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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Knitted Hearts for Lymington Hospital

Becton Rotary Club and New Forest Sewing (both of which include members from Milford on Sea) are pleased to see their residual stock of knitted Hearts once more being put to good use. 

Just before the current lockdown started, Rotarian Terry responded to an urgent request from Chaplain of Lymington Hospital, Linda Lee, by delivering forty knitted hearts to the Hospital.

Through her PPE contact Hayley in Southampton, Rotarian Debbie was also able to assist the Neo Natal Unit at the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton who needed a further supply. In this instance we were able to deliver sixty hearts. 

Prior to the pandemic restrictions siblings were able to visit the new-born addition to the family whilst the baby was still in the Unit and this assisted the bonding process. With the introduction of the restrictions to visiting siblings have had to remain at home suffering from a variety of emotions whilst they await the return of mother and baby. 

The Unit were looking for creative ways to ease these stresses and tensions and came up with the use of Knitted Hearts as a physical object that can be used as a comforter in times of upset. Each member of the close family is provided with a matching heart as a means of showing the siblings that they are important, their parents are thinking of them and they have an emotional connection with the new-born. 

Well done to all concerned.

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