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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Save Milford from the Sea Petition

The 'Save Milford from the Sea' Facebook Group has been set up to 'To make Milford-on-Sea residents aware of the consequences for the village of failure to repair the sea wall and maintain coastal defences.'

This Facebook Page has a fascinating insight into the issues, progress and details on a petition to save the sea defences long-term.

To visit the Facebook Group please click here.

Sea Wall Repairs from the air
Graeme Blackwood, a member of the group has captured some spectacular images on film from a drone which show the progress that is being made over time to the current repair. 

To visit his page and films, please click here

Save Milford from the Sea Petition
Over 1,500 villagers have already signed a petition started by the residents behind this Facebook Group.

The petition states:

We, the residents, friends and business community of Milford-on-Sea urge the Environment Agency and other Government bodies to fund long-term coastal defence plans at Westover.

This is critical for protecting the homes of dozens of local residents, restoring the scenic coastal path and safeguarding the social and economic future of the village.

We understand that voluntary Partnership Funding will be required and support the New Forest District Council in their bids to secure funding for this programme.

To sign the petition, please click here.

1 comment:

  1. We all want to protect Milford from the sea, I think that goes without saying.... but is lining the whole beach with boulders really the best/only way? We also want to try and maintain some of the character and beach for future generations.