed money for Milford on Sea Primary School & this takes up more time than anyone knows! 

She also (out of her own pocket) supplied and held cake sales to help Sean Wilson raise £10,000 for his Channel Swim! In addition to all of this, she has been supporting the Olivia inspires charity.

She is a true hero and deserves this! 

Milford on Sea Girlguiding & Scout leaders and helpers (
Lindsay Ratcliffe, Pippa Tate, Jane Etheridge, Sean Reeves, Gill Maclean-Arnold) have all done so much to try and create a 'normal' for our children. Most hold down full-time key worker jobs as well as giving so so much of their time. Their efforts are over and well above. Thank you!

Milford on Sea Women's Institute

Di Cobbett and her Team at The Milford on Sea Women's' Institute (WI) have given unstinting support to Becton Rotary Club in their support of the New Forest Sewing for the NHS & the Local Community project to provide PPE for the NHS, and lately the Rotary Hearts project where they have been a major contributor to an activity that has brought so much comfort to patients and families suffering separation due to Covid 19 infection. Heroes all, thank you from Becton Rotary.

Ross Walgar who is working on the frontline as an Ambulance Paramedic.

Christians Together in Milford on Sea and Everton
The Christians Together group in Milford on Sea and Everton wish to express its thanks to all the people who have helped us all cope during the pandemic.

To see their extensive list, please click here.

Other People in our Community Nominated with comments sent in:

I would like to nominate all the staff at Holland’s especially Clair and Amy who have kept the shop up and running with smiles on their faces throughout the pandemic.

Village Postman in George Road area of the village, who works tirelessly delivering joy (and some bills...!). He has even been known to assist with home security when someone may have inadvertently left a door open upon leaving the house  - we don’t know his name but we love him!

Our postman, Jordan Ainsworth who has delivered post with a smile a throughout these difficult times and in all weather!

David our postman in Keyhaven. - Don't know if same one - but Postman Dave! Although let's be honest - they're all doing a stellar job!

Stacey from Rays Italian Restaurant, she has been so kind and caring to me during this lockdown I would like to thank her.

All the teachers at Milford on Sea School who have turned their front rooms into classrooms for online teaching or are still within the school working with the children that are still attending.

Kate Crawford, Headteacher and the amazing teachers and teaching assistants at the village school who are keeping our little people going with their structure and routine. They have also been there to offer support to the many parents who are completely stumped at ks2 maths! They are all worthy of a huge thanks.

My lockdown hero is my son Harry Smith. Harry was diagnosed with colitis just before Christmas and has been so poorly with it, but he still managed to go to work at Tesco and also do shopping for shielding neighbours. Added to this, he still manages to make us laugh.... he’s my hero.

Jenny Whitley who founded Milford on Sea Covid 19 Mutual Aid and established a group of village volunteers to help the vulnerable.

Every brilliant Mum and Grandmothers who are home schooling around work and personal time and Dads and Grandads too, of course.

The South Lawn Team who have gone way beyond their obligations to serve the community. In addition to delivering meals & groceries, the team have delivered a few of their regular customers for their vaccination jab at the medical centre and are providing a parking base for the Community First New Forest Mini Bus.

All the people who work in the village shops and delivering to their shielding customers.

All the refuse collectors.

All the carers, and anyone that works within the GP surgeries.

Needles Eye Café, exceptional quality service, even in the current 'Beast from the East', which they have to face head on. Staff always charming and helpful. 10/10

My fiancée Steve Ray he works for Pennington pharmacy, has worked all the way through all 3 lockdowns, he delivers much needed medicines all over the New Forest, to the vulnerable, to hospitals, care homes and shielding people. He brings a lot of cheer into a lot of people's lives in these hard times. 

Everyone at St. George’s Nursing Home who have been working through the pandemic keeping everyone safe.

Care workers in Milford on Sea and NHS Staff too.

All the staff at Wistaria & Milford Surgeries.

The volunteers across the village that have helped the vulnerable in the community with shopping, prescriptions etc. I know lots are still doing this a year on.

All the wonderful Mutual Aid volunteers in Milford, Everton and Keyhaven. 200 people volunteered in the first wave and many have continued offering support ever since. Also our pharmacists at Milford pharmacy and Boots, and Our Parish Clerks, who have worked continuously, in cooperation with the volunteer teams. It has been an amazing team effort.

I would like to thank all the staff at Holland’s who have been taking my weekly order for nearly a year, and particularly Holly who has cheerfully delivered it to my doorstep without fail.

Do you have someone you know to add? - If so, please see below...



Throughout this pandemic Milford on Sea must have had many 'Unsung Lockdown Heroes' who deserve a thank you. People who have helped others with acts of kindness however large or small. 

This could be local people who do anything from supporting a neighbour by getting their shopping or prescriptions, it could be friends who have kept your spirits up, a kind stranger who has lent a helping hand, or people volunteering to help other people in the community in any way. It could also be a village business or organisation who are going that extra mile to get the community through this crisis.

There must be a lot of people out there who deserve a thank youso please don't be shy or hesitant in sending us the information. Nothing would give us more pleasure than to give some small recognition to those that are helping others and keeping our community together.

To let us know about your 'Unsung Lockdown Hero' please send us:
  1. The Name of the Unsung Lockdown Hero.
  2. A brief sentence of what they have done or are doing.
  3. A photo of the hero. (Please ensure you have their permission to publish.)
  4. Send all to:

We will then let you know the 'Unsung Lockdown Heroes' we hear of each week. It will be a pleasure to say thank you to them.

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